Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hearts and Flowers

When I manage to make it through another January and the Calendar tells me it's February 1st - out come the red hearts!!  I made this felt pin covered with sequins and beads many years ago and it really works!  I get hugs! :-)
I also made the other one, and one for my sister, too.  When I was working in the circulation department of The Oregonian, one of the other workers saw me making beaded things (we could read, do crosswords or crafty things between calls) - and asked me if I'd like some sequins that they'd inherited.  I said yes, of course, thank you!  And the next day they brought in this bag with a huge and extensive collection of vintage sequins in a rainbow of colors!  Score!
I was simply over-the-moon happy yesterday - as it was sunny and 60 degrees and warm and we even were able to open the kitchen window and invite in some fresh air!  I walked out on the deck and saw this Primrose coming up in a pot on the railing!  :-) 
I laid out my 2 pins along with 3 of my crocheted Scandinavian Hearts.. you can get the pattern I wrote out for free as a PDF, there is a link up at the top right on my blog.   
Also a happy thing was this rose which has survived in bud form all through the winter and is starting to open in the warm sunshine.. how cool is that? 
Here is another bud on that same rose bush.  SWEET! 
Last evening I lit two candles we picked up while grocery shopping yesterday - they are heavily scented and smell divine!  I bought a string of heart shaped lights.. when I opened the package I was shocked to see the string was only 3 feet long!  So, I put them in my lantern along with a pot of Primrose.  This photo does not show these things well, sorry. 
I was afraid if I lit the candle it would be too warm for the Primrose. :-) 
One of the candles has sandalwood and the other vanilla. 
The Primrose in the light of day. 
Hubby had read in the newspaper about how a food cart called "Best Burger" had done so well that they'd opened a brick and mortar restaurant also - so we decided to give it a try.  What do you think?  :-)
And this is the fortune I got in my cookie when we went out for Chinese food the other day.  Is this true?  :-)
We have a lovely sunny day stretching ahead of us.  I think I'm going to crochet a few different hearts.. a puffy one and a Lucy one.  What are your weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I'm a little envious of your warm weather. Snow here and only 14 degrees, but at least the sun is peeking through. That burger is my kind of meal!

  2. Your fortune is so true =) I LOVE this post, Teresa! I am sitting here smiling at you. Thanks for sharing so much beauty! It is neat that you were given the vintage sequins...and I'm glad you get lots of hugs. I am looking forward to celebrating family B'days and watching the Super Bowl after church tomorrow...and lunching with you and Taci on Monday!

  3. So many lovely things in your post! Will give your heart a go soon - in time for Valentine's! So thanks in advance. Husband's birthday this weekend so lots of lovely food and perhaps a trip to the cinema to see Lincoln. I may sneak in some crochet time for me too! xx

  4. Those sweet sweet primroses! They always remind me of my grandmother as she loved them so and had several colors in her garden. Your fortune is absolutely true! Happy LOVE Month!


  5. I really enjoyed seeing your hearts laid side by side-so happy together. :-). You are deserving of all the hugs you get my friend.
    I love it when I'm unexpectedly given craft supplies from people who no longer want them. It's like Christmas morning to me. The sequins are fabulous!

    Yummy burger! It has bacon on it which makes it a keeper in my books!

    I'm still running a fever over 100 so the plans hubby and I had made to drive out and check on our little trailer have been put on hold. We're just sitting here lazing the day away.
    Have a wonderful lunch on Monday with Gracie and Taci...and miss me a little!

  6. Lovely post my friend. Our weather has not been too bad the last few days. We have little buds peeping out here and there. I think your fortune cookie is so true for you.
    I took a card making class on Thursday evening (as in taught it :-)) and the theme was hearts. Today we have just chilled at home really. DH went a walk. Not sure yet what tomorrow holds. Nothing planned. Anne x

  7. Oh! You remind me I still want to make a Lucy heart! There is just NOT enough time! Warmth...that must have been wonderful! We're in the midst of some cold temps and I'm kinda over it! Love your hearts, Teresa. And, yes! That fortune was written to find its way to you!

  8. As others have said, a lovely post, very enjoyable and love those hearts.
    Having a quiet weekend here with a bit of crochet/knitting ☺☺

  9. Hi Sweet Teresa, I love your fortune and I think it is true. This post is great and I always love all your stories! Buds and flowers I love 'em. We had a warm day too, but no buds. But I did buy myself some tulips at the grocery store, yellow ones. Can't wait for Spring and getting back to walking and running. Always love your crocheted hearts and sequins too. Have a great weekend, I'm crocheting my granny squares and icing my knee : )
    Hugs to you, xoRobin❤

  10. I love your fortune, it is very true. And I will gladly give you a hug even without the beautiful felted pin. My azaleas are blooming, I think they aree a month early!

  11. Love the new header picture, Teresa! Such sweet little hearts. I absolutely love the scent of sandalwood. It is my favorite. I bet it smells terrific with the vanilla of the other candle blending in the air. Mmm! That hamburger looks great too. I could eat that on this diet if I took the buns off. In fact, we went to In & Out Burger a few days ago and both got a Double meat, double cheese, with bacon, all wrapped in lettuce leaves. It was so good and totally "legal!"

    Today is my daddy's 80th birthday. I'm so lucky to still have him. Hard to believe he is that old. My oldest sister is here from San Diego for the weekend for his birthday too. We're all meeting for breakfast in the morning and then she leaves. Fun family weekend.

  12. I love the hearts for February! That burger looks so delicious. I hope it tasted as good as it looked.

  13. So love those Scandinavian hearts Teresa...if I knew how to crochet they would be #1 on my list:)
    It is so nice to see blooms right now. Maybe I need some pretty primroses to go with my flowering camellia?
    Wasn't the weather amazing? I opened a window this morn while doing dishes, and this afternoon my DH turned the A/C on in our car.
    This weekend we are installing some cabs in our Family Room...more room for dinnerware:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. You had a wonderful day! It looks like you're all ready for Valentine's Day with your hearts and flowers. :)

  15. I just adore your hearts...such a pretty banner they make! No sun here...lots and lots of daily fog...not sure what is happening.
    Hugs to you my friend.

  16. Love the hearts! Glad you had such a nice sunny day!!! I love the have my windows open!
    That burger...oh my! Looks fabulous!
    xo Kris

  17. Your hearts look super Teresa and how lucky to have some almost spring weather..enjoy and soak up that sunshine. The plants certainly seem to be doing so. Almost Monday here now so I hope spring is just around the corner, Jane x

  18. Your hearts are gorgeous!I am going to try your Scandanavian Heart pattern. Love it!

  19. Oh, those sequined hearts are the cutest! Wish I knew how to crochet...
    love the blog too...

  20. Your weekend sounds wonderful. That burger looks like enough for two meals...yummy!

  21. I really love your little beaded hearts, Teresa! They remind me of ones I have seen in museums....I love the colours and the textures!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    Helen x


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