Sunday, April 13, 2014

Different Perspectives

Hello my friend, thanks for taking the time to pop in for a visit!  I was away at my daughter's house for 2 weeks in Ohio and almost missed the Trillium bloom!  I saw this outside in the woods off our master bedroom and Dayle held the screen door open while I zoomed in and snapped this pretty bloom.  

Then I got this shot of our "woods".  Looks like there is a small tree down, hubby will get that with his tractor and haul it to the burn pile in the pasture.  These are Cedar and Douglas Fir trees along with some deciduous trees such as wild cherry, alder and vine maple.  When this farmhouse was built in 1906, farmers always had a wood lot for harvesting trees for firewood.  This little forest also protects the house from the east winds that wreak havoc out here in the Columbia River Gorge.

My blog title today is "Different Perspectives" - so this shot shows our house and barn from the woods.

This is from the top of our "water feature" (what an awful name for a creek, waterfalls and pond!).  When we were adding some garden sculptures to our backyard, Dayle picked out a Chinese Warrior which protects the stream from the top.  I picked out an Art Nouveau lady down below.  

Yesterday I drove down to Rooster Rock to attend a meeting for the Friends of Vista House.  After the meeting I drove around the park looking for something fun to photograph and look what I found!  The Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge, heading upriver to Cascade Locks!

Then I drove down to the boat launch area and got this fun shot of Rooster Rock with the blooming wild cherry trees and the new green leaves of the cottonwoods and alders.  To give you perspective, those are people on a dock in the lower left hand corner of this photo.  :-)  A different "perspective" of Rooster Rock than I usually show you, eh?

When I drove east in the park to leave I saw the sternwheeler steaming along, showing you the paddle wheel at work driving the boat.  

Then I drove to the east end of the park to show you a different perspective of Vista House from below - quite the stone cliff isn't it?  The Vista House sits 733 feet high.

Zoom up to VH!  Hello people!

Now I just had to share this cute photo of Dayle and Hayden when we took him out to dinner the the other night when the kids took Caleb to school to register him.  Dayle and Hayden were discussing the American Flag flying across the street.  :-)

An important part of being a grandparent is making sure your grandsons get a LOT of ice cream, with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles.  Does he look happy?  :-)

Then last night we had both boys while the kids did some errands.  We took them to a Japanese restaurant and then through the car wash, filled my car with gas, got a bag of dog food, stopped at a bakery to get some.. um.. stuff for the boys.  :-)  Then Grandpa suggested we stop at the Dairy Queen for a cone.  Caleb knows how to enjoy ice cream. :-)  After that he wanted a cheeseburger, so grandpa got two in case Hayden wanted one - which he didn't so Caleb had two cheeseburgers for.. "dessert".  LOL!

My "big boy" Hayden.  

I think they're tired out, what do you think?  They get their brown eyes from me.  :-D

Pammy Sue posted some photos of some wash cloths she'd done - so I printed up the pattern and started my own - with the yarn gifted to me by my blog friend Betsy!!  And this is why I love blogging!  

It's an absolutely STUNNING day here in our part of Oregon!  I think we'll have lunch on the deck and enjoy the sound of the water falling.  I need to wash up the table and lay a table cloth.  Hmm.. maybe some crocheting by the pond?  Dayle is going to wash the "caravan" for our trip to the beach for my birthday soon.  I hope this weather holds!  I might take pen and paper out to the deck so I can start making lists of things we need for our trip.  I hope you have a super week ahead of you!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lots of lovely different perspectives in your photos Teresa. Enjoy the sunshine, it's nearly bedtime in the UK but it's been a glorious day here too xx

  2. I think I need to knit up some washcloths. The ones my daughter in law gave me are starting to go. Slowly. Love your photos as always! It's fun to spoil grandchildren! Hugs!

