Monday, October 18, 2010

My salt water heaven :-)

I just got home from my swim, I go Mon, Wed & Fri and swim for one hour, breast stroke one length, backstroke the other.  I just love it!  I find that I can think about a lot of things going back and forth... when something is bothering me I try to work it out and it actually really helps.  I make resolutions to accept things, not to let things get to me that I can't help, and work out problems.  Today I was thinking about one of the lovely blogs I follow - Under The Tulip Tree - and how she ran a post a few days ago about "dressing her porch" for the Fall season.  I was inspired to "shake up things" here on the farm and arrange something pretty by our back door.

It helps that dear hubby decided days ago to pressure wash our deck to the back door and now he's applying a deck finish.  SO.. he cleared all the pots that had accumulated haphazardly over the years and I could see my chance to NOT put things back in the higgledy-piggledy (is that a word? LOL) way they had become.

So.. now the question is... do I want a bench?  Or 2 rattan chairs?  A table.. what kind?  What else would be wonderful to decorate the back deck by the door?  Hmmm... when I get it done I shall post some photos.

The leaves are just starting to put on a show here, I will try to get some photos.  I'm off to a Friends of Multnomah Falls board of directors meeting in a bit.  I've been nominated for president!  I've been on the board for years and do the 3 times a year newsletter and am the webmaster.. and was a founding member of the organization.  I'd been president years and YEARS ago, I guess now is the time for some "Deja Vu".  :-)

Ta ta for now.. hugsssss to you all!  Teresa


  1. Hi Teresa, Nice post, I love that you swim and even in salt water!? Wow, that's great exercise. You are one busy lady! Have a wonderful day and good luck with your porch. xo Robin

  2. You stay so busy! I would love to have a nice big pool like that close by (it doesn't even have to be salt water). Can't wait to see what you come up with for the spot by your back door!


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