Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crabs & Crochet :-)

We attended the annual Crab Feed at the Portland Yacht Club last evening.  All you can eat Dungeness crab!  They had 1100 lbs of crab for us! It's also all-you-can-eat (and drink) garlic bread, cole slaw, oyster shooters, pitchers of beer and.... cake!  We have been members for many years and have our little sailboat in the harbor there.  We invited our daughter Amy, her husband Jay, my sister Denise and her husband Steve.  It is SO MUCH FUN!  And talk about delicious!  
 Below is a shot of us - this is only half of the group there, this is the dining room, the ballroom was also set up with tables and chairs.  It's one of the biggest dinners of the year here.
Below is my daughter and SIL.  He loves crab!
Below is one of the servers.. they circulate all during the dinner with these big steel bowls piled with crab and you can take as much as you want.  Sorry for the fuzzy photo!
Our chickens are laying again after a break during the shortest days of winter.  I'm really pleased with how BIG the Ameracauna eggs are, we had an Aracauna years ago and the eggs stayed pretty small.
Our son Travis, his wife Kristi and their youngest son Caleb came for a visit yesterday before we went to the crab feed. Don't you just love Caleb's curly hair? He's adorable!! (So is my son, my youngest) :-)
Below is a crochet flower I made today - the design is called a "Japanese Flower" and many of the crocheters that blog have been working on them.  I downloaded the chart/pattern from a French website.  I'm going to make more and make a wrap, I think.  They're so pretty all in different colors!  Like a big bouquet of Spring Flowers!

 Below is the magenta/fuchsia colored wool scarf I just finished, my 2nd one.  The design is called "Queen Anne's Lace".  To find a pattern, you just google it.  I must tell you that my camera simply does not capture the color of this.. it's darker than the photo and just yummy and saturated.  I look forward to wearing this.  My younger sister tells me I can't wear it with red... :-)

It's been a wonderful weekend, busy yesterday and nice and laid back today.  I think I'll start on my 2nd flower!

Thanks for visiting.. I hope you're having a lovely weekend too.. and have a GREAT week ahead of us!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Another fantastic post, I loved the look of the crab dinner! I have never seen anything like it. Your crochet is beautiful, I will have to have a go at the flowers and the Queen Annes Lace. I am envious of your eggs, I would love nice, fresh, home reared eggs we have a small back garden and my partner won't let me have a couple of chickens, I have wanted two for ages...I have no idea how to look after them though and I have a dog that chases birds!

  2. Yum... first the crab and then the Lucy flower and then low and behold the Q.A. one of my favorites. Great pictures.

  3. Love the flower Gorgeous scarf!

    i agree with Lucy over the home reared eggs, i wish i had room to keep chickens (my garden is tiny).

    Caleb's curly goldy-locks are so cute!! you have a very pretty family and they all look like such lovely folks. you must be tremendously proud.

    warmest wishes


  4. Yummo, those crabs!!!
    Your flower looks great. And the scarf!
    I think I will do a Doily type thing for the table with my flowers.

  5. Teresa you have been really busy :) I love the flower and the scarf and your grandson is absolutely gorgeous! Don't worry you have already entered my give away and I'll be doing the draw tomorrow afternoon (London time) so good luck. Rachael Xx

  6. Mmm mmm mmmm crabs! Love me some crabs. Especially those big ones. Here is Maryland the crabs are small and hardly worth the effort to pull them apart and get the meat out.

    Your crochet work is lovely!

  7. That crab looks so amazing!! I just want to crawl into that picture. Yummy!

  8. Lucy, thanks! What kind of crab do you have do you have in Worcestershire? Our Dungeness are sooo good! You'd love your own chickens and eggs. Actually, the coop we have protects the chickens so your dog can't chase them. You should ask again! :-)

    Kate, thanks for visiting.. I love your blog!! Today's post.. mmm.. I sure do wish I had some of those mints!

    Millie, actually you don't need any more room than 6 feet by 3 feet for a chicken coop like ours. Yes I am proud of the family.. they're my loves.

    penelope, wow that's a great idea for a table doily. They sure are pretty flowers.

    Rachael, I'm excited about your drawing.. yay! Yep, I've been getting some crocheting in.. love it.

    Julie, yep, I had your crabs when we were visiting our cousins and aunt in Annapolis and there wasn't much in them.. LOL

    melba.. it was just delish! And there is a sauce for them that really makes them even better.. yum!

  9. Wow Theresa you sure have been busy my lovely, a very happy valentine's day to you xx

  10. Oh yummy, I love crab but here in the UK it is so expensive to order in most restaurants and is often sold by it's weight making it even more expensive!. Your meal out looked such fun. Happy Valentine's day, the sun is out here today!

  11. Wow have you been busy. Love the japanese flower and the Queen Anne's scarf. Great colors and will look great as a wrap. Your grandson's curls are so sweet, my grand kids all have straight hair, just like me. Happy Valentines Day. xoRobin❤

  12. Hi Manda, Happy V-Day to you too!!

    Jane, what kind of crab do they serve in the UK? I've had blue crab in the east coast USA and there is hardly any meat in them. The Dungeness crab is LOADED with meat. Yum!

    Robin, yep I take my crocheting while I volunteer at the falls and have gotten lots done. My kids have straight hair too, Caleb gets his curls from his mommy. Happy VD!

  13. Teresa, the crab looks great!! the scarf is amazing! I love the color even when it's not the real one... Caleb curls are to die for!!!
    xx happy Valentines!

  14. Shanti, the crab was deeeeee-vine! I wore the scarf today to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting. With a red jacket! LOL Some may have felt it clashed.. but whatever! Yep, Caleb's curls are adorable.. he's a sweetie.
    ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Valentine's Day!!! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤

  15. What a lovely outing and the crab look delicious! I hope you had a wonderful day today!

  16. Clara, hey girl! Had a great day.. went to a meeting at the Red Lion, good lunch, nice visiting.. while I was gone hubby went shopping for dinner and flowers and a card.. ::spoiled:: :-) Hope you had a great VD too!


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