Wednesday, August 27, 2014

After School Snack and Red Bird Ta-Dah

Hello!  How are you doing this week?  We're doing good.  I had wanted to make the boys a surprise after school snack on their first day, but I had swimming, so I made something for them their second day.  :-)  I got this recipe a long time ago and just ran across it in my recipe file box not long ago.  It was from a neighbor across the street when our kids were small.  They're called "Peanut Butter Squares".  They were a big hit with the boys!

First you bring some sugar and light corn syrup to a boil, then stir in peanut butter and vanilla, stir until melted, then pour over Special K cereal, blend and spread into a 9x13 pan.  

When I was googling for similar recipes, many had a topping of melted chocolate and butterscotch chips, which I did.  BUT - I actually think they are better without the extra richness of the topping.  Next time it will just be the bars.


1 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Cup light corn syrup -- Stir and bring to a boil, take off heat and add
2 tsp Vanilla
1/8 tsp salt
1 1/2 Cups Peanut Butter -- Stir until melted, pour over 6 cups of Special K cereal in a bowl, stir until coated well, spread into 9x13 cake pan that has been coated with butter.  Cut in squares to serve.

I finally got to use my jadeite pedestal cake stand!  LOL!

Boys are home!

Grandma gets a photo first.. :-)  They loved their snack.  

And I *finally* finished the Angry Bird Cardinal for Caleb!  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I followed a pattern, but I printed up a photo of a "real" angry bird and it was very different from the pattern so I had a do a LOT of changing and customizing it to have it look more like the real thing.  So, I can't really recommend the pattern, although it gave me the basics, for which I am thankful.  It was a free pattern I found by "googling".

What do you think?  :-)

The "real" red bird.

Angry Bird Pig and Cardinal.. the boys love them.. even though I couldn't coax a smile out of Caleb.  :-)

While I was out photographing the bird in the tree, I snapped some of some of my flowers that are still doing well.  The Lantana again.. I can't help it, I find them fascinating and beautiful.

The more brilliant variety.

My poor little miniature rose has hardly any leaves and just a few flowers.. but they're adorable.  This is about the diameter of a silver dollar.

The begonias are flowering.. so pretty and exotic.  This is the light pink edged variety.

And the darker coral pink edged one.

The 2 koi grew quite big this summer!  The pond goldfish grow much slower and are little compared to the koi.

All of the geraniums that Dayle have wintered over for years performed beautifully in this extra sunny summer.  

Another sunny day here - I'm heading off to swim and then to open a new bank account for Portland Women's Forum as I'm the new Treasurer.  I hope that goes well.  I hope you have a great week and weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I'm glad to see the boys survived the first days of school and have been rewarded by their good G'ma :) You did such a good job making Pig and Angry Bird, Teresa! They are delightful even if you could not coax a smile from Caleb. And thanks again for sharing photos of your flowers and fish so that we can enjoy them, too. Lissy brought us some Dahlias yesterday which we are enjoying and I worked on my shawl this morning while the electricity was off...crochet...frog...crochet :) xx

  2. Those bars look mahvelous! I have some brownies with butterscotch chips in the batter in the oven right now. I haven't baked anything for a while except that apricot banana bread last weekend, but it's all dried out already. Love the angry bird! I like the multi Lantana too. I planted some a couple of years ago, and it spread out and got huge! It was so pretty. All of your flowers are wonderful!

  3. Mmmm those bars look great. I'll have to copy that recipe. Your boys look so happy with their pig and bird. They look just like the "real thing". I would be willing to guess that they'll make their way to school for show and tell. Or maybe they don't do that anymore? Your flowers are still stunning. It's sunny and 90 here today. I wish summer could go on and on.

  4. Hello, long time no see. xx What a gorgeous Blog post. I love the angry bird. The bars look delicious, those boys are very lucky. I can't believe how the boys look so grown up! I have never seen Lantana, they are really beautiful. I enjoyed popping by your Blog today, thank you. xx

  5. Such pretty flowers. All my flowers are pretty much finished. Those peanut bars look good!

  6. Hi Teresa! How pretty those bars look on your cake plate! I bet the boys gobbled them up! I would too!!
    Love the pig and angry bird. You nailed it! Noah says I should make them too!!
    Your flowers are still going strong. Mine are suffering! The heat here is just too much for them right now.
    However, the garden is still producing those tomatoes!
    Have a relaxing evening!
    xo Kris

  7. The angry bird and the snack looks great !
    Your flowers of course always take the cake , they are gorgeous.

  8. Great angry bird and piggy, I have made a few for my over 30yr old son lol he loves them. Always love your flowers and seeing those fish too. We had a dog that used to eat the Lantana flowers, crazy dog.
    Us heading off for a road trip to visit the angry bird loving son xoxoxo

  9. Well, I think that angry bird looks, well ANGRY!!!! I would have known what it was without you telling us. I think you did a super job on it. The pig is cute too. The snack....hummmm, can I be your grandchild, lol. Love how you served the boys up specially with your pretty green cake stand. Question, do you have to feed the Koi? or do they just eat from what grows in the pond? The roses, what can I say, I would be hard pressed to pick the prettiest one, they are all gorgeous. I can see where the Lantana would be one of your favorite. The colors are so pleasing that one could gaze at them all day. Hope your week is good.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  10. I have had those peanut butter doo dads and they are so good! LOVE the angry bird!!!!! It came out so good!

  11. Your bars look so yummy! Beautiful pictures! My favorite is the one with the little biy and the bus.
    Have a nice Day!
    Lucie du Canada

  12. The bars looked scrumptious and angry bird a real delight. Some truly beautiful looking flowers.

  13. What lucky boys to have you as their loving grandma Teresa...great work! x

  14. Delicious snack bars, they look and sound so yummy! Well done on making the red bird so like the design....your boys must be delighted that you can actually create angry birds for them! Lovely flowers, and lovely late summer pictures. Enjoy the rest of your week, Teresa.
    Helen xox

  15. Yum I love the look of those peanut butter bars, they seem like the perfect after school snack. Such lovely photos and I love the crocheted Angry Bird. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments.
    Marianne x

  16. Great job on the hats Teresa and don't the boys look happy after their day at school? Bet they loved their hats. I saw a crochet sunflower somewhere on the net today and it looked just like your real ones - very realistic looking and so bright and happy. Mind you, real ones are better, of course. Don't think I can comment on that slice !!! Well, if I must ..... I want a bit ! xox

  17. You make me really hungry for a treat, Teresa! They look amazing, lucky boys indeed. Cute Angry Bird motifs, I think the boys are so blessed to have you guys all the way around!!! Love the school bus picture, I remember those days. Love the koi fish, xoRobin

  18. WEll if they have SPecial K in them then they are nutrition filled! THey look delicious. Love your angry bird

  19. I love those PB squares. I haven't had them in a long time but they are delicious. Your Angry Bird looks great! My daughter likes to play Angry Birds. I can't believe how hard she can concentrate on it. It's kind of scary.

  20. You are so talented. Love all the things you made...and yum, yum on the bars! The flowers are so pretty. Hope you have a lovely day sweet friend. :)

  21. You are such a wonderful Grandma, making special treats for the second day of school and those wonderful angry birds crochet projects. I think those cute boys are spoiled a bit, just the way they should be.

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