Monday, April 7, 2014

More Girl Time and Crocheted Bunny

I'm in a hotel room in Cincinnati, Ohio, I have to get up at 5 am, leave for the airport at 6 am and get checked in and through security for a 7:44 am boarding.  But I wanted to show you the rest of the week of my visit to my daughter's family in Ohio.  Jenna wanted me to crochet a bunny for her.  She wanted a PURPLE one.  Oh my goodness.. there was a lot of counting in this thing!  But I got it done right before she went to bed last night.  WHEW!  

Jenna's dad took her to get a new bike, so Paige helped me stuff the body of the bunny.

My blue-eyed assistant stuffer.

Jenna crocheted her own necklace and added a flower she made!  My little artist!

I can see lots more creations from my little granddaughter.

I tried to sneak a snapshot of Paige reading, but she caught me. :-)

Amy took us for a day of antiquing and lunch at a historic inn.

Ohio has lots of historic places and wonderful architecture.

Amy and Jenna on the porch of one of the antique shops we perused through.

From the walkway of the above shop I spied this old log cabin up on the hill and Amy drove us by it for me to get a photo.. it was SO neat!

Last night Jay treated us to Japanese food, here is my Bento box and the best part was the shrimp on top.  How do they get it straight like that?

They have the most unique trees in Ohio.. they are white and Jay said they're called "Ghost Trees".

Jenna posed with her new bunny and she loves it.  I owe Paige a lamb.  Guess what I'll be doing when I get home?  She wants a pink lamb.  :-)

Jenna made the white bunny tail pompom for her bunny!

Do you think it looks like a bunny?

Amy and I walked Paige out for her to catch the bus.  wah.

She waved goodbye to me.. I may not see the girls for more than a year, if they come to visit US a year from summer, it will be 15 months or so.  ::sigh::

OK.. buck up Teresa.  Stiff upper lip and all.  Time for me to hit the hay - early wake up call.  Thanks for visiting.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What adorable granddaughters ... and yes, it looks like a bunny to me! :)

    Hope you have a good flight home. If you had some pink yarn you could whip out that sheep on the way.

    Sounds like a great trip.

  2. Aww, hugs to you. It looks you had a wonderful visit with all of your girls and you made lots of great memories together. The girls are getting so big; Jenna seems so grown up now. I think Paige looks like her boy cousins in the reading photo. I hope you have a safe trip home.

  3. Glad to see that you had a great visit with your daughter and her family. I know you must miss your granddaughters terrible.

  4. Awww they are adorable girls. I LOVE the little purple bunny. It is sweet and small and she will love it forever!!! Pink lamb, up next. Get home safely

  5. Oh I ferl your pain Teresa, but look at all the wonderful memories you made with the girls. Jenna has become an amazing crochet artist in just two weeks! And Paige obviously adores you. The look on her face tells the story. They both love their Grandma. :-). I so much want to see the inside of that log cabin. It is really beautiful.
    Have a safe trip home.

  6. I love the bunny! The girls are so adorable! Remind me of my two grandgirls! It sounds like you fit a lot into your trip, and got to see a lot of things. I can't even imagine how hard it must be to leave, ,knowing how long it could be, that you see them again. Look forward to more pics!
    XO Kris

  7. What a wonderful time you had with the girls and your girl... I'm sorry I know how sad it is when we are apart from our family. I try not to think about the time until I see them again and try to enjoy our Skype chats...hope you have a safe trip back and the bunny is just gorgeous and it does look like a bunny :) can't wait to see the little lamb :)

  8. What an amazing time you have had with your girls. It must be very hard to leave...I know how much we miss our in-laws when we come back home - they live on a different continent. Usually we see them at Easter, but my daughter has exams starting on the very first morning back to school after the holidays so we just couldn't go this Easter. We will have to wait until October, as the tickets are waaaaay to expensive in the summer months.

    I bet Dayle will be very pleased to have you home!


  9. Aww Teresa I really feel for you. Your granddaughters are a delight and you must miss them so much. However be delighted in the fact that they are obviously happy bright girls. Jenna really does have an artistic flair, her crochet and her little pom pom tail are fab. Paige is also a little sweetie. Treasure your time with them, they are so lucky to have you as their grandma. Safe journey home xx

  10. Hi Teresa! I am glad to see such happy pictures of your trip :) I am sure you enjoyed a lot! Have asafe journey back!
    The bunny is very cute, I like that he is purple :) I like how you made his ears too.

  11. X x x travel safely lovely lady x x x I know how much you are going to miss each other. What wonderful memories you have of such a wonderful trip. The bunny will be treasured I know and you will soon hook up the lamb!
    Dayle,the boys and Buddy will be so looking forward to having you home but I know how much you would love having all your family tucked under your wings x

  12. Glad you had such a lovely time. Maybe you'll manage to squeeze in another visit at some stage, you never know. I have a friend I only see for one day a year, maximum. I look forward to it so much, it is so uplifting, but then there is always the end of that day when we have to say goodbye for another year, or sometimes two. I hope you have a safe trip home, no doubt it will be nice to sleep in your own bed again.

  13. What a wonderful trip you had with your daughter and her family in Ohio. Your grand daughters are so precious . The crochet bunny is wonderful. And Jenna created a fantastic necklace. Hugs Judy

  14. Oh bless your heart, I know you love those girls so, so much. Of course you are sad to leave them. Ohio seems so far away doesn't it?

    So glad you had a wonderful trip, made beautiful memories and now are headed home to the love of your family.

  15. Having problems with trying to leave comments again :( What I wanted to say was that its lovely to see your beautiful girls but sad that its not as often as you'd like. Also I love Jenna's bunny. xox

  16. OK third attempt my Sweet Teresa to post! So anyway, you are a remarkable, fun and loving grandmother to all your grandchildren. Amy , Jenna and Paige are so luck to have you. You all did so much together and it all look so much fun and interesting. Not seeing the "girls" for a year will be so hard but MAYBE they could come for a school vacation week?! I bet you have lots of "boys" so excited to see you at home and counting the minutes.
    Safe travels, xoRobin
    Hope this posts this time : ]

  17. I am so glad you have had such lovely times with your grandgirls, your daughter and son in law. Teresa. Lovely to make things together as well as go exploring...the bunny is sweet and yes, does look like a bunny! I loved seeing the log cabin, btw!
    Safe journey home!
    Helen xox

  18. Another nice entry and good times with your "girls." I know you'll miss them, but it'll be good to be home too. I'm sure Dayle misses you. Your bunny is darling, and yes, it does look like a bunny! Ha-ha. Have a good trip home.

  19. OMGoodness what an adorable purple bunny. So cute. ;)

    I am so glad you had a chance to visit with your daughter and grandchildren....such wonderful pictures of all the happy memories you all made with each sweet.

    Safe travels my sweet friend and blessings, too. :)

  20. What a wonderful trip and such beautiful girls
    loved the ghost trees
    I would love to see them full .

  21. Definitely looks like a bunny. I am impressed that you got it done in one night. So glad you got to spend time with your daughter and granddaughters. They are adorable.


  22. Beautiful girls and a fabulous trip. Love the bunny!


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