Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

Hello there, thanks for stopping by!  I was looking through my crochet pattern and photo file on my MacBook and came across a pattern I found last year but never got around to making.  So, I grabbed my hot pink cotton yarn and made this little cutie!  

I need to go look in my yarn stash for some bright yellow!  Doesn't he look cute with my crochet eggs?

I definitely need more bunny peeps to keep this one company!

You can get this fabulously well written pattern HERE.

We saw a flower vendor on the side of the road from the Costco parking lot on Thursday so when we left I pulled up and Dayle hopped out of the car and bought a bouquet for the Easter table.  This is a super double tulip, have you ever seen one like this?

What drew me to this bouquet is the Stargazer Lily - 3 of them.  This is our wedding flower and I love them.

There are also some bright red regular tulips.. I just love taking a close up of the center of a tulip.

The last shot of my tablescape.. I'll have to move all the cute stuff to make room for 10 of us at the table.. and a ham and I'm trying a new recipe for the potatoes.  Sue, at Mrs. Micawber's blog left a comment on my blog post when I said I was making scalloped potatoes for Easter dinner - she said she'd just made Gratin Dauphinoise, which she figured was much like my recipe.  So, I googled what she made and am going to try this French dish!  Wish me luck!

I got a container of Jelly Belly eggs at Costco to fill the eggs for our egg hunt.  There are many leftover, for us adults!

We leave for a week at the beach in 3 days - I'm taking these books to read while we're gone.  The Caravan book I got after seeing it on Lucy's blog.  It will stay in our trailer/caravan for visitors to look through.  I was inspired by Jennifer at Thistlebear blog to get the book "Make the Bread, Buy the Butter" cookbook.  The center book was written about the local Oregon tribes.  Fun reads!  On my iPad I'm reading "Astoria" by Peter Stark.  Good read!

This is a cute book!

This tells you what is sensible to buy, and what you can make at home easier and cheaper.

My people!  I'm part Native American.. Cherokee.. my great great great grandfather married an Indian woman in Oklahoma - he was McAlister - Scottish.  :-)

OK, hubby and I are off to try a BBQ place, Dave's Famous BBQ - and then we have to pick up some gruyere cheese, heavy cream and green onions for my Easter dinner potatoes.  

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, I look forward to hearing from you how you celebrate this special holiday.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hello Teresa, I just read your comment on the Posy Gets Cozy blog and had to write. I'm from Michigan, but my husband's sister and brother-in-law live in McMinnville, OR. I've been there and was charmed by it. What a small world!

  2. Teresa~
    Love your hot pink "peep" crocheted bunny--adorable! And of the books--the one on Native Americans in Oregon really appeals to me as does the retro caravan one. But the recipe book sounds intriguing as well.
    I didn't realize you were Native American. Somehow I missed that in my time of following you...I did know we were both of Scottish ancestry.
    We've been to Dave's Famous BBQ several times--in fact bbq sounds rather good now that you bring it up:)
    So little time before you head off to the beach...have a wonderful time there (and a blessed Easter tomorrow). Good luck on the new (but yummy sounding) potato recipe!
    Blessings, Aimee

  3. Enjoy your Easter Teresa your meal sounds delicious, have fun. Your holiday reading looks very interesting, enjoy your trip x

  4. I love all the crocheted eggs with the bunny. I enjoy a certain pink dahlia since they were at our wedding altar flowers. Stargazer lilies are lovely but fragrance is almost too much for me! We have tulips for our table, may bring in lilac but not sure. Jelly beans from Trader Joes too!
    Happy Easter and a fun trip to the beach!

  5. Oh goodness! I love that adorable little peep! What a little cutie. Yellow would be just too much fun! Think I'll be trying to make these and eggs for next year. :-) I saw both of those books on Lucy's and Jennifer's blogs and thought they looked really good. I hope you have a wonderful week at the coast. I was going to make your salmon recipe tonight and then realized I had left the sour cream at home in the fridge. So, I just used some butter and salt & pepper and it was still good. I'll do the sour cream next time. I hope you, Dayle and your family have a wonderful Easter tomorrow. I'm so blessed to be able to call you my friend.

