Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day!

The 1st of May and it's the most beautiful day of the year! Not one cloud and warm and sunny.  I took the opportunity to hike about the farm and see what is in bloom.  Below the Bleeding Heart is coming further out, I just love these magnificent flowers!
This is the first Rhododendron to bloom - the buds are pink but it opens to a buttery white.
Here below are the buds, see the pink?
Here is a flower that I am not sure of the name.. anyone?  I've heard it called "Globe Flower" or "Japanese Rose".  But it's profuse and wild and comes up all around the base of my magenta Rhodie.
And of course my "Forget-Me-Nots".
I have a large white Azalea next to the deck, funny, this is the ONLY flower in bloom on the entire bush.
Below is my wonderful "Lily-of-the-Valley" which is coming on.. can't wait until these bloom.  The fragrance is like no other.
The Red Azalea is blooming out.
My middle child, son Shawn, is here with his wife, 2 boys, their roommate from Taiwan and his son's friend and his sister.  The boys are practicing their archery in the yard.  The old farmhouse behind.
Below is a close-up of one of the many "Silver Dollar" or "Money Plant" wildflowers on the property.
I just loved the way the sunlight illuminated the Hosta - the "sticks" you see to the left are what's left of the Hydrangea hubby just "pruned". :-)  I've asked him not to prune it to "death".. but give a man a shear and you better watch out.
Lastly, our daughter brought her 2 little girls out yesterday then our youngest son brought his 2 and 3 year old boys to visit - they just love to chase each other around the closet in the center of the dining, living and family rooms.  I thought this photo would convey the blurs of action they all were, now if you can just envision the shrieks of joy and laughter of their little voices you'll get the idea.  Chaos, but lovely sounds.  

I hope you're all having a great day.. we're heading off to a birthday party for the oldest grandson, Michael, at Flying Pie restaurant.  What a week we've had!  Thanks so much for visiting and I just *LOVE* your comments!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Gorgeous flower pictures! I love the way the children look blurry in the last picture as that's kinda how they are in really life hehe! Rachael Xx

  2. Beautiful garden, beautiful flowers and beautiful loving life! All the best!
    Greetings to the whole family:)))

  3. You do take some awesome pictures..Looks like fun in your house..

  4. Wow, your flowers are all beautiful. You are so far ahead of my plants......something to enjoy through you and then my own. All the children running around looks and sounds so fabulous! Have a great week. xoRobin❤

  5. Your photograph of the 'Bleeding Hearts' is exquisite. What a pretty post. Kids running around in a blurr also captures the essence if what they are all about...exhausting! Hope you enjoyed the Birthday celebrations x

  6. Teresa, Sorry I got you in trouble with CK........but didn't you have fun!!!!! I love that place, good thing I can't shop in the store, or it would be dangerous for "me"!(us)
    It does take about 2 weeks to get the orders, at least. FYI
    Take care, xoRobin❤

  7. What beautiful flowers! I love living vicariously through your garden. The grandbabies look like they are having so much fun! Too bad we all loose that joyful abandon as we get older.

  8. I love all your flowers, it has been raining here almost each day so I haven't had a chance to take pics of the flowers... plus my camera decided to die.
    One of my uncles and my friends likes archery and I love to sit and watch them do so.

  9. Great shots of your plants Teresa,the sun brings everything on so quickly once it gets warmer. I love the blurred grandchild photo...I felt exhausted just looking at them! Hope the birthday party was fun too.
    Jane x

  10. Your flowers are beautiful Teresa, Sounds like you had a wonderful, family filled weekend.
    Have a happy day,

  11. Awesome pictures and gorgeous flowers!
    Forget-me-nots are my favorites.
    It was snowing on my side of the world this morning!

  12. Beautiful pictures! What wonderful plants you have growing, and all that sun...

  13. Oh my Teresa! Don't you just love a house full of baby's! And even days after there gone, when your still finding their toys and even some of your things shoved in the oddest places, they still bring a smile to your face! Don't you wish there was a way to botttle up some of that energy to either sell or save for yourself! lol I know I sure do! Take care!

  14. Teresa, Sweet, Sweet, Teresa, I am more than thrilled to know you and be able to enjoy your wonderful garden this spring. Great pictures. So, here's the deal... my sun only lasted till noon, then the clouds rolled in and the temp drop, just I'm going to wait still.... getting impatient for the impatiences....


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