Friday, August 16, 2019


Last night was a full moon.. I forgot to take a photo.. but I DID take one night before last.  On August 14, it was a Waxing Gibbous, Illumination: 99%.

The shot above was after waiting for the moon to clear a band of clouds and getting high enough in the sky to get a good shot of it.  The photo below was my first attempt.. see the fencing there?  It's at the top of the hill behind our house.

Come on moon.. you can do it.. 

I might as well pull up a chair.. :-)  But finally I got a good one.. at the top.  

I found a photo of the pool at Gracie's condo where we swam on Wednesday.  When I was there it was populated with a lot of ladies of our age range, floating in the sun and chatting up a storm.  The water was warmer than our regular pool, it was nice to be in the sunshine.

My daughter Amy posted 1st Day at School photos of Jenna and Paige.  My dear Jenna is starting her first year of high school!  My how time flies!

And look at little Paige, starting 5th grade.  Such adorable girls. 

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Blog Friends are like a Bowl of Cherries

My blog friend Gracie came for a visit yesterday.  She came bearing gifts, too!  :-)  She gave us some Bing cherries, some homemade cookies and a crocheted hot pad she'd stitched.  What a dear friend.  

She hadn't met Mocha in person so they got to know each other.  My pup jumped in her lap and licked her cheek and they became friends.  

I had some gifts ready for her too.. a dozen eggs, of course, and a cup and saucer.  Gracie's last name is Saylor and so I'd been meaning to give her one of my World War II Navy Wardroom cups and saucers.  They have wonderful cobalt blue anchor on the cup AND saucer.  Gracie collects cobalt glass and she loves all things nautical because of her last name.  She was very pleased with this and has told me she put it on her tea cart and will enjoy using it.

I love the old fashioned handle on the cup.

After Gracie's visit we headed to Multnomah Falls for an errand, Dayle is the Treasurer on the Board of Directors.  Then as we left we passed by Horsetail Falls and Dayle was able to snap this photo for me.  Then a stop at the bank, and then dinner at Bumper's Grill.  Yum.  They make a wonderful halibut fish and chip dinner.  Dayle is a fan of their prime rib French Dip.

Today I'm going to join Gracie for a swim in the heated outdoor pool at her condo.  The pool at LA Fitness tends to be on the chilly side so this will be nice.  What are you plans for the day?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, August 12, 2019

Eggs and Heirlooms

Hello friends, pull up a chair for a visit.  Our chickens are in full production.  We have eggs coming out of our ears.  If you happen to drop by you will leave with a dozen eggs.  :-)  I have 2 porcelain egg holders for the fridge which I keep full, and also had to get three 2-dozen egg holders for the fridge.

We moved our old wooden bread box to our caravan galley and installed the one I got from Sally and Dallas in it's place.  I like it!  I've been buying red small kitchen appliances when we need a new one and so this fits in like it was meant to be here.

Our little galley kitchen, it's small but works.

Our DIL Kristi helped Dallas move all the things she wanted to keep out of Sally's house and it has sold.  Dallas gave Kristi a few more things to give to me.  Sally's sister was a talented artist who specialized in painted eggs.  We sold them in the Vista House Gallery for years.  Here are a few that Sally kept and now belong to me.  Look at this Easter one!

A close up of the Fimo clay bunnies she made for this one.

This one has a Great Blue Heron on it, see the iridescent feathers?

This one is amazing, Mt. Hood behind a wildflower meadow with Oregon's State Bird, the Meadowlark atop a stump.

And look at this adorable Santa, what a cute face!

This is even painted on the back with a sack full of gifts.

Yesterday we re-potted the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) that I brought home from my sister's memorial service.  I hope it grows and flourishes here in our home.

I ordered some new sourdough starter from King Arthur and it's doing very well.  I lost the one I had from my brother, so this will work for us for now.  I can't wait to make some sourdough flapjacks/pancakes soon.  They really are the best pancakes ever.

