Monday, September 2, 2013

Sourdough Flapjacks & New Crochet Project

I'm starting a family tradition - I am making sourdough flapjacks for Sunday brunch for the family.  If you've never had a sourdough pancake, you're missing out.  They are fresh, homemade and healthy for you.  You serve a stack of these with butter and maple syrup and you have a happy family! :-)  See the yeasty bubbles in the batter?  
Getting the griddle at the right temperature is a challenge.  My first batch last week were a bit burnt looking, but tasted fine.  But I am aiming for "golden brown".  So, this week I fiddled with the controls and got it JUST right.  I used 2 cups wheat and 1 cup white flour with this one and next time it will be 1 cup wheat, 2 cups white for a nicer texture. 
There we go.. just what I'm going for. 
I was flipping flapjacks like crazy and grandpa was serving them up with sausages and cutting them up for our grandsons.  Buddy is hoping that some crumbs might fall to the floor. :-) 
SMILE.. egads, I didn't notice that Hayden had stuffed a napkin in his mouth.. lol! 
I made a triple batch this time so we wouldn't run out. 
My plate was last.. I could not finish eating them.  Next time, one less flapjack. :-)  FYI - I use Mrs. Butterworths sugar-free maple syrup. 
I had to show you Dayle's BBQ he made us for dinner last night.. these are a full rack of baby back pork ribs and some kielbasa sausage.  We made baked beans and macaroni salad to go with this. 
I may or may not have gnawed on the ribs before I thought to take a photo. :-) 
Nom nom nom... a perfectly warm evening on the deck and the boys had a blast chewing on the bones.. :-) 
I decided to make a nice, soft, warm cotton afghan with my KnitPicks "Billow" yarn.  I'm using the "Interlocking Colour Ripple" pattern by the lovely Lucy at Attic24 Blog.  Click on that link for the free pattern.  She uses much more colorful yarn in her project, but I'm going for a soft natural look with this.
This yarn is sooooOOOooo soft!  
I'm using the newest sterling silver crochet hook that I ordered from Celtic Swan - it's an "H" hook and this is bulky yarn.  It's a fun project so far. 
I had taken my vintage wicker yarn basket out on the deck to get these photos.. it's a magical morning with the sun slanting at a different angle.. oh I'm going to miss the warm weather and flowers.   
I'm heading to the pool today and Dayle has offered to do the grocery shopping while I'm paddling away.  We're doing a lot more cooking now!  I hope you have a great week ahead!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


(You can make your own sourdough starter - mix warm water and flour for a batter similar to cake batter - then add some yeast and stir in.  You will need to let it sit out on the counter for several days and let it bubble away, until it smells sour.  You feed it with more flour/water mixture.  When you're using it often, it can stay on the counter - if you don't use it for a while, store it in the fridge and then bring out and feed to bring it back to "life".)
(For 2 people, use this recipe.  For 4 people, double it, for 6, triple it.)

Night before - mix 1 cup flour (we recommend 1/4 cup wheat and 3/4 cup white) with enough warm water to make a nice thick batter (like cake mix consistency).

Stir that up good then add 1/2 cup sourdough starter - just fold it in, don't beat it too much.

Next morning, stir together 1/4 cup milk, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 1 beaten egg, 1/6 cup oil, and stir these ingredients into the batter you made the night before.

Then add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, dissolved in a bit of warm water and add this just before cooking, folding it in, don't beat it too hard.

NOTE:  Never use metal spoons or measuring devices or bowls when using the sourdough. Use wooden spoons for mixing and rubber spatulas for scraping.

Heat griddle to medium hot and spray with PAM a bit - batter will be fairly thin - use ladle and put about 1/2 cup of batter for each flapjack.


Cook till brown on one side, then flip over and brown the other side.  Serve with butter on top and maple syrup.

Feed sourdough batter with a batter of about a half cup of warm water and flour.  It will foam up when it's happy.  If you aren't going to use it for a while, put it in the fridge, and when you want to use it, take it out a few days ahead and feed it and keep it warm.



  1. Those growing boys are going to take lots of feeding Teresa. The pancakes look delicious. Enjoy the last of the summer sunshine, we have had the best one since 2006 here. Your colours of your new crochet project are really pretty and I can see how soft that yarn is, Jane x

  2. Yummy!!! I remember how I enjoyed sourdough pancakes years ago, and yours look wonderful...I wonder if I could make some gluten free...hmmm
    I love the way your billow ripple blanket is shaping up! Beautiful colors, Teresa!
    Gracie xx

  3. Teresa, you always manage to get a beautiful photo of your garden water feature. So pretty. The Celtic Swan hooks are gorgeous (I have a couple but in smaller sizes) ... the only problem is that I'm now so used to the Etimo hooks with the comfort handle, I don't think I can ever go back to normal hooks. Nice colours in your afghan. xoxox

  4. Look at all of you enjoying such yummy food. I hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend. Love your new ripple, the colors are gorgeous.
    Hugs to you and my friend Dayle,

  5. We make sourdough pancakes too! And guess what, we made ribs last night! My husband makes them in the smoker. And I made baked beans! We're living parallel lives. I even started a new crochet project today. Yours is looking lovely. :)

  6. I made vegan banana nut pancakes topped with strawberries for Zack's first day of school. :) I make them small so that they can be frozen and then heated in the toaster for another morning. Much better than buying anything from the frozen food section. Your deck is so lovely and to be surrounded by flowers and greenery is a wonderful thing. So hot and humid and yucky here right now. Hope you have a great week. Tammy

  7. Your afghan is coming along beautifully and I love the crochet hook! Also I have to say your food photos get me every time. Now I'm totally hungry for pancakes and ribs!!

  8. Have never tried pancakes like these, will have to give them a go.

    What a yummy post, delicious food and lovely crochet!

  9. YUM, Teresa! From the pancakes, to the ribs and mac & cheese, all of it looks fabulous! I absolutely love that sterling silver crochet hook. GAH. Must have.

  10. Mmmmmm. Ties pancakes look delicious and the ribs. Oh my! You'll certainly be busy, cooking for 4 more people in the house. Dayle will get,lots of practice grocery shopping. :-)
    Your blanket is gorgeous. It looks so squishy soft and the colors are perfect.

  11. The pancakes looks just wonderful.... It is making me hungry :( your blanket is looking wonderful my dear friend. Can wait to see you:)

  12. Mmmmmmmm those pancakes look good enough to eat :-) so yummy. Love the colours of the blanket you are making. Today has been very hot and we had a lovely day with our granddaughters. Outdoors for muh of the time. I am not looking forward to the cold and wet weather predicted for the end of the week. Hugs Anne x

  13. Yum! Now you have me all hungry again:) Your afghan is looking great! This weekend I took a photo of one at my SIL's that I want to learn how to make--when I learn how to crochet and/or knit that is.
    Stay safe and dry tomorrow--I hear we're in for some nasty weather.

  14. Mmmmmmm...such a wonderful breakfast and dinner ....and your blanket ....mmmmmm again ...just delicious ! The colors are just wonderful and I can only imagine how soft and yummy it feels. :)

  15. Hello Teresa, that BBQ meal looks absolutely delicious!!! Your flapjacks look great also. I found your blog after your comment on Mia's blog. Your ripple blanket looks good. Ann


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