Monday, February 6, 2017

Mystery Jewelry, Chocolate and Flowers

Hi there, how was your weekend?  Ours was mellow.  On Saturday we we did a bunch of errands and a lunch out.  Yesterday we took it easy.  :-)  Now, I have a quiz for you all.  At the Portland Women's Forum meeting last week we had a "White Elephant" sale, people bring things they no longer want and we sell them for a fundraiser.  New member Hazel brought a box of vintage costume jewelry and I snapped up 3 items.  But.. what are they?  They have clips on the back, are about 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches in size.  PLEASE tell me what you think they are.  More photos of the clip below.  The center one is old bakelite which is etched.  

Here is the clip on the back which is on a hinge.

Here is the clip open.. soooo.. what is this?  Wait.. what??  Who is photo bombing my picture?  So.. my guess is a shoe clip used to dress up plain shoes.  What is your guess?

On Saturday during our errands we went into the Candy Basket.. an actual CHOCOLATE FACTORY!  This is what you see when you walk in the door.. a chocolate fountain that is huge!

We picked up a few boxes of chocolates for gifts.  :-)

Isn't always fun to look into a display cabinet loaded with chocolate?

My Hyacinth bloomed and it IS pink.. just what I was hoping for!

My little Narcissus are leaning towards the light.. honey.. I can relate.  :-)

Happy little flowers.

A ray of sunshine, little beauty.


Kristi ordered this metal basket and has put all our fruits and vegetables in it, freeing up counter space in the kitchen.  Neat idea.

I just thought I'd show you the latest Time cover.  I lay a lot of the blame on this man for the current state of confusion and fear in our country.  He is in the president's ear all the time and has been writing all the "executive orders" that DT is signing and it appears he doesn't even read them before he signs them. Click HERE to read more about it.  

I forgot to tell you that our Snowdrops are up and some are even in bloom.  The Daffodils are also coming up.  There is hope yet that winter will end in the not too distant future.  Yay!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your - very beautiful! - jewellery pieces are each the half of two things in one. They would have been in pairs originally and would have fixed onto a frame to be a brooch and would them have come apart to be used as dress clips - they clip on to the neckline of a dress. You can still wear them as a brooch attached to the lapel of a jacket for example, or perhaps someone clever like you could find a way to turn them into a pendant to wear on a necklace. This sort of jewellery was fashionable in the early 20th century as convertible jewellery. Hope that helps! Most of all enjoy them!

  2. I would guess that they are shoe clips too Teresa,very pretty.Your spring flowers are blooming beautifully, a lovely promise of spring.Enjoy your week xx

  3. You are the lucky owner of dress clips! They would have come in a set and be worn at the neckline of a dress. I especially love the bakelite clip---swoon!---I just saw a beautiful set on a dress worn by Myrna Loy in her Thin Man movies. Those were the days!
    Lucky, lucky you!

  4. Wow Amy seemed to know a lot about them. I had no idea what they may be. SHoe clips cool!

  5. Dress clips! My mom had a couple sets of these. Unfortunately when my father remarried, my stepmother did something with them and they're lost to us now. Years are beautiful though. Your flowers are also gorgeous. I'm so ready to see some color foretelling of spring here. 16 more inches of snow fell over the weekend. Blah! It's all white, white, white everywhere. :-) That is one huge chocolate fountain. I think I would've felt that I had died and gone to heaven if I walked into place with that much chocolate! Have a lovely day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. I don't know what the clips are, but I love the Bakelite one.

  7. Love those clips and see most have said dress clips, lucky you they sure are beautiful and so are your here in NZ and apparently extremely hot back in Oz xo

  8. Dress clips would be my guess too. They are stunning. The chocolate fountain was a delight to see and has me now on the hunt for what if any chocolate there is in the house. Take care.

  9. Exciting find on the dress clips. No snowdrops here yet - mine are taller and later than the shorter version. Facebook showed me an old shorty iris (miniature iris) photo that I took in January 2016. They might be showing color now - if it lets up on the cats and dog rain enough so I can go look. Home all morning tomorrow - will take a turn about the yard to see if anything other than the heather is blooming.

  10. Oh, Teresa you know they clip onto the toe of dress pumps.
    Love the freestanding fruit & veg basket Kristi purchased. It clearly makes good sense to have one.
    Love the flower photos.

  11. I'd think one could wear one of the clips on a hat as well as a dress. My weekend was nothing fun but going out to eat in the evening with Phil. Felt better finally and made it to work today for 5 hours. Hopefully stay all day tomorrow. Oh yummy chocolate store. My boss when I worked at Hallmark card store, here in town, used to buy candy for our store from Candy Basket. I've not been there, maybe I should sometime soon!

  12. Lovely flowers, delicious chocolates and such pretty jewellery....I think they must be dress clips as many of your other commenters have said...I have seen similar ones at antique fairs. Yours are could clip them to a shawl too! Happy week Teresa.
    Helen xox

  13. Hello again Teresa- I didn't know what your beautiful clips were. I am sure you will find a wonderful use for them. I love all the flowers, oh and chocolate :-) Hugs Anne x

  14. Uh oh .. chocolate alert !! Just look at that fountain - WOW. I'd go mad in that place. I can remember having some little clips like yours - many many years ago. I can't actually recall what I used them for but you're probably right when you say shoe clips. I was also thinking maybe something to hold a scarf in place? Your Hyacinth opened up quickly - it looks pretty and I bet the fragrance is divine. xox

  15. Keep speaking dear Teresa! Stay brave and bold.
    I love the daffodil pictures. My father died 18 years ago in January, and we decorated his memorial service with dozens of daffodils. They are flowers of hope and joy, even in the darkest times. I needed to see them today (Tuesday, Feb. 7), as I am feeling darkness. (I'm a public school teacher.) Thank you for sharing.

  16. I believe they clip on collars to dress up a blouse. I have two of them a long time ago, they were vintage and beautiful. I had them clipped on an old tuxedo jacket. Ah those were the days when I was young and carefree! They are calling Bannon, President Bannon for all the orchestrating he is doing. What moron would sign an executive order without reading it?

  17. I wondered if they were scarf clip thingies but I reckon Meredith is right with the clip on collar decorator thingies!


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