Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Puppy and Giving Hats

You thought it was a real puppy?  :-)  We were watching Antique Roadshow the other day and I saw a vintage cast iron doorstop, it was a terrier and had neat old paint on it, tan with a brown spot on it's side.  I was charmed and took a gander on Etsy and eBay.. and I found one that had been painted white a long time ago.. so I decided to adopt him.  :-)  He reminds me so much of our beloved Buddy.  

The boys are a bit worried as he doesn't have "eyes".. would it be bad of me to paint some eyes on him?

My Hyacinth is full out in flower, problem is it got top heavy and is leaning over.. it's still pretty and smells wonderful and I'm afraid it I tried to stake it up it would snap the stem.. so we're enjoying it sideways.  :-)

I really adore this variety, pink with darker stripes down the petals.  I love it.  I will plant this out in one of our big pots on the deck after it's done blooming.

We have changed Chinese restaurants.. we went to Lee's Garden for years and years.. but then a new place opened in a beautiful pagoda styled building, it's called Dragon Palace.  Years ago when I was in San Francisco, my friends and I went to dinner in China Town.. and someone suggested I try "Prawns with Honey Walnuts".  I did and oh. my. goodness.  It's DEE-lish-us!  It was rare to find this on a menu until we tried the new restaurant.. and now it's our GO-TO place for Chinese food.  We went there for lunch yesterday so I thought I'd show you what it looks like and if you ever find it on a menu, you simply must try it.  Deal?  

We also order the chef's special lo mein to go with it and it's equally delicious.  Do you have a favorite Chinese restaurant and what do you always order?

Fun story, my lady friends arrived last week to ride with me to the Portland Women's Forum meeting.. Dayle was outside and said hello.. they said - you could be a little more excited.. so he threw up his arms to welcome them.. and his pants fell down.  SO.. we decided he needed suspenders.  So here he is with the new suspenders I ordered for him on Amazon.  :-)

Now.. another story.  You've got nothing better to do, do yo?  :-)  I told you about the woman who liked my hat.. during our email communications she asked if she paid for the yarn and my time would I knit her and her friend a pink pussycat hat.. so I thought.. gadzooks, it took me forever to do one.. so I approached Meredith to see if she would do one and I would do one.. because she makes them SO FAST.. and she said she would!  We decided we would do them as a gift.. no charge.  So, here is mine, I'm halfway done.  Knit knit knit...

Meredith's hat arrived today.. isn't it gorgeous???  Thank you, Meredith!!!!

And look.. she even added a little gift for me!  Wow.. isn't this a cute little sheep ornament.. AND.. it's pink!  Happy days!  Thanks so much!

One of the lights over the vanity in our master bathroom is shorting out, so look at the neat ones I ordered from Amazon yesterday!  I got two and our son Travis will be installing them when they arrive.  *LOVE*
While looking over my Facebook feed I saw this photo and the photographer said he was happy for people to share it, so I am.  Isn't this pretty?  Multnomah Falls after the first snow here in the morning before any footprints.

Now for the news part of my post.  Yesterday Betsy DeVos was voted in to be the new Secretary of Education of the new US cabinet.  She has never attended a public school, nor have her children.  During the interview section before the vote it became acutely obvious that she is not fit to lead the country on education.  She even said that "Guns might have a place in schools due to the threat of grizzly bears."  She also admitted that her family has donated 2 hundred million dollars to the Republican party and indeed, most of the Republicans voting for her to get this job were direct recipients of huge amounts of money.  She wants to shut down public schools and replace them with private schools.  Two Republican Senators, both women, could not in good conscience vote for her sided with the Democrats - the vote was 50 to 50 - and Vice President Pence was the tie-breaker and of course he voted for her.  And there we are.  ::sigh::

Today Elizabeth Warren was silenced during the hearing for Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General.  She tried to read a letter from Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Read all about it HERE.

So.. things are a wreck here in the USA.. every day something more happens.  The Potus is still tweeting in the middle of the night.. his latest is he's mad that Nordstroms dept. store has cancelled Ivanka's fashion line so he is tweeting condemning the company.  It is absurd that the president is bashing companies left and right on twitter.  I'm so embarrassed for our country.

