Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hummingbirds & More Rain

I volunteered at the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center this afternoon.  There are many Hummingbird feeders hung around the Lodge which I think is really nice.  This feeder hangs outside the window of the Wahkeena room where volunteers can eat their lunch.  I took my camera over and stood very still and got a few shots of the adorable little Hummingbirds dining on nectar and having turf wars.  The dive bomb each other to scare others off so they can eat.  Very fun to watch.  These tiny birds are about the size of your thumb.  (Did I make you look at your thumb? LOL)
See how their wings flutter so fast that it's a blur?
I think this guy spotted me taking photos.. they're both looking at me!
On the drive home I took another shot of the green tunnel of trees and leaves that is "the gorge".
I pulled in the viewpoint again.. I keep hoping for a sunny day.. but it's *NOT* happening!  I met another photographer there with a very fancy camera.. he was holding a glass filter in front of his very expensive lens.  He showed me some uber awesome photos of Punchbowl at Eagle Creek on his camera.
Closer.. Rooster Rock on the left with Vista House up on Crown Point.  See the low hanging clouds over the mountain behind?
I zoomed in down the gorge to capture a patch of sunshine on a side of the gorge on the right, Oregon.  On the left is Washington state.  See the spire at river level 1/3 from the left?  That is Bonneville Dam! The first dam on the Columbia River coming in from the Pacific Ocean.. which is about 100 miles downriver.
Then I headed to Troutdale to fill up my gas tank as I have to head out early in the morning to pick up my granddaughters - my daughters house is being inspected for the buyer tomorrow and they need the girls to be elsewhere.  So, they're going with me to get my car serviced.  2 little girls in a Ford dealership waiting room for a few hours.. this should be interesting! :-)  Then I'm bringing them out to the farm for the afternoon.  Oh I hope the rain goes away.
After I picked up a pizza for our dinner I drove home in a complete DOWNPOUR.  See above.  It didn't get any warmer than 63 F today.  :-)
I even had to call hubby and ask him to bring the umbrella out to help me get into the house and carry the pizza.  Gadzooks it came down.  Looking Southwest out of our bay window.  Sheesh.  By the way, I hardly EVER worry about an umbrella, but this was a bit much even for me.
Even our Leafguard gutters were overflowing, for gosh sakes!
I just had to show you the birthday cake my son's wife made for Gabriel, her youngest, who just turned 7.  He wanted jelly beans on his cake, so that's what he got!  It was a confetti cake with lemon frosting.
And when I got home I had this cute envelope covered with flowers from Cath Kidston.  When I ordered my purse and nesting tins from them I also ordered these cute abalone flower shaped buttons, which had not been in the package.  I notified them via email and they sent these to me with an apology.  How sweet!  I can see these as centers of crocheted flowers, can't you?

I'm glad you stopped in to visit.. if you're in one of those states with terrible heat, the photos of our rain should be a pleasant diversion. :-)  And thanks for your adorable comments.. you guys *ROCK*!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Those little birds are so cute ... and yes, I did look at my thumb !!! Yummy looking cake too - who would've thought to put jelly beans on a cake. Must tell my daughter about that for when she's trying to think of something for my grandson's cake. As always, a pleasure to visit and read your blog. xoxox

  2. I agree with Dorothy it is always a pleasure to read your Blog, even in the rain :) Thanks for sharing the adorable Hummingbirds, I think you are right they spotted ya and posed. You are truly blessed to live with a gentleman that will come out and escort you in with a brolly. Gabriel's cake looked perfect! I also love your CK buttons, they are very 'girly'.

  3. hehe you did make me check my thumb haha i didn't realize they were soo small!
    loved visiting once more, and yes perfect for flowers! :0) xxx

  4. You did make me look at my thumb, lol! Beautiful pictures of the gorge, I hope it stops raining though (over there and here in Belgium!). Have a lovely time with your granddaughters! xxxx

  5. Hi Looks like a bit of rain both sides of the pond this week lol..only showery here today though
    That CAKE...WOW! bet it tasted yummy.HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gabriel
    Cute buttons, thanks for the triangle inset blanket comments...just got bored with plain granny rounds hehe
    Hugs x

  6. I so enjoyed seeing the hummingbird pictures. They are such exotic birds to me, I used to draw them from books when I was at art college! It must be lovely to have them living alongside you! What a lot of rain you captured in your photos - we have been having some of that too earlier this week! Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  7. Teresa, my that's a lot of rain. Love the humming bird, I have them also but have not been able to capture them. Great that you could. I will keep trying! They are such amazing birds. Happy Birthday to Gabriel! Love photos of the the gorge and all the vista. I will explain pay-it-follow via email soon and you can look on my past blog posts. Vacation today, Hurray! xoRobin❤

  8. Wow Teresa! Awesome pictures....just love them! It's really neat seeing the beauty out west in your pictures as I've never been there...YET. I am from southeast PA, and living in upstate NY where it's between 90-100 hot degrees! We do occasionally see hummingbirds here but not often.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. It's always a pleasure to see the pictures of your beautiful state. I hope to one day visit the northwest. It seems so stunning! Although we do get lovely little hummingbirds in my mother's garden (she's rightly obsessed with the little things) we're also surrounded by the 95-105 degree weather here in Ohio...I would've adored a good rain that cooled everything down to 63! Oh well, indoor weather for you means it's ideal time to snuggle up with something, whether it's your grandkids, your hubby, a book, or your yarn! As long as the weather isn't destructive (like the ridiculous summer flash flood we had earlier this week) there's always a good time to be had in it somewhere! Enjoy your lovely weather!

  10. Ahhhhhh. thanks so much for the showers. I really needed a cooling off. No wonder you all are so GREEN there in the P.N.W.... Great captures on those hummers. And I can't wait to see what you are going to do with those adoreable buttons.

    Weekend Wishes for Fun,
    Kate - xoxox

  11. Wonderful pictures as always. :)

    I love the rain pictures...I'll be right over with my knitting! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Blessings always :)

  12. Ok, so i am ever teensy bit envious of your hummingbirds and views! Thank you for sharing!!!


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