Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gorge Tour & Campfire Fun

We were up early this morning and off for me to lead a bus tour in the Columbia River Gorge for the Friends of Multnomah Falls volunteer group.  We boarded the bus in the outlet mall parking lot in Troutdale and pulled out promptly at 9 am. We headed West and crossed the I-205 bridge over the Columbia River into Washington State and then headed East towards Steigerwald Wildlife Preserve.  It was very pretty and quiet here, the pond there had some Canada Geese and a few ducks - a bigger lake was to the left of this.  The river is beyond with Oregon rising up on the other side of the river.
We then drove on to St. Cloud Day Use area where we all hiked down near the river's edge and enjoyed a century old fruit orchard, knowing that a family farm was here at one time and that they fed their family with this fruit.
Our next stop was Beacon Rock State Park.. we watched a pair of Osprey call to each other.  See the one below on top of a piling? 
Here is Beacon Rock.. it is the core of an ancient volcano. 
I took this shot from the dock of the park, it is a popular destination from boaters in the Portland area.  We actually took our sailboat through the Bonneville Dam lock one time and attended a cruise-in here with the Columbia Gorge Yacht Club. The big mountain to the right of Beacon Rock is Hamilton Mountain. 
Looking across to Oregon.. there is snow still on the cliffs of the gorge! 
This is our bus waiting for us, that is my sister Denise coming down the boat ramp. :-) 
Our next stop was our lunch destination at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort. I had to take a photo of our DEEEliscious salad of baby greens with Champagne Vinegarette   with toasted Hazelnuts.  Our main course was fabulous.. Carlton Farms Beef Stroganoff.  I forgot to take a photo, but oh my goodness, it was out of this world delish.  Great lunch.
The brightly lit dining room overlooking a lovely garden with ponds and a hot tub of the healing spring waters. 
Here is a group photo of us in front of the beautiful fireplace soaring to the vaulted ceiling. 
We listened to a presentation by the hotel woman in the great room and then she took us to see the pool and spa area.  Wow, this is gorgeous, my sister and I want to go and partake of the healing spring waters and enjoy the pool.   
There was a beautiful water feature in the front of the resort, and a bronze life size statue of 2 mountain goats. 
We then boarded the bus, headed to the Bridge of the Gods, crossed the Columbia River to Cascade Locks, Oregon and headed West back to our cars. 
It rained today, but we're Oregonians and take it in stride.  We still had a great day and learned a lot! :-)  This looking UP river from the bridge. 
Now.. hit rewind.. this was Monday.  Our son Travis invited us for baked salmon dinner.  Here is the welcoming committee.. :-)  And Travis' prized possession, a 1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback.  It was his first car and he loves it, so do his boys.
After eating the delicious meal that Kristi made, Travis made a campfire in the back yard and used his knife to sharpen a stick and here is Caleb roasting a marshmallow.. under Grandpa's supervision. :-)
The marshmallow caught fire so Grandpa blew out the flames. hehe
Daddy filled up water balloons for the boys.. Hayden is proud of his.
So, Caleb wanted to show me his. :-)
And I had to show you a photo my daughter sent of our 2 granddaughters in their bright little gowns.. egads I miss them so much. 
Last but not least.. my blog buddy from England, Lucy from Lucy in the Sky blog received her package from me and I'm soooOOOoo pleased as she's very happy with her gifts.  Please visit her blog and see what I sent to her.  What a fun time we had with our swap! And now.. we're collapsed in our chairs watching the tube and catching up on Facebook and my favorite blogs.. and some Scrabble and Words With Friends thrown in.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Wow, the girls are growing so fast! Looks like you had a lovely day. Showed the hubby the mustang...needless to say he drooled just a bit.

  2. Loving the pictures. We're still thinking about Oregon. My company has a location in Medford. It will be a few years before we can consider it.

    I miss my granddaughter too.

  3. What fun! I loved the tour and the family time! And I loved visiting Lucy and seeing what you sent her. I feel like I know you both better through your gift exchange. Thanks so much for sharing, Teresa.<3

  4. What a great day out you had Teresa. Loved the photos. I have looked at the parcel of treasure you sent your blog buddie....what thoughtful gifts you chose. The grandkids look so cute...I am sure you do miss those dear girls. Hugs
    Jane x

  5. Busy lady is still at it !! Your day out looked fabulous - bet everyone had a wonderful time. I enjoyed reading Lucy's blog - she obviously loved everything you sent in the exchange. I bet the boys had fun with those water balloons - takes me back to when my girls were young. Speaking of young girls - yours are growing up quickly aren't they? They look cute in their bright pink gowns.

  6. Ooh I just came over from Lucy's blog, what a great Blog Buddy Swap you had! I love your Glastonbury Tor watercolour, and everything you have sent each other shows how well you know each other as well - true friends! :-) x

  7. Hello Teresa...Stunningly beautiful photographs of your day out and you clearly had a wonderful time....Love all your family pics too...and such a beautful package of goodies for Lucy to receive...such a lucky lady!
    Susan x
    P.S The Ford Mustang is fab!

  8. A wonderful post! I love all the awesome pictures...and the little ones are always so sweet and smiling. It's nice to see such a happy family. :)

    Blessings always

  9. You might be the busiest retired person I know. Beautiful photos of the gorgeous scenery and of your wonderful family. I know you want to hug those girls something fierce! Any plans to go visit them?

  10. wonderful beautiful scenic trip for your readers too!
    I'm going over to lucy's blog now to see her goodies

  11. Thank you for a fun day out.
    I felt like I was along for the journey.

  12. Thankyou for the tour Teresa loved it. Lovely photos of your family love the colours of the girls gowns - such beautiful girls. Am off to look at what Lucy . Do you think you will get to see your daughter and the girls any time soon? aNNE X

  13. I so love spending the day with you and yours. Hey, is that you on the right in the bright blue in the fire place shot... I think so. Can't wait to get back home. No pictures we got all the way onto the ferry boat over to an island before I realized my battery was back on the charger. Not happy here....

  14. What a fun and interesting trip you took!! That pool is gorgeous!!! Looks like fun with son and family on Easter. He sure does take extra good care of his car!!! I love the way you folks live!!!
    XO Kris

  15. Some really super great pictures. But some of us Oregonians dont want to take all this rain in stride anymore.. wahhhhhh


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