Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Autumn is Here

Hello.. how is your week going?  I've had my boxes of Halloween decorations sitting in our living room for a few weeks and I could not get into the mood to put them up as it was still summer weather, hot and sunny.  But today the mood finally hit me as it's rainy, cool and cloudy.  I happily hung the fall wreath on the door and Dayle helped me hang up my ghost bride and wind sock pumpkin on the gazebo.  :-)

Isn't she scary?  I think she needs some stuffing, though.

Every Autumn I keep an eye on my Pin Oak tree - it turns a brilliant red before the leaves turn brown.. it's starting to turn!

The leaves are really pretty on this oak.

Zoom... the tree is 50 feet tall!

Our wild little garden is settling in for the winter.

There is one little 4th of July rose in bloom.  :-)

And 3 white clematis surprised me by blooming so late.

Dayle hung up my paper lantern that we've had for years.. the pumpkin face is all sparkly.  I added my crocheted pumpkins and other fun decorations to the table.

My little scarecrow that I made is in the twig chair, I have a little black cat sculpture, a scarecrow candelabra, etc.

My scarecrow holds a little vintage pumpkin... I got the 2 glass pumpkins last year and this year added a little glass one.

See the little fence?  It's porcelain and the three little trick-or-treaters are also and I just love it.  I found it at a pumpkin patch when we took our 2 granddaughters there.. before they moved.. 3,000 miles away.  :-(

I was happy to see my crocheted pumpkins again... I think they look neat with my velvet ones I got last month.

My wonderful blog friend Gracie brought us a gift of 2 plants on the day we took her on the adventure to find Lost Lake.. wasn't that sweet?

We had fun at the BBQ at my older son's new house, our 4 grandsons love each other.  I can't believe this is the only photo I got.. but they're still unpacking and decorating so I'll get more next time.  They're having a big open house on November 1st, it's going to be FUN!

Everyone liked the potato salad I made to go with their tri-tip steak.  I tried to make a daisy decoration on the top with a cut up egg, but it got a bit mushed.  :-)

Dayle is making baked pork chops for dinner using Shake 'n' Bake - have you ever tried it?  It's pretty tasty!  And he's making fried potatoes with onion and crumbled bacon on top, and corn.  Yum!  I'm enjoying the cooler weather, it's almost time to fire up our pellet stove!  I hope you are cozy and warm at your home.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. How fun! I finally posted [at about the same time you did!] You have been busy! I especially like admiring your pumpkin collection and your wonderful flowers and leaves. I love the autumn colors. It's so exciting that your son's family is moving in their new home! Blessings to you and all of yours xx

  2. Its hard to realise that 12 months has gone by since you did your autumn decorating last time. Everything is looking good. The whole world must be cold at the moment - we're experiencing very cold, wet weather here and in Sydney roads all over the place are closed because of flooding. I'm looking forward to some warmth, hopefully soon.

  3. The flowers are beautiful! Sounds like a fun family get-together with plenty of delicious food!

  4. My mom crocheted pumpkins too. I need to put mine out.

  5. I love your fall decorations Teresa, especially the pumpkins. I remember last year when I kept seeing the crocheted pumpkins and I told myself I would make some for myself before this fall rolled around. Well guess what? I didn't get it done. Maybe next year. Your fall garden is beautiful and it does seem like fall has settled in to stay. We're supposed to get your rain and cool temperatures tomorrow. I'm not ready for it but I know I can't stop it. Have a lovely week my friend.


  6. It's lovely to see all your autumn decorations are back up Teresa, you are certainly ready for autumn now. That pin oak is stunning. Keep snug x

  7. Some wonderful decorations, your pumpkin collection is a delight. The photos of the garden are stunning, Autumn with its beautiful array of colour is definitely there and the majestic tree is stunning.

  8. Lovely leaf photo's - so many pumpkins - cute!
    So happy the Autumn weather has arrived

  9. That's interesting that your pin oak turns red. Ours turns a kind of a sad yellow then brown very quickly. All the leaves around us seem to turn yellow. Luckily our neighbor has some beautiful burning bushes that we can also enjoy.

  10. I will roam a bit around my favorite blogs while I do laundry this morning. My, what all you have been up to makes my head swim. it is so nice to see some decorations go up to celebrate the seasons. Love your little crocheted pumpkins. The dining room table looks so nice with all of them displayed there. I like the fall colors. Our trees here in Ohio are now all ramped up in the changing vibrant colors of fall. Seems like it happened over night. I bet your son and his family are so excited to be moving into their new home, as you are also excited for them. It is such fun to decorate and make a house into a home.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  11. Your decorations are so fun! I bet the boys love them. I love the way your garden looks in the shot you took saying it's "wild." So pretty and full. Now I NEED some potato salad! I'll have to make a run to the store for potatoes.

  12. Hi Teresa, autumn is beautiful at your house! Love the pin oak, the leaves are so variegated and stunning colors. Love your scary decorations on the gazebo! Also the boys are really so cute, handsome and they really do look like they get along and love each other. That is so special!
    Boo to you, xoRobin

  13. Always love seeing all your decorations Teresa - you have such a collection for each season/celebration. i think the ghost one might un nerve me a little especially at night. Your grandsons are all so handsome!!! Lovely photos of your garden. Hugs Anne x

  14. My mom always made shake n bake pork chops. MMMMMM.
    Your decorations are darlling. I need to do something to my front porch....I am having trouble finding that easy spidery web stuff

  15. You have lots of cute decorations and I always love seeing your wonderful dining room. How great that you have colorful Fall leaves to enjoy! :-D Happy Fall!

  16. Your place is always so festive and lovely. I love your pumpkins you made and your table is just perfect. Oh the red oak tree is very pretty. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  17. You are all ready for fall! I love your decorations. The purple skirt one that says "the witch is in" is so cute! I think I need one of those too. You know what, I'm a firm believer in Shake n Bake. I mostly use it with chicken, but I loooove it. I love to cook, but sometimes you have to make it easier on yourself. Some Shake n Bake chicken, rice or potatoes and a veggie, I think it's a pretty good dinner. :)

  18. Your house is looking very festive. I decorated in the beginning of the month, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Now I should take some pictures for my blog.
    Hugs to you Teresa, have a wonderful weekend,

  19. Love all of your autumn pictures and would so love to be over there for halloween.....
    nice plants from Gracie too xo


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