Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Rose, Bamboo & Begonias

I walked the dog and saw this on our deck... so I put the dog in the house and grabbed my iPhone for some artsy shots.  I have the Hipstamatic App on my phone which produces really artistic photos.  I've had my husband and my younger sister inform me that they don't like these photos.. and have read a fellow bloggers rant that for gosh sakes, people, don't take photos for your blogs with a PHONE!  But you know what?  I am an "artiste".  :-)  I like the painterly quality of these photos... so if you don't like these photos.. don't read further.  So there.  
When my daughter, granddaughter and sister visited "Heirloom Roses" I got four "baby" roses in tiny pots.  This one is named "Playboy".  It's yellow center and bright orange petals and light scent are lovely.  This tiny baby rose produced this bud.. which opened this morning.  Isn't it cute?
See the water droplets?  Well...........  last night we had a thunder and lightning storm and some rain.  Hubby heard the rain at around 5 am and dashed out onto the deck in all his glory to pull my rattan chair with feather cushions under cover and gather up the other cushions, too.  He came back in quite damp.  :-)  (No worries, our back deck is private so his modesty is safe.)
See the pink duct tape frame on this one?  I don't know about you but I love this!
A shot of my fluffiest and fullest bamboo plant.
Here is another shot of the lush Begonia.  Don't you love how water filled and "juicy" a begonia petal is?
Pretty pretty flowers.
I almost hit the delete button button on this but then went... hmmmmm... what a pretty pattern these make, even though they're fuzzy..
Last.. a smiling face of a Pansy.

An update... my daughter's house has sold and they (and my 2 beloved granddaughters) will be leaving to move 2000 miles away in about 2 weeks or so.   :-(  I'm in for a bumpy ride.


  1. Such pretty flowers Teresa! I especially like the begonia pics, really nice! I have the 3rd gen Ipod, no camera, so I can't use the hipstamitic app, or any others for iphone camera, but I love all the options to create in all those apps. Need to get me an ipod 4 with camera!

    Happy day!

  2. Beautiful flowers and lovely photos - I like the different borders. ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  3. Teresa I am of the opinion that your blog is your blog and you do whatever you want to do with it! I love these photos phone or no phone...beautiful!I'm glad your dear Hb rescued your cushions for you!
    I'm so sad though to hear that your darling grandgirls and daughter are moving SO far away. Thank goodness for modern technology though, Skype, email etc etc. Thinking of you, it's must be really tough. Sending a big hug over the pond,
    Jane x

  4. Love the beautiful pics and your blog.
    Very sad re the family moving and as Jane said
    technology is a wonderful thing. Skype is good
    although I have hardly used, but know of many
    who keep in touch overseas ☺
    Hugs to you from aussie land xo

  5. Well Teresa, I love your photos - so much so that I now want an iPhone. I did a full day course on digital photography on Thursday (very interesting) - it was "getting to know your digital camera". The guy running the course was very much into iPhoneography and he had some absolutely stunning shots. I'm so sorry for you re your granddaughters moving so far away and can relate to how you're feeling. My grandson now lives about a 3.5 hours drive from me and I miss him very much. We can just look forward to visits and cherish those times when they are with us.

  6. So sorry to hear that finally the time has come for those delightful little girls of yours to leave hard. I know others have mentioned skype etc, but it just isn't the same .....I have just had two close family members go overseas. We talk on skype but, that hole is there. Hugs Theresa.

  7. SO very sorry to hear the latest news Teresa:( I know how very, very much you love your granddaughters and I also know what it feels like to miss grand-blessings. Sending you a BIG hug this evening-I'm here for you!

    Regarding the photos--every blog is unique and I love the way you express who you are on yours! I especially liked the photos of your begonia--pretty, pretty!

    Blessings + hugs your way,

  8. I would love to have an Iphone with Hipstamatic, I love the pictures made with it! How sad the moving date is getting so close, it must be terribly tough on you... (((hugs))) from Belgium xxx

  9. Mrs. Teresa I love the artsy photos from your phone..phooey on those who feel otherwise :)

    The playboy rose is absolutely gorgeous. I actually gasped when I saw it. MUST FIND ONE TO GROW NOW!!!!!!

    I am sorry your daughter will be leaving soon. You must feel...well I don't really know how you must feel. I know you will be sad and will worry so I will send you a great big hug for comfort!

  10. I love the flowers and the photos. Just be you and continue to do what you love. What kind of bamboo do you have in your yard? I've heard that it can totally take over if you plant the wrong kind. I know that it's going to so very hard to have your daughter and her family move so far away. We spend our lives as parents preparing them for life and when they go out on their own and leave us, we just want to grab them and hold on tight. Chin up, I'm sure they will visit and call as often as they can. ((Hugs!!))


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