Friday, March 11, 2011

Jewelry Making & Historic Stone

Today I made jewelry for the gallery at Vista House at Crown Point State Park in the Columbia River Gorge.  After I got it made I hopped into my car and drove the scenic Historic Columbia River Highway to this wonderful building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I snapped this photo with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic App -- it gives you a photo that looks like an old 50's Brownie camera snapshot.
Yesterday I volunteered at Multnomah Falls with my sister and I experimented with my Drops Alpaca and made some coin shaped motifs thinking I could make a scarf or collar with them... but after making 5 of them I realized that they weren't fun to make and they were SO tiny it would take forever and a day.  So.. next idea is to make some Japanese Flowers for a scarf or collar.. tomorrow. :-)
When we left the falls there was an emergency vehicle on the viaduct heading home, so we headed East instead to get on the freeway near Ainsworth State Park.. and when we approached Horsetail Falls it was gushing at such a high rate that all you could see was heavy mist and you could hear this huge *ROARRRRRR*.  Below is the photo I snapped.
Below is my jewelry making tray all littered with sterling silver pine cones, ear wires, tools and carded jewelry I made today.  I also designed and printed and cut the cards myself.  
On the left are ones with black freshwater pearls, then some with green turquoise - I wire wrap the stones on so they never will come off.
Below are my very special ones made with wood beads made of Douglas Fir twigs by an ages wood craftsman I met at a bead show.  I also have Red Pine and Western Larch tree beads.  

Below are some made with pretty light blue Swarovski Crystals.  I have all kinds of different beads I use.

I just posted some on my Etsy shop.  I need to make more for the gallery at Vista House and for my Etsy shop.
And here is an iPhone picture of the Vista House from Portland Women's Forum State Park.  I hope you don't get sick of this view. LOL  

Thanks for visiting and (((hugs))) all around... have a GREAT weekend!!  Teresa


  1. Yeah, I see some Japanese flowers a blooming. What adoreable earrings, I will have to keep these in mind. Thought of you all in Oregon all day today. Hope you all are well and safe. I just love your part of this country.

  2. Those pine cones are too cute! I make jewelry as well, but it's been a while. I do believe that I feel a little inspiration coming on  Hope all is going well with you. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. I love your blog! I'm an Oregonian, now living in Douglas, Alaska. Visit my blog if you like!

  4. ooooh loving the little medallions...tried a few single round ones in squares and circle over the last couple of days about as small as l can go a 3.5mm hook
    Great Jewellery..l've dabbled over the years hehe..not made anything for a while though
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Hugs Suz x

  5. Lovely jewelery Teresa. It makes me want to pull out my beads and get moving. I used to make so much,now it feels like a very long time since I have made any. Looks like your day was beautiful. I think I am moving in with you! Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. I'm a crocheter but wow at the earrings! Love those darling pinecones and looks like the tiny piece of wood! Awesome. Gorgeous photos of the waterfall.

  7. Hi Teresa, I can almost hear the roar of that waterfall, great photos. Your earrings are lovely, I do like your backing cards you designed, they look very professional. I love using pinecones in my jewellery making too but seem to use them more in my winter themed pieces. Yours will look great all year round, great work!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

  8. My goodness Teresa! What can't you do? What beautiful jewelry. I love the pinecones. I'll have to check out your Etsy shop, everything on here looks so beautiful.

  9. Your jewelry is very pretty. I always love your scenic pictures

  10. What lovely earrings - love the pine cones. Off to look at your Etsy Shop now. Have a good week.xx

  11. I love your photos - such breathtaking views you have when you drive about there!! Your jewellery is very pretty and I love the little cards you designed too - so clever. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  12. Lovely wrapping!!!! do you make the pinecones too??
    I haven't been able to go to the post office, but this week your new earring will be on their way to you!
    Thanks for showing! have a good week!

  13. Kate, thanks for thinking of us.. we got hit pretty hard by the tsunami effects from the Japan quake.. one of our harbors 80% of the boats and docks were damaged! What a tragedy it is over there. :-(

    Melissa, I hope you got inspired to make some jewelry, if you did some please photograph them and share with us!

    Paula, I visited your blog.. fun one! Thanks for visiting!

    Suz, I have been doing jewelry all weekend as the gallery opens for the season tomorrow. Hope to get an alpaca flower made soon. Hugs.

    Meredith, did you pull out your beads and have a go? Shall I get the guest room ready for you? LOL

    eddunsmore - thanks and glad you came to visit!

    Jane, I wished that I would have done a video of the waterfall so you could hear the roar.. and thanks for the nice compliments! :-)

    Betsy, did you check the Etsy shop? I added several more.

    Denise, how's D doing? Glad you enjoy the scenics.. fun to take.

    joanna.. thanks and I hope you had a great weekend too!

    Helen.. I can't wait for the weather to warm up and I'll show you more of the scenery.

    Shanti, I don't make the pine cones but wish I did. I am excited to receive your beautiful gift, you are SooOOoo sweet!!

  14. My gosh Teresa, you have such varied talents. Just wonderful it all. Sometimes when you start a crochet project and you little things like your medallions, I just finish them off and put them away in a bag and will usually find a way to use them to embellish something else.

    The photos are just wonderful.

  15. Thanks Teresa for the hugs all around! Your weekend sounded amazing. It certainty was a full one. Love the waterfall and the roarrrrrrrr came through my computer!!! Love your jewelry. The display is so lovely and you designed it!! I'm going to check out your etsy shop! Have a great week. xoRobin❤

  16. I could never tire of that view! I love your jewelry, going over to your etsy shop right now! ♥


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