Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gone Swimmin'

It's an absolutely BRILLIANT Autumn day here in Oregon!  Sunny and 60 degrees.  The sun comes into the house at a different slant this time of year, and Buddy the Cairn Terrier is known to find a puddle of sunshine to enjoy.  Here is a shot of the dining room with Buddy taking his nap.

Here is a better photo of the Lucy Bird I made, the last one didn't show the true colors.  This will be a gift for my sister "Bird" (Roberta) for her birthday.  Shhhh.. don't tell.  :-)

Dear Husband is off to find replacement hoses for his pressure washer so he can pressure wash the deck.  When it rains the deck gets all SLIPPPPPERY, so hopefully this will remove whatever it is that makes it scary to walk on! 

And I'm off to go swimming for an hour in a lovely salt water pool.  I'm just pleased to be able to get out in the world on this beautiful day, as the rains are expected to arrive tomorrow and here in Oregon... that might mean weeks and months of it! :-)

Have a great day my friends, toodles!!  Teresa


  1. I made your crochet heart and became obsessed. Thanks so much for posting the pattern, it was very easy for even me a beginner to complete. I made a couple out of bulky yarn for trivets, they are great! Happy Fall, glad you are enjoying it.

  2. Lovely blog post!!! My little chihuahua finds sun pools in the house as well..she has even jumped up on my dining room table to bask..

  3. the bird came out cute, I Loved making mine :)

  4. Mereknits.... Ohhh.. can you show me some photos? So glad you like the pattern.. :-)))

    Erin... what is your dog's name? I love Chihuahuas! My best friend from 7th grade has a ChihuahuaXMiniature Pinscher they call "Baby". :-)

    Renee.. I just realized that I have to take another photo as this one was before I added a flower! LOL


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