  3. Just beautiful boys. Love all today's images. Spring has arrived by you

  4. Beautiful perspectives out your way! Nice to see the boys enjoying the ice cream, and as for the cheeseburger for dessert, I am sure he is having a growth spurt :)

    BTW, our hens are just now a year old. As far as I know they are a Buff Orpington Cross. They are laying already and haven't been here for 24 hours yet :)

  5. Looks like the boys were having a great time with their grandparents - my darling mum always spoils my lot, ice-cream is an absolute essential for grandchildren apparently ;) and do you know something? They never say no...

    I love the paddle steamer, I remember reading about them in Huckleberry Finn, they always sounded so astonishing.

    Hope that you have a lovely week in all that spring sunshine!


  6. So nice to see all the fun things you do with your grandchildren. The boys are getting so big and I do see a little of you in them. I always enjoy seeing photos of your property and the beautiful scenery around your area, so thanks for sharing.

  7. Those boys are just gorgeous Teresa. You and Dayle are brilliant grandparents. I love spoiling ours. Gorgeous views again as well. I.m off to bed soon. Hugs Anne x

  8. Two very handsome boys, and yes, they both look very happy. You have some beautiful photos there, your land is lovely. I really like the idea of having a wooded area for fuel, fantastic. It must be wonderful to have so much space.

  9. Gorgeous photos of your lovely area. Those boys are so handsome. I love their brown eyes. All four of my boys have beautiful brown eyes, including Max.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  10. Wonderful Teresa and gorgeous boys ☺

  11. I really like your photos of the different perspectives of some of our favorite places to visit on your blog. The boys look so happy being with you and Dayle...and tired too in those last pictures.
    I want to print that washcloth pattern out too. It looks like a fun pattern.

  12. How nice to have your own woods! I haven't heard of vine maple, will have to look that up. Such gorge-ous photos ;) of the paddlewheeler and rock formations and beautiful grandsons. Enjoy that wonderful weather and the miracle of new leaves on the trees.

  13. What great shots! I love your forest!! All so pretty!!
    xo Kris

  14. Loved your new perspectives, Teresa :) I just read an article in the Oregonian today about cruises on the river and especially appreciated your photos of the sternwheeler! Plan to see you tomorrow after your meeting for swimming :) xx

  15. Fabulous pics Teresa!! Love those brown eyed boys! They are really special little guys in your life. I think the boys are pooped out! Enjoy your glorious weather, xoRobin

  16. A truly beautiful post filled with wonderful nature shots and precious loved one!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  17. Where you live is so similar to our home here at Cultus Lake. The trillium are just out here, and our mossy woods look much the same as where you live. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your grandsons! I can't wait for Lucy to be old enough to take out for ice cream. :-)

  18. Fun seeing your house from the different perspectives. And the pics of the area are always fun. Glad you are enjoying the washcloth. Love that blue yarn.

  19. Loved seeing your different perspectives today, Teresa! Everywhere looks so lovely and green, and the trillium are so pretty. Lovely pictures of your brown eyed boys too.....the ice cream looks yummy! And I love your gorgeous new crochet :)
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

  20. Hi Teresa, so lovely to meet you and your family! Love your blog.
    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.

  21. You have such a beautiful place to live....and you always take the most amazing photos! :) I love it when you take us along on your adventures. :)

    Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  22. Love your forest, the trillium and that gorgeous, amazing sternwheeler! Your grandsons are SO cute--we also abide by the same ice cream rules:) Have a great time at the beach Teresa!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: I believe I have made my first official crochet stitch. Hopefully I can make more :)

  23. Glad you had a good trip to OH. Gorgeous views in your part. Lovely photos and fun times with the grandkids. They are cuties ! Crochet in the great outdoors sounds wonderful. Best wishes, Tammy

  24. Missed a couple of yr posts I have been really super tired and busy with the house... What a wonderful idea to crochet outside listening yo the water.... I love that. The kids are so cute and they are growing so fast :)

  25. Love your little creek and pond area. That has got to be one relaxing place to do all sorts of stuff. I love old farm houses, they have a lot of character and charm. Your grandson looks very happy with his ice cream treats, that would be your job as grandparents, spoil them a little bit, love them a lot. I can see where you are doing that job quite nicely :)
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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