Friday, April 20, 2018

Totem Pole and Lunch with a Bird's Eye View

I met my two sisters, Denise and Roberta, and friend Shirley, for lunch on Wednesday.  We had chosen the Chart House for our gathering.  I was the first to arrive and I spied a little park area to the north side of the building.  I walked around and was amazed to see a full size totem pole in the center of a circular plaza with benches around it.  Some info on these poles:
  • Native American Indian totem poles are sculptures carved on poles made from huge trees. These sculptures were made by Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America. Why only tribes from this region? This art form was limited to regions where trees were very large and plentiful.
  • The name of this art form "totem pole" is derived from the Algonquian word odoodem meaning "his kinship group".
  • The figures carved on totem poles often depict characters from tribal legends. Animals are often carved on the poles.
  • The carvings on totem poles often have symbolic meaning which can be complex.

In doing some research about this pole, the Chart House began it's life as the Hillvilla Restaurant and was filled with NW Indian artifacts.  The bottom animal is a Beaver, the state animal of Oregon.

Everything you want to know about this totem pole, click HERE.

The view from the plaza by the pole, looking East over SE Portland and the Willamette River towards Mt. Hood.  :-)

This wonderful wild Rhododendron was in full bloom, isn't it fab?

Such a pretty pastel pink with hot pink stamen.

The modern looking Chart House - the original Hillvilla was much more old-style.

The view as you enter the lobby.

Shirley had reserved a table by the window and this is the view we were treated to.  :-)  Had it been a clear day you would see Mt. St. Helens over there!

Imagine my surprise to see the menu wishing me a happy birthday!  :-)

Shirley surprised me with a fabulous vintage pitcher and bowl made by Alfred Meakin, Staffordshire, England.  The design is called "Rosa".  It had been her brother's so it was a really special gift.  

Isn't it sweet?

Even the printed label on the bottom is beautiful.

My sister Denise treated me to lunch for my birthday.  Yum!

The traffic was slow.. don't tell anyone.. but I rolled down my window and managed to snap this photo of the Portland skyline with my iPhone X.  I really love this city, it's beautiful.  The Willamette (will-LAM-mutt) River runs through it and we have many bridges across into our wonderful downtown area.

My Rosa pitcher and bowl fit into this old house very well.  Soon it will be filled with Lilacs!  

Even the handle is pretty, it has neat embossed designs and flowers down the length of it.

As we all left the Chart House, sister Roberta snapped a photo of Denise, Shirley and I in front of the totem pole.

Shirley snapped a photo of Roberta and I - I look terrible in this shot but oh well!  Roberta made quite an entrance into the restaurant dressed all in red, a big red hat and holding 3 red balloons!  :-)

And now I have to pack my swim bag and head to the pool for my one hour lap swim.  Busy busy!  I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  The next time I post may be from Victoria BC!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

New Daffodils and Petrified Wood

The new daffodils did bloom!!  And they're gorgeous!  It has been cold, rainy and windy since they opened up, but I'm so pleased to have these pretties growing in a big pot here.  This beauty is named "Roulette" and I can see why.  I got the bulbs on the Breck's website.  

This photo has all three of the new ones in it - OKAY - which one is YOUR favorite?

 The big yellow and orange one is named "Fortissimo".

This one is named "Decoy".  :-)

So.. are you familiar with petrified wood?  I'm fascinated with it and always wanted a piece of it myself.  So the other day I was perusing the Facebook Marketplace and noticed someone had two pieces of petrified wood for sale.  I texted back and forth and we finally met up and we bought them.  I thought they'd be neat by the pond and waterfall.  This piece the tree had been through a fire before it petrified.  The other side is charred.  I think it's so neat that wood has turned to stone!

Petrified wood is a fossil. It forms when plant material is buried by sediment and protected from decay due to oxygen and organisms. Then, groundwater rich in dissolved solids flows through the sediment, replacing the original plant material with silica, calcite, pyrite, or another inorganic material such as opal. The result is a fossil of the original woody material that often exhibits preserved details of the bark, wood, and cellular structures.

This is the other, larger and much heavier piece.  

Some people cut these across and polish the end, which is pretty cool.

He "threw in" a large chunk of Rose Quartz for $5.  :-)  I need to scrub this up with a brush and soap!

