Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Autumn in the Countryside

I headed off to swimming today and totally enjoyed my trip into town.  It's a magnificent Autumn day here in Corbett, Oregon!  Not a cloud, brilliant sunny blue sky, warm winds blowing.  As I swam I was at first sad and wishing things that could not be... but as always, as I swam back and forth in front of the wall of windows, watching the sun sparkle through the water I began to think of the good things, and count my blessings.  And I thought of my new blog friend, Kris at Simplify, and how today she posted on her blog about appreciating where you are and what you have... so I did.  And I made lists in my head of things I need to do.  Now I need to make a real list! :-)  (NOTE:  I didn't take my "real" camera, took these with my iPhone.. so they're not as clear as I'd like.. but hey, you get the "picture"!)
On the way home I stopped and got a photo of my dear hubby on his tractor, he's mowing the pasture for the winter.  I must say this photo turned out really bright, the red on the barn is a darker "barn" red.  
Then I decided to capture the moment of the sunny blue and zoomed up to Portland Women's Forum State Park to get this shot of Vista House and the Columbia River Gorge.  The wind was buh-LOWING!
I took this shot 50 feet away from where I took the other one. :-)
And I pulled over on the way back and got a shot of this great field of cabbage, this is what my "neighborhood" looks like.   I love it!
I got a photo of the pears on one of the 3 ancient trees in our pasture.  We need to pick these!  A few years ago hubby got in the "scoop" of the tractor and let me raise him up high in the tree to pick them.  That was fun.. for me!
Also on my way back from the gorge photo "shoot" I pulled in and bought these 2 pints of blueberries at Kirby's blueberry patch.  There's a white box on a pole there where you put your money, on the "honor system".  I see blueberry pancakes in the near future.  And muffins!

OK, now back to making that list...

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Hi Teresa!
    It's really late here (10.30) and I'm about to have dinner with my dear MG... I just had this urge to come and read your blog, to know from you... weird huh?
    I hope you're doing fine and everything is better now even when your girls are not around...

  2. Oh Teresa, what a beautiful post! And to think that these photos were taken with your iphone!!! Wow...stunning. I know that your heart is aching with missing your daughter and grandgirls. And I know that when our hearts are hurting, it is hard to find beauty in the every day. But today, you did!
    Hugs from California!!!

  3. I love your neighbourhood. Looks like mine (except for the dahlias and the red red red barn). :-)

    Best wishes from country pumpkin Regula

  4. I love the pictures of where you live. I would love living there, but sadly, my degenerative disc and joint disease would not.

    I've been living in the moment for the past six months. Happy I have what I need today, because I don't know about tomorrow. Yes, things are settling down, it will be awhile before I can.

  5. Right that's it! You've made me soooo jealous now that I'm coming to visit (and maybe stay forever)! XD

  6. Beautiful autumn photos there Teresa. I am so glad that you are putting some really good thinking strategies into place...always live in daytight compartments, that's my motto! Lists are also such a great way to plan...but keep them "of the moment". We are also enjoying an Indian Summer here in the UK....bliss. Take care and enjoy the upcoming weekend.
    Jane x

  7. It is so gorgeous in Oregon! It still quite green there. I understand that the leaves are already starting to turn in our mountains....I just have to get up there and take some pics:) What a lovely day!

  8. Hi Teresa,
    Loving all your photos! I checked out your new friend and her blog is wonderful, I can see why you were drawn to it! You are doing amazing and I know it has been harder than hard. My heart still aches but not as much. Oh and lists, I love them and make one every day!!! Gratitude is a blessing for us all and we all have so much to be thankful for and it is all in front of us.....we just have to realize it. Smiles and hugs to you, xoRobin❤

  9. Such beautiful autumn pictures. I just love that wonderful red barn! Glad you are looking for the good things, Teresa. Hope you have a happy rest of the week.
    Helen x

  10. Love the red barn picture. My mouth is watering for some buttery blueberry muffins. Oh yum.

    Have a good one!

  11. I can't believe these were with your Iphone. More important I can't believe you have a Red Barn. I don't care what color red, it's a red barn. So... of course, I had to PIN it in my RED Barn board. What a beautiful day.

  12. Hi Just trying t catch up..great photos
    The sky looks like the sky here at the moment too..been sooooooo hot this last couple of days
    hugs xx

  13. Your photos are that red barn. oxxoxo Happy weekend


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