Friday, October 14, 2011

My new iPhone 4S & Crochet Progress

We had an early morning today!  My contract with AT&T was over with my iPhone 3GS, and today we got up at 7 am and headed to the Verizon store which was to open at 8 am.  I was pretty worried that there would be a long line and it would take forever - but we passed the AT&T store and it had a line, but the Verizon store.. no line.. just a handful of people inside.. so we went in and I got a salesman instantly.  Within 45 minutes we both had a new iPhone (his black and mine white) and that even included having his date transferred over to his phone!  We've spent hours getting used to them and syncing them with iTunes... it's always a challenge to get them set up, isn't it?  I got a pretty see-thru purple case for mine.  :-)
Here is a photo of my new phone in the store.  See how few folks are there?  Yay for us!
One of the things I'm most excited about with this version of the iPhone is the 8 mp camera!
Above, hubby heading into the house as I experiment with the camera. :-)
The barn.. the new photo thing lets you brighten and crop the photos where it didn't used to.
Here are some Fuchsias that are still looking nice.
The back door.. I came home yesterday from volunteering at Multnomah Falls and saw that hubby picked up a pumpkin for me as he was running some errands.. ahhh.. sweet.
Here's a shot of the falls as I was leaving yesterday using my old iPhone.  We're not having a colorful fall.. bleh.
A few more rows on my ripple... I have to admit, the colors don't seem to be all that pleasing.. reminds me of a "scrap" blanket.  But that has it's own "grandma" charm and I like it anyway.  

I hope you've had a wonderful week and that the weekend holds for you joy, rest, love and happiness.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. You lucky, lucky kids. It's the same around here, if one gets a new phone the other does too. You are going to have so much fun with these. We will never loss you now. All these fancy toys we need now a days. But, don't completely give up that old camera, your pictures are perfect with that. Now, about that blanket, I see what you mean, but I like it. Maybe when you get to the repeating part it might be more to your liken'. But, I still like it alot and that pattern is one of my favorites. By the way, linkied you earrings today, so put down that phone and go check. They are just too cute. At lastly, we too are having a yuck fall here at home, glad we got to see some good colors last week. Have a fun weekend play with your toys.

  2. A new phone is always fun. Wish I had gotten an iphone last time I upgraded. Love the look of your ripple. You will like it more and more as you go I bet. What's not to love? Have a good weekend.

  3. Hope you continue to have fun with your new phone but I liked your "old" pictures too. We're not having a very colorful fall around Spokane either, but we drove over Stevens Pass last weekend and it was absolutely beautiful there. I love your blog Teresa. I don't comment a lot but I surely love to read it!



  4. Woo-Hoo, a new iphone. I have an ipad, but don't know if I am smart enough for a smart phone!!!
    Takes good pics, eh!
    Love your red bard! Love those falls!!!! Love your blankie!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hi Teresa, Oh, a new phone is always nice and a new toy to play with. I'm not eligible for a new phone until December. I think I will get the iphone but right now i have a Droid and I really love the keyboard for texting. My honey got the iphone about 3 weeks ago before the iphone 5 was announced, I think they should have told us the 5 was coming out in 2 weeks!! I love your ripple, it is lovely. Have a great weekend, xoRobin❤

  6. Mrs. Teresa Yay for the new Iphone. I am glad you are happy with it. I don't like all the bells and whistles on a phone. Hubby has a droid and I have a blackberry which I love.

    Your ripple looks beautiful! I want to make one very soon but have to wait as I have 2 projects on hooks already and will be beginning a giant granny rectangle for my daughter as soon as we go pick out the yarn.

  7. Yeah! On the new iphone :) I am looking forward to buying myself a new ipod touch hopefully by end of this month. I have the 3g now, with no camera, so upgrading will be awesome!

    Love that ripple blanket, I've never done of these days I will :)


  8. The new iPhone looks interesting. I've not ventured down the iPhone path as yet but one of my daughters has one and she loves it. I'm impressed with the photos it takes. Have fun.

  9. That's a nice phone. Great pictures.

    I was looking into the iphone yesterday as you suggested. It was on the news that the UofA students are being targeted for theft of their iphones. I guess I should look into a tazor, too.

  10. Congrats on your new phone! My son keeps trying to talk me into getting an iphone, but hasn't succeeded yet--perhaps, if you keep posting photos of what you've taken with yours, you will succeed where he couldn't :) :) :)

    Still not enough autumn color for me yet---but our plants are beginning to show some change and an errand today took me into a town where there was quite a bit of color.
    Be blessed,

  11. Oh! I am just pea green with envy! Have a wonderful weekend learning all the neat tricks it's capable of!

  12. I love the new phone, but I don't have a clue about them. I have not entered that world yet...your excitement with yours makes me feel like I am missing out. I NEED a pumpkin too! I also gave in to temptation yesterday and started a ripple, you sure do lead me astray!!!

  13. Lovely new iphone, Teresa! And right up to date too! I have had one for a couple of years which I think counts as old now! I'm not very techie, but I do like using it (especially as I was given a red and white dotty CK phone cover for it too!!) You are so good at taking pictures with your new phone already, I just love your house and your gorgeous door with the pumpkin, and how lovely the flowers look.
    Have a happy weekend. Helen x

  14. A new phone is always exciting!! It takes great pictures! Your ripple blanket looks beautiful too, I love the colors you've chose!

  15. Aren't you just a lucky girl!!!! How fun. I really can't get used to my Android fancy-pancy phone, and pictures???? No way. Hope you have fun, and by the way I love the way the blanket is looking.

  16. Wow great phone there Teresa. I have only just got my first smart phone and I know JUST what you mean about getting used to it. Also texting has driven me mad with the touch sensitive keys but it is so useful. Your photos look fab,I just love the pumpkin on your doorstep...just so American ;0)
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Jane x

  17. Hi..lucky you two with new phones to play with
    My son has an iphone and he takes some amazing photos with it
    Who needs a camera when you can get a phone that does it all lol
    Have fun hugs x

  18. I like to read your blog and do appreciate all the photos and articles.
    What a beautiful house you have in this nature! It seems a really good place to live in.
    Sorry for my bad english.
    Have good pleasure with this great iphone.
    Julie from France


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