This is another, larger piece of Rose Quartz that we picked up at a rock shop near Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota a few years ago.  I adore the pink color of this big crystal.

The Bleeding Heart is growing slowly with the current cool temps and rain.. but we're supposed to get some warmer days this week.. f i n a l l y.  

I love love love these heart shaped flowers.

I promised a photo of my hat.. this will have to do for now.  LOL!  I'll try to get a better shot of it on my noggin.  The other day I was wearing my pink shawl to a meeting and someone said.. "My, you're colorful today!".  :-)

This is a neat photo of the Empress Hotel in Victoria BC, we're heading there on Monday, taking a ferry there.  We have a room booked for three nights with a harbor view.  I am pretty excited about it.  We have a reservation for High Tea there which will be fun.  Now, where did I put my tiara?  :-)

I'm off in 15 minutes for lunch with my two sisters, Denise and Roberta and my honorary sister Shirley.  They are having an early birthday lunch for me at the Chart House in Portland, Oregon.  It's got a killer view, I'll take some photos to share with you.  Ta ta for now!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Give Away Winners, Pink Hat and Mystery Object Solved

Hello!  I printed up the names of those who left a comment on my GiveAway blog post (and 2 for those who mentioned it in their blogs) and cut them up and put them in my nearly finished hat and Dayle drew 5 names.  :-)

Congrats to the winners!  Please email me your home address and I will get the beads wrapped in bubble wrap and a padded envelope and get them on their way to you.  Please take a photo of your bead and how you use it when you receive it and share with us.  Fun!  Also let me know if you want to choose one or if you'll be happy to let me pick one for you.  Email me at teresa.kasner @ (take the spaces out, but this will save my email from getting harvested by eBots).  

I'm almost done with my "Pretty Kitty RESIST" hat.  I'll model it for you with my shawl when it's finished.  I also think I'll make a crocheted flower for the side.  What do you think?  I hope people don't look at me when I'm wearing this and think.. "There goes a LIVE one!".  :-)

Dayle and I attended a memorial service for a longtime friend of ours, Melvin, on Saturday.  We've known he and his wife Diane for over 40 years.  Diane and I were Dairy Goat 4-H leaders together for 5 years.  I told a story at the service about how one time on the way home from the county fair where we showed our Nubian dairy goats, I came upon a man on the road who'd just hit a woman with a huge tree branch.  I stopped and was trying to save her, Melvin pulled up behind me and jumped out of his truck (both of our trucks were filled with children and goats) - I told him what was going on and Melvin told the man - "Listen buddy, this is America, and in America we don't beat our women!!!".  I was able to get her into my truck while Melvin kept them man away and I took her home with me where she was able to call family to come and get her.  Melvin and I saved that girl that day, I'll never forget it.  Melvin will be missed.  We took my friend Sally home afterwards and on our way home snapped this cloudy and grey image of the Columbia River Gorge.

We went to dinner at Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplins that evening and were cheered by the fire in the fireplace and the red gingham curtains.

This is the riverside dining room below.

One of our Christmas Cactus is in bloom.. such a delicate blossom.

Dayle collected the eggs while Kristi was gone and washed them up.  Eggs, anyone?  LOL!

We had another "Three Dog Night" for 2 nights while the kids were at the beach.  This is Meeka getting a chest rub.

The whole pack was keeping an eye on Dayle as he had his lunch.  :-)

Remember the iron ring (that I found in my grandfather's barn in Oklahoma) with 2 hooks on it that I asked you all if you knew what it was?  WELL.. 

My cousin Mark in Oklahoma asked around and emailed me this:  "This is some of Karen’s cousin's harness that lives in Idaho. He has draft horses. This is on the back of horse on the rump it goes to the hames and the crupper hooks to it also. He couldn’t remember the name of it though."  This is different but similar enough that I believe we've solved the mystery!  Thanks, Mark!!  (ETA: I just got an email from a draft horse harness company and they confirmed what Mark said and told me it's called a "Harness Hook".)

