Sunday, January 9, 2011

What's a blog? I don't know, but Grandma has one."

That was the remark made by my 2 year old granddaughter, Paige - "What is a blog?" and her 6 year old sister, Jenna, answered, "I don't know, but Grandma has one."  That just cracked me up! LOL   

Jenna spent the weekend with us and told us that story today.   That is our sweetheart below, enjoying the big color and activity book we got her yesterday after we took her out to dinner at the Red Lobster.  We really enjoyed having her with us.

Below is the hat I made for her to match the one I made for Paige, but I'd added earflaps to Paige's and Jenna asked for hers not to have the flaps.  She did like the ruffle I made and she looks so cute in it!

I whipped out a little doll pillow for her today and let her stuff it with fluffy batting, she seemed to enjoy helping with the project.
Before I sent the 2 hats and pillow home with them I took a photo of the 3 projects.
I asked the girls to pose in our 2 little children's chairs - it was SO funny how many photos we had to take before we got one that someone wasn't moving or making a funny face.  This one turned out cute of both of them.  Little darlings.
Below is a photo I took of our 2 grandsons, Hayden 2.5 and Caleb 1.5 yrs old.  Hayden has taken a huge shine to our cat Lucy - and the kitty even lets him haul her around and hold her without much of a struggle.  He just loves rubbing his face against her soft fur.  

We got to have dinner with our middle son, his wife and 2 boys on Monday and this is his youngest, Gabriel, showing me his missing tooth.  I had to crop out his older brother as he was making a really scary monster face and I didn't want to frighten anyone. :-)

It was nice to get the two pink hats done, and today I worked on my endless project, the Granny Stripe Blanket That Is Going On Forever.  

Our weather forecasters are predicting 5 to 10 inches of snow on Wed.  Hmmm.. I'll believe it when I see it.  Meantime we need to get in some supplies tomorrow.  Hubby has a pot of ham and beans on the stove and corn muffins in the oven, the house smells nice and it's warm and cozy.

I hope you had a nice weekend, and thanks for coming by to visit!!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Your granddaughters in their hats are so cute. So are all your grandchildren. I'm still waiting for my daughter to send me a picture. *sigh*

    D and I made navy bean and ham soup together today.

  2. Teresa, I love the hats! What yarn did you use? Are the little flower and leaf bits in the pattern part of the yarn or are they stitched on later? They're so cute!

  3. Hi Teresa, love the hats you made! The kiddles look so sweet in them and the boys are just so cute! Great job. You asked where my mom lives and how far. Driving it's about 8 hours or so, and by plane 1½ hours, not bad. I'm in Vermont and she is in Pennsylvania. Not too far but far enough to have to plan and rearrange your life to visit. Take care and have a wonderful day, xo Robin❤

  4. Okay you are strongly in the best Grandma catagory. Love the hats and the little ones in them. Hope the Tooth Fairy came!

  5. Teresa, you have such beautiful grandchildren!
    We are sitting here with baited breath waiting for the winter weather we are "supposed" to get...we'll see! Happy Monday!

  6. Love the hats! :o) I think I like Paige's best.

  7. such a sweet post. your crochet is gorgeous and your grandchildren are the cutest!!

    wishing you a wonderful week xxx


  8. The hats are gorgeous - even cuter on their heads

  9. Thanks for your lovely comments. Your daughter will be back, trust me. She loves you and her daughters are very close to you. Once she is away for a while she will be calling you and crying because she misses you so much. You make the holidays so magical that she won't be able to stay away, even in the cold weather. You are a wonderful Mother and Grandmother... they are all lucky to have you.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Denise, we made bean and ham soup too.. yummy! How many grandkids do you have and do you get to see them often? Hope she sends a pic!

    Julie, the yarn I used is Bernat Baby Jacquards "Florals" and this color is called "Rosebud". It makes the pattern and I just love it!!

    Robin, you are so lucky that you live close enough to drive to see your mom!

    Meredith, awww.. you're sweet! I do try to be a good grandma. I look forward to years of making cute little doll things and crochet things for the girls.

    melbatoast, we are in the same position, waiting for a snow storm that looks like it's a big bunch of hooey. :-) Yes, the kids are cute!! Thanks!

    Hookinit.. I like Paige's too.. but the ruffles on Jenna's look cute on her! :-)

    Millie, thanks.. and I hope you have a super great week too!

    Maria, I definitely like the hats on their heads the best too.. sweet little heads! :-)

    Meredith, I do hope I get to see her more than once ever 5 years or so. I've seen that happen to other families that live far away.. the visits get further and further apart. Hope that doesn't happen. :-|

  11. What little angels!!! I love how they are all smiling and look to be having a wonderful time. You are very blessed :)

  12. Hi Amanda.. they're pretty good but are not always angels. Although I tell them that they are angels.. :-) We were having fun trying to get one picture that didn't have one of them moving or making a funny face. :-) Looks like you have 3 blessings too!

  13. aww! kids are so sweet! beautiful hats.

  14. Hi Teresa, I gave you an award! Check it out at my nest! Congratulations xo Robin

  15. Teresa your work is beautiful and so are your grandchildren!

  16. Your crochet is gorgeous and so are those sweet grandchildren! You remind me alot of my mom, she loves her grandchildren to pieces and would do anything for them. They are very blessed to have you! ♥


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