Friday, August 23, 2013


And so.. the bittersweet time when Summer is waning, the fields are golden, the gardens are bathed in the changing slant of the sun.  Everyone has a favorite season, and Summer is mine.  Next is Spring and Fall in that order.  The season that fills me with foreboding is Winter.  I do enjoy the first part of it -- you know the time I mean. :-)  But those months after that fun time are just plain cold, wet, dark and gloomy.  But for now, I will enjoy this time.  The flower fields across the country road from our farm are looking lovely.  Several Laotian families grow all manner of flowers and sell the bouquets at Portland area farmer's markets.  I think those vines in front are zucchini, don't you?  And I get to enjoy it all for free! :-)  Isn't this a pretty view?
Our little rose garden has some very pretty blooms on it.. I vow to cut some today for a bouquet.  
Little yellow flowers.. I have no idea what they are. 
Dahlias, meadow grasses. 
It was a very dry summer and these farmers do not irrigate.. so the blooms are sparser.. but still pretty. 
The Swan Island Dahlia Festival is starting tomorrow.. and they water there.. I hope to get there and see their amazing flowers. 

I love Dahlias.. they are a beautiful flower. 
My pretty pink rose.
I had walked across our country road to snap the photos of the flowers from a corner gate, when heading back, I got this one of our house peeking out amongst the trees and shrubbery.  We are very shaded, no? 
This is our barn and pasture, see Dayle on his orange Kubota tractor under the pear tree?  He was having a time of it.... 
When he was mowing the pasture under the 2 pear trees, the roll bar caught a branch and it broke off and hit him on the head!  It was a triple branch and landed on tractor, steering wheel and his head.  He had to jockey back and forth in order to crawl out from under it, and he had to get his chainsaw and cut it off the tractor!  When he came in he looked pretty dirty and bloody.. but after a shower he was nearly good as new, except for some abrasions on his forehead.  Men! 
The vine maple tree has been turning for a few weeks now.. 
We finally had some rain last evening.. I was amazed how nice it sounded.  It wasn't much, though.  It's cloudy today.  I guess Mother Nature is easing us into Autumn.  I met my 2 sisters and Shirley for lunch yesterday, it is so nice to catch up with what is going on with each of us.  Enjoy your Autumn time.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your life is so full of space... Just beautiful.

  2. Such beautiful photos, I can almost smell the flowers and the grass.

    Hope your hubby has recovered from his run-in with the tree!


  3. Teresa, I can see why you love summer so much, I think I would too if I lived where you do. For me summer is hot and humid, I prefer Spring. Autumn is my very favorite season, but we don't get much of one here. I think I will go visit my son in October so I can catch a glimpse of it. Glad Dayle is okay, he could have really been hurt out there dueling with that branch.
    Hugs to you,

  4. beautiful blooms Teresa. Your farm and land is so beautiful. Hope Dayle is ok. Anne x

  5. Poor Dayle. I hope he's okay now. I can't believe your tree has turned so much already! I love the view of all those dahlias and other flowers in the field, that's so pretty.

  6. That flower garden across from you is wonderful! Such great shots!!
    I love your Oregon!
    xo Kris

  7. Gosh hope Dayle is ok, no fun out there with tractor and trees!! Beautiful landscape you can view any time you like. lovely

  8. I LOVE dahlias and considered doing a field stroll there today...but instead we enjoyed the beauty of Silverton and Mt. Angel. I think some of your photos look almost like paintings---beautiful:)
    The vine maples in the mountains have been turning too--love autumn leaves; hate the endless days of gloom, dark and wet that late autumn brings.
    Have a wonderful weekend Teresa!
    PS: No more accidents for Dayle...ouch!

  9. I so enjoyed this beautiful post, Teresa. Your writing is so poetic. I love the idea that Mother Nature is easing us into Autumn. Perfect. :) Glad that Dayle is ok. x

  10. Oh gosh! Poor Dayle, he does seem to have accidents!
    Dahlias are lovely. Summer is my favourite season.

  11. Hi Teresa,What a lovely view you have indeed!!!Love the fields of flowers!!!Very pretty!!!Your roses are spectacular!!!Have a great weekend and keep Dayle away from the pear trees!!1HeHeHe!!!

  12. Your photography is amazing. You live in such a beautiful place. Now you will have fall pictures to take. I used to work for Kobota a tractor company!

  13. Hope Dayle has fully recovered..honestly, men! Love your photos in the sunshine and yes there is a "transition" going on out there in the garden. Have a great weekend, Jane x

  14. I am overcome with Jealousy right about now!!!! Dahlias are my favorite flower and you get to see all that gorgeousnessnesss stuff for free across from your house!!!! I bet it smells wonderful!!! I planted some Dahlias this year and they didn't do a single thing,(a sad moment for me)Maybe next year I will try again!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Shari ♥

  15. What lovely surroundings! I am growing dahlias this year. They are yet to bloom...I think they will bloom in time for my fall decor. Your house looks so sweet peeking out from the it is all nestled in. And as for the!

  16. What a beautiful place you live in...I think I have said that before to you. Your photos are always the BEST! Love late summer blooms...and the feel of Fall in the air....can't wait for September. xoxo

  17. Teresa, I bet the folks who have the lovely fields of flowers across the road would think that you have some beauties of your own, right there in your yard. Your gorgeous roses and all the other blooms are fantastic. Poor Dayle, so glad he wasn't hurt worse than he was. I know about trees and working around and under them. I had to cut a tree branch too, several in fact. One day while mowing I caught my pony tail in a small branch and before I could stop the mower I had ripped a nice hunk of hair from my head. Another time I smacked myself right in the face when I was looking elsewhere and right into the apple tree branch went my head. Like Dayle, I was lucky to not have knocked myself out, but lessons are sometimes learned the hard way. We just have to pray we don't kill ourselves in the process. I love all the months of the year, but after Christmas I dread the long cold Winter. I too find it drab and gloomy at times. It seems to stretch out forever. I am just glad I have yarn, fabric and books to focus on. If it wouldn't be for things like that I am sure I would go stark raving mad, lol
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  18. Beautiful pictures Tetesa. I would love to have a view like the one you enjoy every day! My favorite seasons are in the same order as yours. I love spring because of the freshness and promise of summer-my favorite season. Fall is beautiful but a harbinger of the winter to come. Winter= snow. Ick. I detest snow. All that shoveling and cold. Ick.
    But...I am determined to enjoy every last day of summertime while it's here.
    I hope Dayle is healing from his run in with the tree limb. See you soon!

  19. Teresa, Wow I so love your pictures! You are truly surrounded amazing beauty! Those blooms are gorgeous and I can see a hint of fall YAY!!!

  20. Well, I must say your beautiful photos inspire me to be a bit homesick for OR even though I am enjoying the beauty of NE. It is 90 today [pant, pant] but so far there has been a steady breeze so the heat is not quite as oppressive as it would be without it, and we thankfully have airconditioning/fans, too. We head out tomorrow morning. Westward Ho!
    Blessings to you and yours :)
    Gracie xx

  21. Lovely pictures of the flower fields, and your gorgeous take great photos, Teresa! Hope Dayle is ok! There is a hint of autumn in the air here but I am still thinking it's summer for a bit longer!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  22. Beautiful photos, Teresa. I feel the same way about winter. I'm rather dreading it. I love fall, but I want it to stay away for a while! I'm not ready for winter.



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