Please know that only a quarter of this country voted for him and still supports him.  Wish us luck we can make it through this.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Now Teresa, me and my Paul had a good laugh re Dayle and his pants falling down lol
    Gorgeous light you have purchased and cute Terrier, yes some eyes may look nice.
    Sending warmth your way from sunny NZ still oxo

  2. It's the best when you find a good Chinese restaurant! We had nothing good nearby and then one day they opened one in a shopping center just down the road and it happens to be excellent. We've never had a bad meal there and their lunch special is cheap and so much food I can take home half and have a second lunch the next day. :)

  3. I think those are vintage dress clips, worn on the lapel of a suit etc. Found this website for you to see if you agree:

  4. I was terrified I had missed somehow that buddy had died when you said the cast iron door stop reminded you of your beloved Buddy. Reassured when I saw the photo of him cheering Dayle on with his new suspenders.
    That photo of Multnomah Falls is amazing. I wouldn't recognize it if I didn't know it so well. I can't recall the lamps at all.
    Knit on, my friend.

  5. I did think you had a puppy I think adding eyes would be perfect. I smiled at Dayle and also that you called them suspenders. We call them braces here and suspenders are what hold up ladies stockings! Don't you just love our differences in our language! Hugs xxx

  6. The story about Dayle's pants made me laugh. I know, not so funny for him and I feel a bit ashamed to have laughed. I always order salt and pepper chicken or beef when we go to our local Chinese. Please don't be embarrassed for your country. It is those who voted for DT that should start to feel the embarrassment. Mind you, those brainwashed enough will always close their eyes to the truth. x

  7. It's time to buy Nordstroms stock!
    The dumbing down of America will continue now that we have DeVos in there. If you can, please call Republican Senators Collins (202-224-2523) and Murkowski (202-224-6665) to thank them for voting with the courage of their convictions AGAINST DeVos and herr trumpf. I believe we need to let them know we appreciate them.

  8. THe light fixtures are wonderful Teresa. I think you could add some eyes with bits of felt before doing anything permanent to see how it might look. I love your sideways hyacinth. They do smell divine.
    Dayles drop sounds so funny. I love a man in suspenders.
    and the photo of the perfect M. Falls is amazing! Love it. '
    Yes, NOt my President continues to upset me. Love that you and MEre worked for a gift hat for someone!

  9. I laughed out loud at Dayle and his pants story. He look quit dapper in his new suspenders. I think the eyes would be great on your new puppy. Will it reduce the value to paint them? Dennis and I love Chinese food, although Alex's girlfriend who is from Shaghai says it doesn't resemble any Chinese food she's had before! Isn't that crazy? I do like the Honey Walnut Prawns when I can find them. The Chinese restaurant we liked to go to burned down a few years ago and we've been on the search for a new favorite ever since. Have a lovely Thursday!

  10. I too smiled at your reference to suspenders, it always amuses me the difference in language. Loved the beautiful sheep Meredith made for you, she certainly knits quickly. Multnomah falls looked amazing in that photograph, a feast for the eyes.

  11. Oh what beautiful photographs Teresa - especially Dayle in his suspenders ( we call those braces ) I love Chinese but no special favourite- like trying different dishes.The one you photographed looks yummy. The lights are lovely. Multnomah Falls look stunning in the photo. Hugs Anne x

  12. As a public school teacher, I was very unhappy to learn of her appointment. Sad times. She was the topic of discussion at school yesterday.

  13. Love the new puppy! Yes I think I would be very tempted to paint eyes on him! Your knitting is always lovely Teresa. And how funny was the story about glad you bought him some braces (as we call them over here in the UK!!)
    Happy weekend to you all...keep cosy.
    Helen xox

  14. Dayle's pants story is so funny!! I love the lights you ordered - gorgeous and what a fabulous photo of the Falls. Hmmm, the best Chinese food I've ever had was Dim Sum in NYC and also Chinatown in Philadelphia. The Chinese restaurants near where we live feature what I call "American Chinese" food. I do love it, but it really isn't what you would get in China - lol. I like curried vegetables and anything spicy. My husband loves Shrimp or Mushroom Egg Foo Young.

  15. Laughing out loud and very racously about D's trousers!!!!!!


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