  6. Happy Easter Teresa. Everything looks so wonderful(I am pretty certain your Easter meal is going to look and taste absolutely stunning!) I love little bunny, maybe he does need a little friend for company.
    I am so happy to see someone who also has a love of lilies and to have them at your wedding, used at such a positive occasion. I tire of people saying they are the death flower when the truth is they are the flower of life. I love them and your tulips.
    Your books look fantastic, especially the what not to cook from scratch.
    Enjoy those jelly beans. Big hugs xxxx

  7. Love the crochet Peep Bunny Teresa! Also the pretty flowers. Stargazers are a favorite of mine too! Have a nice time on your camp out. Looks like some good books there! I would like the one about what to make and what to buy!
    Happy Easter my friend!!
    xo Kris

  8. Happy Easter Teresa. Your Easter makes and decorations are beautiful as always. Dinner is going to be yummy! DH and I are having very quiet Easter and are home alone!! Our sons and families are away. Because of problem with my knee I did not arrange to have visitors or travel to mum's. Think it would have been OK as it happens but never mi d we are relaxing!!! DH needs to . x

  9. Happy Easter Teresa and Dayle! Sounds like a lovely fun day! Love the crocheted chickie too, I saw in the basket! Books are great, love books too and your's look like great finds. I have admired the caravan one on Lucy's blog too. Have a great day you wonderful couple, xoRobin

  10. Perfect holiday reading! What a lovely little rabbit. I downloaded that pattern last year and didn't make it as well, great minds think alike!

  11. Love your bunny peep...perfect color, too. :) Sounds like so much fun on your beach get-away....looking forward to your posts.

    Happy Easter sweet friend! :)

  12. Your PEEP is knock-out pink, how cute. It reminds me that somewhere in this room that pattern is hiding, for I know I saw it before, printed it and stashed it away for the future. It could be from the same source where you found your pattern. The double tulip almost looks like a peony. I am always amazed at how much all of us bloggers seem to love the same things, like the caravan book. A friend of mine in Rhode Island bought one (a caravan) off of Craig's List and was so thrilled with it. They put it in her back yard and she had so many great ideas to restore it and to make it a place for her grandchildren to sleep in when they came for over nights. It was so disheartening when she wrote and told me she had to get rid of it. Her neighbors were not the ones to complain about it parked in her back yard, but family members of her husband who they rented their house from. How sad for her and her dreams. Have you ever Googled "Can Ham Campers"? That is fun to check out. My girlfriend in Florida told me that there is a group of women who have those sort of small campers and they travel all over the country. Their group is a mix of professional women like lawyers, etc., and even housewives. NO MEN ALLOWED! They have their campers fixed up so cute and adorable. It makes me want to get one and pack up my bags and leave Dodge, lol.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  13. Cute peep. Lots of fun crochet. Hope you and yours are having a blessed, beautiful day. Tammy

  14. They look like good books, especially the van one, I love small spaces. I hope your Easter meal is going well, the potatoes sound like they will be delicious. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend with your family. CJ xx

  15. I'm glad I could inspire a book choice! I hope you're having a wonderful Easter with your family.

  16. Hello Teresa
    Many thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I likewise am following your blog now. :-)

    Wonderful flower photos. I strongly believe you can't go far wrong to go by mother nature's blend of colours for any make. Just love that sweet bunny!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  17. THAT little pink peep makes me want to learn to crochet! So cute...

  18. Your new bunny is such a cute addition to your family...very cheery! Hope your new potato recipe was yummy. We had ten around our table today while Joy and Rose had their naps. Afterwards some of us put some more time into dressing the clothes pin dolls and Lis and Gary started a hug complicated puzzle:) Blessings to you and yours xx

  19. Just a note, the Akiane Kramarik painting that I blogged about is titled "The Prince of Peace". I became aware of it when reading the book "Heaven Is For Real" which is now a movie. The little boy Colton told his parents he sat on the lap of Jesus. When shown pictures of Jesus that one is the one he said looked just like Him. The picture is in the book. I know you love art and have done many pictures yourself. If you Google the artist you can see her work and even purchase various things. I found it interesting. Maybe you would too. Have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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