Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Flowers, Friends, Family and Food!

 Hello!  Thanks for visiting!  Has Summer come to your home to visit?  We've been gifted with some really nice days here in Oregon.  I've been wandering around the farm yard and snapping photos of the flowers.  This is our arbor -- frankly it needs replaced but it still has charm.  Dayle plans to do some pressure washing on the arbor, fence, front porch and brick walk today.  

I love my Scentimental rose - it doesn't flower much after it's first bloom so I have to enjoy them while they're here.  They have a wonderful aroma and are so beautiful!

Our Mock Orange bush is starting to bloom.. there are a BUNCH more buds on it, so we can enjoy it for weeks.  

Travis and Kristi leveled some space behind the play structure to put a pool they've purchased.  I can see lots of fun for Kristi and the boys in that pool this summer.  

Yes, my 4th of July roses.. love love.

The Honeysuckle bush is bigger and more flower covered than ever!  We need to put another arbor up on the house to train it upwards instead of covering the pink Azalea.. honey.. :-)

The climbing rose on the right side of the arbor, it only has a rose or two on it, but they are big full ones.

There was a patch of yellow iris' in the middle of the horseshoe driveway here on the farm and we planted the black bamboo near it.  Now it's totally in the shade of the bamboo, I think we need to move it.  The ants like it!

I pulled a folding chair over and chatted with Dayle as he painted the "new" room's louvered doors for the closet.  Funny story, he spent a bundle on a paint spraying system and spent a whole day trying to figure out how to use it and made a huge mess and it didn't work out well.. so here he is, back with a paint brush.  :-)  Our little digger dog watching his dad intently.

Oh yeah.. a pink rose.. smells good too.  These are some that our son planted here on the farm when his wife ripped them out in front of his house.  I'm glad they found their way here!

This is my Double Delight - also from my son's house.  It's my favorite rose - my sister Denise's MIL tested it for Jackson and Perkins Rose Co. and got to name it!

Kristi and the boys found this wild bird egg - do you know what kind of bird egg this is?  This is my grandson's hand.. he's been working hard in the dirt to help with the pool project.  :-)

On Sunday Dayle BBQed 2 racks of pork ribs on his pellet BBQ - and they turned out terrific!

While that was smoking away on the deck, I made a large bowl of home made potato salad.  Kristi made baked beans.

Oh yeah.. summer food.  

Right as we finished dinner, our friends came over for a visit.  Dan and Keturah and their 3 adorable children.  We gave them big bowls of potato salad and the kids had a blast playing together.  Dayle is playing with their 4 month old baby boy.  The waterfall captivated him.

Hey kids.. pose for grandma.. wiggle giggle.. SNAP!

Doesn't she look like a little mermaid?

They had so much fun playing together!

Hanging around...

The baby is wearing the hat that I crocheted for him when he was born.  :-)

To top off the day, Kristi baked a cherry pie and we all had a piece.  It had icing drizzled over with sliced almonds.. it was tasty!

Today is one of my favorite kinds of days.. no commitments!  I think hubby and I are off to get some haircuts.. and who knows what else?  I'm making home made burritos tonight.  How are you spending your Summer?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fun to see you play with the little ones! So cute.
    I love your roses. Oregon and Chicago must have similar bloom times. Everyothing has or is blooming right now.
    TOdays chores are done: I walked with nordic poles, Took my client out to go potty , had a facial and posted. Up next: nothing

  2. Loving all the blooms that are blooming :-) the roses are gorgeous. Lots of summer fun going on there with delish food!!! Beautiful children. We had out first BBQ on Sat evening. Both sons, one D.I.L., four grandchildren, three friends - wonderful time!! Our other D.I.L. had to work :-( she's a nurse . Hoping for more BQ's soon. Weather not brilliant at the moment though. Hugs Anne x

  3. Your yummy looking food photos are 'killing' me-LOL! Cute kids! A pool will be nice for them this summer. We're taking care of our smallest granddaughter this week so my project list is temporarily on hold.

  4. All kinds of good stuff going on at the Farm!!! Wish I was there too!!
    xo Kris

  5. All the flowers are so lovely. I adore your roses. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time...so many sweet smiling faces.

    Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend.

  6. Yikes Teresa, there sure is a lot going on in your world. Almost never a dull moment! Love all your roses, I don't have such luck with them, but I love them! Such a fun spot for kids on your farm, a kids delight!
    Hope you had a fun time with hubby : ) xoRobin

  7. Your roses are gorgeous, and the rib dinner looks amazing! YUMMY! That picture of your friend's daughter looks like the pelican (or whatever that is) is pecking her head! Ha-ha-ha. The boys will be thrilled with their pool, I'm sure! Y'all be careful now.

  8. What a gorgeous group of kids! No doubt your grandsons will enjoy the pool. Nothing like water fun in the summertime.

  9. Your flowers are gorgeous and I really like the one of Buddy watching Dayle so intently. He'll let Dad know if he does it wrong! :-). Your dinner looked delicious-wish I could have sunk my teeth into those ribs. Yum!
    A pool!!! How fun for everyone. We're thinking of getting a hot tub.


  10. Busy fun days....and those awesome flowers...ahhhhhh~~~~~~ We arrived at 3:15am this morning and the day has been warm and sunny here, too. Thanks for posting, Teresa xx

  11. Your flowers and roses are so beautiful. It is so rewarding to see our labor of love isn't it?
    Those ribs and potato salad look so good.
    I love when family comes together.
    the pond is amazing too..

  12. Hi Teresa!
    Ahh, don't even ask me about summer! It is blazing +40 here everyday and feels like an oven when you need to leave your AC room or office... I really hope it gets better soon.
    Lovely and beautiful flowers, your husband as usual is so active in making your home look even better and cozier :) Your little granddaughter is a very beautiful girl!
    Have a nice day! Hugs!

  13. Beautiful pictures of all the flowers. And such gorgeous kids and that baby is a real cutie especially
    in your hat ♥

  14. I love that top picture of the flowers growing over the arbour.....just the kind of garden look I love !! All your flowers look very beautiful and so colourful. So glad you had a lovely time with friends and family....and enjoying that yummy food too.
    Have a happy week!
    Helen xox

  15. Oh my, that pink rose is gorgeous and I love the roses growing on your arbor. I was almost holding my breath looking at the children sitting on the rocks near the pool. Has anyone ever fallen in? Looks like you're going to have quite a big pool - you can stay home and swim soon. xox

  16. Busy, wonderful times at your house Teresa. I bet you loved a nice chat with Dayle while he was painting, not much time for your two alone these days. A pool! How fun, those little ones are going to have the best summer.
    Hugs to you,

  17. What a nice time you've had. The kids look so happy together. I think your boys have benefited so much from living on your farm, they'll always remember the time they spent there. I know all about hand-painting louvered doors, it's no fun. In our old house, we had metal ones on all the closets and needed to paint them in the room we were preparing for a nursery (our son was born while we lived there). We just couldn't make them look nice painted. I think we ended up spraying them in the end, but I don't remember how or what we used. I'm sure Dayle will do a much better job than we did.

  18. What a happy sight, kids playing in summer!


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