Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday and the Beach

Hello.. thanks for visiting us.. in our caravan at the coast!  We celebrated Dayle's birthday on Saturday.  Our DIL Kristi made him a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting!  She got this fun "candle" thing for the top which was fun as after you lit the candles, it opened up while twirling around and played the music to Happy Birthday!  We were all standing around in awe!  LOL!  

This is the candle "before".  Kristi was worried as the cake slid around a bit, but we assured her that it would taste wonderful.. and to me.. a homemade cake is WAY better than store-bought.

The "candle" up close.. :-)

Caleb made a card for Grandpa of the cake with the yellow candle on top -- then he added that it was from Hayden, too.  How cute is that?

Then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake and ice cream.  Grandpa and his boys.

We were invited to visit my nephew's home here at the coast in Newport to help celebrate their one year old daughter's 1st birthday.  So, I made a little hat using my blog friend Meredith's pattern that she used for her Little Buddy's hat.  Little Zuzu looked so cute in the hat!  I offered to make one for her 4 year old sister Ella, who told me her favorite color is PURPLE.  So, we'll be looking for some yarn today.  :-)

I was watering plants right before we pulled out yesterday to drive the 2 and a half hours to get to our favorite oceanside camping spot, and I noticed that there were 3 hibiscus flowers in bloom!  It's been very happy since I repotted it.

So, we drove over hill and dale and through the forests and got here in the mid-afternoon.  I was quite pleased at seeing some blue sky!  While Dayle was hooking everything up, I took Buddy for a walk and snapped a few images.  I loved how this looks rather stormy and the sun sparkling on the water.

To the sea... I love it so.

Interestingly, I was in the same spot taking this photo, but turned to the right, and there was blue in the sky. :-)

I spied a few Salal flowers in bloom.. the berries were valued by the local Salish Indian people, they would mash them and dry the mash to eat during the long winters.

I then saw this pretty little flower but could not find the name of it after googling for a while.  Do you know the name?  (ETA - It's called "Escallonia"!)

I love the waves of the ocean.  I can hear it roaring now.

Pretty evening shot.. 

I noticed down South of here a "blow hole" effect of the waves, so I zoomed in.

Can you believe that we awoke to blue skies and sun?  

Beach walking.

Ocean waves.

I just got a call from my blog friend Gracie, she has driven down to visit, so we're off to meet her for lunch at Mo's Chowder House in Taft.  She has rented a hotel room for the night, so we'll get to spend some time with her.  Fun!  I hope your week ahead brings you joy.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I've never seen a candle like that. That's pretty amazing! I can imagine how fascinated everyone must have been watching it.

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic time. That first sun/sea/sky shot is beautiful. I love the flower candle decoration, so clever. And you're right, homemade cake is a wonderful thing. Wishing Dayle a belated happy birthday. CJ xx

  3. What a wonderful place to celebrate Dayle's birthday....many happy returns to him x

  4. Wow, the ocean looks absolutely incredible.

    And as for that cake - wow!! I bet it didn't hang around for long. The candle looks amazing, a cross between the London 2012 Olympic Cauldron and something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! Hope Dayle had a great day.

    Have a lovely time with Gracie, please give her my very warmest wishes.


  5. Have the happiest time together and a Happy Birthday Dayle. What a super place to celebrate. Say hi to Gracie from me !x

  6. I. Am. So. Jealous. The ocean. Mo's at Taft. Gracie. YOU. Some of my very favorite places and people. Maybe next time I can join you for a few days too.

    Mandy and I both are in awe of that amazing cake and candle. That is so cool. Happy belated birthday to Dayle. Tell Gracie hi and know that I'm thinking of you both.

  7. How exciting to be just at the start of a new camping adventure. Dayle's birthday celebration sounds like a lot of fun, happy birthday to him! That candle is very cool. It reminds me of those Christmas decorations made of thin wood, and the candles make the parts spin around. I don't know what they're called, but I've always liked them. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

  8. Thanks for another interesting and beautiful post, Teresa! I don't know the name of the flower either, but am going to look up heliotrope because that is the word that comes to my mind. I think Kristi's cake is a great success, especially topped with that unique candle; and is there anything better than chocolate? Nope! Not in my book at least. I love the card and hugs the boys gave to Dayle...a perfect way to start a week of celebration for Dayle's B'day! Thanks again for a yummy lunch at Mo's. I will have to post photos of my room and view of the ocean, and the room even has a recliner! I'm looking forward to adventuring with you tomorrow!! xx

  9. This just seems like the best kind of camping spot. Happy Birthday to Dayle!

  10. Love all of your ocean pictures Teresa and what a great cake and love love that candle!
    Happy birthday again to Dayle ☺☺

  11. I want the candle for my birthday.

  12. Newport is nice. We were there two weeks ago and it was nice there as well. Nice candle and cake...chocolate is the best choice....well if you really like chocolate like I do. Have a good time and thanks for sharing beach photos! Love it!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Dayle! The cake looks yummy (I am definitely in a chocolate mood tonight) and I LOVE the little card the boys made! The ocean looks amazing and I am thrilled that you got some blue skies! Enjoy your time by the lovely, lovely ocean with your DH and Gracie:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. Happy Birthday to Dayle!! He is obviously very
    Over by all. That came looked delicious!!!!! Cool candle too!
    I was so excited when I saw thatbGracie was with you! How fun! Have a great time!!!!!!
    XO Kris

  15. Happy happy birthday to Dayle !!! I hope you Dayle and the boys have a blast. Enjoy your special day Dayle.

  16. How amazing is that candle??!!!! And happy B?Day to Dayle too!!!! Hope you have an amazing time at the beach!!!

  17. LIke always : great moments, great pictures ! have a lovely day all of you !

  18. Some great photos capturing some wonderful memories. The cake topper was exquisite, I have never seen anything like it before. There is nothing nicer than a handcrafted card from children, beautiful.

  19. Belated birthday greetings to Dayle. The cake looked yummy and the candle is unlike anything I've seen. Amazing! It's ages since I've seen the sea- hope to visit soon. Beautiful photos can almost hear the waves and smell the sea. Have fun. Hugs Annex

  20. Happy Birthday Dayle! Love the photos and the cake looked so delicious! Those little boys are so sweet, I could just squeeze them! Love your little baby hat colors and edging! The ocean pictures make me homesick for MV. I also love waves, the smell and the sounds. Wonderful photos as always. Have a lovely week. xoRobin
    Oh I left a message for you on my blog, 12"skillet outside rim and 9" inside bottom. Enjoy

  21. What a beautiful bit of coastline. It looks guaranteed to sooth the most weary soul.

    Have fun with dear Gracie, and a belated Happy Birthday to Dayle :)

  22. Wow! That is quite the candle! The cake looks so delicious; I wish I could have a piece! I thoroughly enjoyed your photos of the sea, the beach, and the waves; makes me miss them so much!

  23. Aww wishing you the peace of those waves rhythmically crashing into the shore

  24. Belated birthday wishes to Dayle - looks like he had a wonderful birthday. Love that candle - never seen anything like that before, and wow that cake looks delish. I thought they'd stopped making Bernat Baby Jacquard so I was pleased to see that its still available.

  25. Happy Birthday to Dayle!!!!! It looks like you are having a wonderful time on your trip. Say hi to Gracie and rest, and relax. Hope you are feeling better.


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