If you've made it through this post, you get a gold star.  LOL!  I think I'll go finish the ribbing on my pink hat.  Have a great week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, April 13, 2018

Rainy Days and Ripples

My sister Denise and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday.  I'm soooo glad I got a new jacket with a hood that deflects the rain and is lined with cozy fleece.  It was a very rainy day, with bouts of heavy hail and pouring down precipitation!  And now we have to park out in the middle of the freeway lanes and walk in to the lodge as the Historic Columbia River Highway is still closed due to rock fall and the removal of all the burned trees from the Eagle Creek Fire from last Autumn.  I took my ripple blanket to work on and to be honest, I enjoyed the warmth it afforded me as I crocheted along.  It's getting BIG, but I have quite a ways to go yet.  

I actually started out with a plan to do the random colors but then my brain told me to do repeats, so that is what I'm doing.  So, you can see the bottom is random and then the more ordered colors.  This is the biggest blanket I've done and it's going to live by my easy chair and cover me when I'm chilly.  I will probably move it around but this will be one of my treasures.  I will do another one, though.. with pinks in it!

This pattern is wonderful and I'm so thankful for Lucy at Attic24 blog to have a CAL (crochet a long) which I joined.  Of course, she's long done with hers and onto a pretty new one, but that's okay, I'm loving the process.  She also selected the colors from her walks in the woods in the Autumn with colorful leaves, the greens of mosses and trees and the blues of the sky.

Multnomah Falls was ROARING and full, it was wet and rainy and misty and saturated.  I was amazed at how many people still visited and walked the trek in from the parking lot.  We met a tall adventurous woman named Jess from the San Francisco Bay area who told us of her hike of 500 miles, alone, on the Pacific Crest Trail.  She was amazing and so thankful of the advice we gave her for her adventures in the gorge.  We usually make a special connection while volunteering and it was Jess that day.  :-)

They have opened up the viewing plaza finally but there is still fencing on the historic highway.

The kids are all heading to the beach for the weekend which will be fun.  Dayle and I will be holding down the fort and taking care of the dogs and chickens.  In 11 days Dayle and I are embarking on a trip on a ferry to Victoria BC to celebrate my birthday.  We are staying in the Empress Hotel and will have High Tea there.  I'm so excited!  I'm off to swim soon, I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New Pink Hat and More Attic Treasures

Greetings!  I am embarking on designing my own crochet hat.  I'm in love with my pink Sunday Shawl and wear it daily now, but it's still chilly here so I wanted to make a chapeau to match.  I'm using the delightful "indie" cotton yarn dyed by a mother and daughter team in Africa.  I went back and forth with myself on the shape and design, did I want a beret style or a hat with kitty ears so I could wear my RESIST identity.  My social conscience won out.  :-D  So, the shape of the hat when worn will have two little ears, but also will have colorful designs similar to my shawl.

I'm using my favorite frilly looking shell pattern, but the colors will be worked in different stitches which I don't even know yet what they will be.  I am creating as I go, which really is why I love crochet so much, it's much easier to create yourself than knitting.  Wish me luck! 

I've been going through the boxes of things Kristi has brought down from the attic as she clears and is vacuuming it out.  More of the set of "matching" cups I threw on a pottery wheel, fired, glazed and finish firing.  I also have a cream pitcher I made for the set, it's fun to use your fingers to make the spout while the clay is still wet.  I made a sugar bowl too, with a top, but the bottom is missing, hopefully she'll unearth it too.

It's actually quite comical how each cup is completely different in size and shape, I guess I was not very good at making them the same, but it does show how handmade things are not like machine made items.

A glass candy bowl grapes and leaves embossed on it, I don't even remember having this!

I also realized that when we moved from our other house in Corbett on 365th Avenue to this house in 1984 - that we put these boxes of things in our attic and promptly forgot about them and now I'm seeing them for the first time in 34 years.  LOL!!  I remember that I had a fascination with Fenton candle holders, here are a few of them.

This one is called Carnival glass - it's got little strawberries and leaves on it.  When I googled this they also call it a toothpick or match holder.  

This is called a "Fairy Lamp".  

I have these two small cream pitcher and sugar containers and I just noticed they don't match at all.  Funny little things!

I hope you are enjoying my show and tell of my attic treasures.  What do YOU have in your attic that you've forgotten about?  LOL!  I'm off to swim with Gracie.  Have a wonderful day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

PS - Don't forget my Giveaway on my last blog post.  To win a handmade fired clay bead I made all you need to do is leave a comment on this post: CLICK -->  GIVEAWAY