Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's *S*N*O*W*I*N*G*!

The weathermen kept promising the "S" word.. and it came this afternoon!!  Big beautiful snowflakes.  We're cozy in our little farmhouse with the fire blazing.  We have chili beans simmering on the stove - I'm going to add sauteed ground beef, chopped green pepper and onion and lots of tomatoes and chili powder, some cumin and red pepper and Tabasco.  :-)  Perhaps some cornbread to accompany it.  Mmmm.
 Here is a photo of the snow falling in front of the red barn.
 This big pretty hydrangea wasn't prepared for this! LOL
Here is a pot of still blooming Blue Lobelia.  Not for long!

I've been organizing my yarn stash... oh my! I better get some projects done to use up some of this soft and pretty yarny delicious-ness!  

I got inspired by the lovely Vanessa from "doyoumindifiknit" - she's doing this really fun pointy diagonal stripe scarf pattern to share with all of us.. meantime I think I have the "secret" of it figured out and have started a holiday one of my own.  I'm not going to divulge the secret, but this is what mine looks like so far... the fun idea behind this design is that you end the scarf on a point and the other end is a point too. :-)
And here is one of my crochet Christmas stockings that I designed myself...
 Below is a tiny stocking ornament I make for my kids and grandkids with their initials on them.  These are definitely fun!  I love seeing them on the tree, along with my hearts.  
I hope you're having a wonderful day, evening or week, wherever you are on this grand spinning globe we all share!  ((hugs))  Teresa

Thought you might want to see how the chili turned out.. :-)


  1. I'll sit down here with my sun and sand and enjoy your snow pictures.

    I hope you do better with the chili beans than I did this week. The chili tasted good, but D said I should have rinsed them more while I was cooking them. I'm sure you can imagine what my beans caused.

    Your Christmas crochet is very pretty.

  2. Oh boy do i wish i could just pop over for the meal and enjoy the snow too lol.
    Love the scarf, what a neat pattern.
    Having a monday with temp of 30(86f) here.
    I hate summer, such a winter person but no snow
    here unless I drive up into the mountains ☺
    hugs to you

  3. Its 7am in the morning and I am looking at your chilli and feeling hungry! Love the Xmas stocking write a pattern up for it? I absolutely love your barn as well wish we had one, but it looks bigger than my terraced house any way, lol. Nicky x

  4. Eeeek - snow!

    Thank you for the award,

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  5. Your barn looks lovely in the snow Teresa! As Vera said, its probably bigger than my entire house!

  6. Help Teresa, Thanks for nominating me BUT I don't know how to receive it on my blog?! Silly me, xo Robin

  7. It seemed to be a week-end for Chili because I made some yesterday too! I love the pictures of snow! We are just starting to get cold weather, but it's still a little quirky right now. There's a chance of 70 degrees November?!

  8. Ahhh snow already..Just in time for the holidays as well...Lucky you! The temps here have been in the upper 60s n low 70s. Supposed to get cold and rainy as early as tomorrow.

    The stripy scarf looks lovely. I think I may make myself one...looks so happy, cheerful, lovely.

    Chili...yummy...I think I want to move in with you for a little while so I can gain some cooking and holiday decorating pointers...


  9. Hi my friends!

    Denise, the trick is doing a quick soak - you cover the beans with water, bring to a boil, turn off the heat, cover and let soak for an hour. Pour off all that water, add new, then simmer for several hours until tender.

    Wendy, the scarf is a diagonal pattern, let me know if you want the link to the tutorial for diagonal crochet.

    Nicky, I will try to write a pattern for the stocking.. they are wonderful heirlooms for the kids and grandkids. The barn is 30x50 feet, 2 story, 3,000 square feet! Bigger than our old farmhouse too. :-)

    Laura Jane, I hope we get more snow to photograph the barn again! :-)

    Robin, you're welcome! You just grab the jpg of the award off my page, then just post the rest of the stuff like I did and put the jpg on your page. Let me know if you need more help.

    Melbatoast, how did your chili turn out? Mines a bit spicy, I guess I put in a bit much Tabasco.. LOL

    Erin, seems we've been having snow earlier the last few years. Just a few weeks ago it was 70 here! What is your cooking specialty? So glad about your Mom!!

    Hugs to you all, Teresa

  10. beautiful photos Teresa, I especially like the red barn one, very iconic!

  11. Your barn is beautiful! Like something out of a magazine, I've always loved red barns like yours. Your crochet scarf is looking wonderful Teresa, and I'm so grateful to you for not spilling the beans on the pattern, must get on with doing the pattern for folks. Just love your red barn! Love Vanessa xxx

  12. Oh my goodness, that barn in the snow is just dreamy! I love that scarf and I could really go for a nice piping hot bowl of chili right about now!

  13. I'm enjoying reading your blog this weekend and looking at the lovely pictures of Oregon. I found your blog through Alica Paulson's blog. I live on the East Coast and it is my hope to visit the West Coast someday. Your Christmas stocking is wonderful. Do you have a pattern for it?

  14. Hi Teresa,
    I just ran across your site searching for a stocking in a diagonal print. I have to say that yours is probably the prettiest one I've seen by far. I would love to have the pattern to this if you have one. You can send it to my email at By the way your farm is gorgeous.

    Thank you in advance, Tammy


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