Friday, March 3, 2017

Antique Roadshow and White Elephants

Hello!  I wanted to share with you some fun things we did yesterday at the Portland Women's Forum meeting.  At one meeting a year we bring a vintage or antique thing we own and tell the story behind them.  We got to see many really neat antiques and hear some great stories.  I took this basket and told this story.  My grandparents owned 480 acres of farmland in Oklahoma where they grew wheat and raised their own cattle, chickens and hogs. They had 6 kids, 5 boys and 1 daughter.  Grandma had to raise a LOT of chickens to feed the family and to provide eggs for all those breakfasts and baking she did.  She rose early to make breakfast and as soon as everyone was fed and everything was cleaned up, she began on "dinner" which was their big midday meal.  Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, more biscuits and whatever vegetables she grew and canned.  I found this egg basket in the old chicken house in 1990 during a visit "home" to Oklahoma to visit relatives.  I love this oak splint basket.

I also took this wonderful vintage ATLAS "Strong Shoulder" Mason jar - it's only 3 3/4 inches tall and has an old Zinc lid with a slit in it so you can use it for a piggy bank.  Isn't this a treasure?  It's supposedly from the 1930s.  

Here is the Zinc lid with the piggy bank slit.  :-)

We also have a "White Elephant" sale at each meeting to raise funds.  One can look around your home and find something to donate and take it there.  New member Hazel has brought some fun vintage jewelry, the dress clips I got at the last meeting and now this fun old pin I got for a dollar.  :-)

Another new member, Chris, brought in this basket.  I snapped it up $12, and only then did I notice the logo on the bottom - "Longaberger".  These are made in America and are quite collectible.  I checked the value on google and I got quite the bargain!  It's called the "Morning Glory" basket.

I love the little porcelain tag on the basket.

I got this artsy crystal bird which I recognized as a "spooner" which holds spoons.  $2.

Here it is with a large serving spoon in it, it's a silver plated Navy spoon used in the WWII Navy Ships in their dining rooms called "Ward Rooms".  I also have a pretty complete set of the porcelain dishes which are white with a cobalt blue strip around them and a tiny blue anchor on each piece.  :-)

This neat book is full of vintage postcards.. for $1!

These will be fun to send out to friends.  :-)

Aren't these fun?

When I took the egg basket down to take it to the meeting I found this painting I did while living in Louisiana when we first got married.  They had Cardinals there of which I am so fond.

I snapped this of the Snowdrops in our front entry.. there is a dense carpet of these.. I love them!

Do you collect antiques at all?  If so.. what do you collect?  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.. it will be quiet here as Kristi and the boys just pulled out to pick up Travis and head south on I-5 to California and Disneyland.  Lucky kids!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I loved seeing all of your finds and reading the story of the egg basket. I don't have many antiques but do have just a few pieces of furniture that are old. I think my favorite new treasure of yours is the basket. I'm a sucker for baskets! ;-). I'm jealous of your flowers. We still have snow.

  2. WOW! You really captured some great white elephants, Teresa :) You know I admire your baskets. I'm glad you painted your cardinal and have enjoyed seeing them where you used to live. I was so sad to discover that cardinals don't live in Oregon, but love the many beauties I have seen in Oregon like your Snowdrops. While I don't have a specific type of antique I collect, I do enjoy viewing and using older items like the family dishes that have been handed down to me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that Travis's family has a great trip! xoxo

    1. What gorgeous treasures could open a shop! Have a fun peaceful weekend. Hugs xxx

  3. Great haul there Teresa. Your snowdrops are stunning. I've never seen a spooner before - interesting. CN x

  4. What an interesting post Teresa ... but then I always enjoy reading your stories. Never heard of a spooner but what a great idea and so pretty. Will have to keep my eyes out for something like that. We just have spoon holders in the kitchen for resting spoons on whilst cooking. Your family sure are lucky going to Disneyland. I'm sure they'll enjoy themselves. Now you and Dayle had better behave yourselves and look after Simba while they're away. xox

  5. Nice story about the egg basket and old jar. I enjoy collecting old blue mason/ball jars. I have a few of them and one has a cool bubble in it. I have Longaberger baskets too that I have bought over the years at parties. I enjoy them. I like your table cloth. Very spring like! Happy weekend!

  6. I love bargain hunting. You certainly did very well. I like everything you bought, especially the glass spooner.

  7. Very interesting. Im sure having THE person who has the item tell their story is so much fun! Hope the grands have a ball at Disney. !!! I do love your morning glory basket. I collect....ready? Yarn

  8. Love the story of the egg basket, it is a true treasure. Your other finds are very fun Teresa.

  9. Lots of lovely antique finds here Teresa! I love the story of the egg basket from your family farm, that is really special to have, and the mason jar too...precious memories and associations. Have a happy week.
    Helen xox

  10. What a great way to share your memories with your friends. You found some really great items. Have a good week. I collect too many things to even start trying to mention. LOL



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