Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Day at the Beach

We took our two granddaughters to the beach yesterday.  Oh, what fun they had running and jumping in the water, digging in the sand, we all had a wonderful time!  We picked them up at noon and headed to the Sonic drive-in, where rollerskating carhops delivered our lunch to the car, to fill them up with chicken tenders and grape slushies and then we headed to the sea.  We were worried that the traffic would be bad as it was the first nice and warm weekend, but we were happily surprised that we just zoomed down the road with few cars on the road!  Here we are as we trekked down through the sand and driftwood at the beach on Siletz Bay at Taft on the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean.
J jumping around in glorious abandon in the water!
The baby girl with a big grin!
A flock of Canada geese flying overhead honking away.
This beach is the absolute perfect place to take young children as it's a protected bay, but you can also see the ocean breaking just at the mouth of the bay.
Our view across the bay from our beach.
J dug a "pond".
Back running in the water... baby has a sandy bum. :-)
On the spit across from our beach I saw a lot of seals and there were a lot of small round grey seal pups too.
Here is a boy crabbing and you can see the sun sparkling on the ocean waves beyond.. I love this picture.  Can you smell the salt air and hear the sea gulls calling?  Ahhhhh...
Baby girl is playing with a hoe in the water.. as the afternoon went on she got wetter and wetter. :-)
Buddy our Cairn Terrier also had fun.. he's a digger and loves nothing more than digging his own hole.
More fun.. getting wetter.. almost time to go get dry clothes on.. :-)  So, we packed up the dog and the toys and made our way to the car where we brushed as much sand off the girls as we could and got them in dry clothes.. then we headed South to Depoe Bay....
We pulled off at a viewpoint called "Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint" and got this shot of a curious seagull.
And then this rather funny photo of a group of seagulls on the fence..

Why don't sea gulls fly over bays?
Because if they did they'd be called bay-gulls... :-)
And here is Grandpa holding his 2 little granddaughters.. I think they had fun and are tired.  This is the sea wall at Depoe Bay - we saw grey whales spouting here!  Depoe Bay is "The World's Smallest Harbor" - and has a really narrow, scary channel.  We went out whale watching on a boat here one time and going out is a challenge!  It's a great place to whale watch on the wall here and then across the street are all kinds of shops selling beach souvenirs, saltwater taffy, caramel corn, restaurants and such.
Here is the beautiful aqua water below..
We then took the girls to dinner and here is me clowning about with the baby girl.  I love these girls so much.
We drove home during the evening sunset and even saw a PEACOCK on the side of the road!!  We saw horses, cows, whales and peacocks.. J excitedly told her parents when we delivered them home.  What a fun day we all had!!

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((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. What a fantastic day you had with your darling grandchildren Teresa, you must love your time with them. You and your dear Hb obviously love them so much and they you. Such happy photos. Good to "see" you at my blog earlier, I was not sure what you meant by blog links...? It's nearly bed time here, another week ahead, enjoy :0)
    Jane x

  2. Your grandkids are super cute! I wish we lived near enough to a beach to go visiting, nevermind! I used to love spending time with my granny on the beach (she lived in Canterbury England) and I bet your little one's will remember these times and have some very happy memories :-) x

  3. What a fab day out on the beach with your granddaughters, good fun. Have a great week Joanna xx

  4. Looks like a fun day for the kiddies and y'all too! I bet you will all sleep well tonight.

  5. Ok, did you just have the most perfect day!!! Cute girls, loving husband, beach, sun, sea gulls,beautiful water and whales. You are a lucky Grandma.
    Have a great day,

  6. What a sweet loving and heartwarming post that is!! Yes you are lucky grandparents - but the kids are lucky grandchildren too!!! Yes, you had a wonderful day, it will be in your memory forever!
    The area you live in is absolutely beautiful - you have many reasons to be thankful everyday and I am sure you are!
    Thank you for sharing Teresa! By the way, all your photos are superb - but the two with the seagulls - WOW!!

  7. Such a sweet post!!Can see that all of you had loads of fun. I like the picture with Grandpa and granddaughters and also the last picture.

  8. I'm sure your granddaughters will remember this day forever.

    I love the picture with the seagulls on the fence.

  9. It sounds like a perfect day - how lucky are you to share it with your gorgeous girls and how lucky are they to have such wonderful Grandparents.

  10. I feel all refreshed after that, I felt the sea breeze and breathed the sea air. I am glad I didn't have to get my clothes wet though or get a sandy bottom. Bay-gulls! What are you like! Lovely photographs, I particularly liked all the seals and Buddy digging for treasure! :)

  11. Oh! wow it looks fabulous, how far from the beach are you?
    What a perfect place you seeing the wonderful photographs of places we'll probably never get to see any other way
    Thanks Teresa..lucky you
    Hugs Suz x

  12. Looks like such a lovely day! Your granddaughters remind me of my sister and I at that age. Me a brunette and older, and her a little blonde cute thing!

  13. That looks like a perfect day at the beach. We go every summer for a week. Day trips don't happen because the beach, while in the same state, is a few hours away. I love the enthusiasm little ones have at the beach!

  14. What beautiful photos of a perfect day at the beach! And you always manage to find some specially interesting ones - like the row of seagulls! What a beautiful place, and what happy memories you and your hubby are creating for the grandchildren - so lovely. Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  15. Lovely pictures! Beach is always so much fun.

  16. Hello Teresa,
    beautiful family and blog! Your work is beautiful!

  17. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. :) I just love your pictures!


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