I'm off to swim soon, Gracie will meet me in the pool.  I missed two weeks of lap swimming due to family matters so I really need to get back "in the swim of things".  Have a super week.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, August 9, 2019

Crochet on a Cloudy Day

This is our 3rd cloudy day and it's fine by me.  It kind of suits my mood.  We spent this week running errands and getting some things done.  We drove to Vancouver, WA to the US National Guard office to get my new military ID card.  Then to get my shingles vaccine.  Here's my little darling Mocha sitting with me while I crochet on my shell afghan for my granddaughter.

Our son's German Shepherd Meeka with us.  Our son is looking for a home to buy so one day soon we'll just have one dog and two upstairs guest rooms.  Some remodeling will be in order then.  

Dayle went to the surgeon today for a consultation and she presented options and the path they chose was to wait 3 months and have another scan and see then how to proceed.

I brought this Peace Lily home from my sister's memorial service.  I put it on the table next to my chair and it has soothed me to have it close.  I sure do miss having her a phone call away.  

I am reading a very good book, "The Black House" by Peter May, it was recommended by Lorraine at MamasMercantile blog.  I'm only in it a short way but already it's very good.

Kristi called to see what happened today at the doctor and invited us to join them for Chinese dinner tonight.  So things are just rolling along here. No plans for the weekend.. how about you?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Late Summer Blooms

I recently inherited this bread box from my friend Sally's heir.  Sally had a red breadbox with a rooster on it when she was a child and had always wanted one, so Dallas found a woman on Etsy who found the vintage tin box and custom painted it for her and surprised her with it on her 72nd birthday.  It will have pride of place in our kitchen.

The flap on top goes up and I will put my muffins in there and the bottom flap opens where I'll put the loaves of bread.

I am deliberately appreciating the flowers blooming on the deck and in the yard, knowing summer is so fleeting and time is marching on and soon we'll be having pumpkins out there.

August is Oregon's most dependable month for pleasant, even hot weather.  

My shamrock plants did so well out on the deck last year that I put them out a while back, the sun fried what was left and I was worried, but new growth has emerged and they both look wonderful, the green and dark red one.

All the geraniums that Dayle winters over in our basement landing are doing well, too.

Our one hollyhock is growing up next to the flower basket which it's leaning on.. kind of fun.

My favorite spot for enjoying the birds, waterfalls and pond and the koi fish.

A shout out to my blog friend Meredith and her sister Claudia, Mere was gifted a sheep pot and I loved it so much I found one and purchased it, and Claudia has shown her ZZ plant, and I'd been wanting one for a while and just found one to buy.  It's a Zamioculcas zamiifolia, a tropical perennial plant native to eastern Africa, from Kenya south to northeastern South Africa.  I will plant the ZZ plant in a bigger pot and find something just right for the sheep planter.  :-)

One of my Rose of Sharon plants is in bloom.. what a pretty flower, so much like a hibiscus!

Our big pot of Stargazer Lilies is bringing much visual joy and fragrance to our yard.

I had to show you this little survivor, it's a little petunia coming up and blooming in our brick walkway.  A volunteer.

A most magnificent flower.. I had them in my wedding bouquet and on our wedding cake and I even named our sailboat Stargazer.

I ordered some gladiola bulbs a few years ago and Kristi planted them for me in front of the deck of the garden shed.  We have 3 color varieties in bloom right now.  

Above a dark pink and yellow one, below a lighter pink one.

And a true red one, wow.

I like this shot with the barn and windmill in the background.

I am taking this week to rest and recover from so many losses of my loved ones.  I hope you are having a nice week wherever you are on this spinning globe we all share.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, August 5, 2019

☮ Catching Up, Birds, Flowers and Activism ☮

Greetings fellow Earthlings.  I am back.  I spent all last week writing my sister's obituary, making a funeral notice, writing a eulogy to deliver at her memorial service and finally scanning photos of her life, enhancing and cropping and uploading into PowerPoint and selecting music to go with it.  Then on Saturday our family gathered at the River View Cemetery for the burial, then to the chapel for the service.  My brother Robert spoke first, telling about being twins with Roberta and all their exploits from birth through high school.  I shared my memories of her life, I was nervous but did it for my sister.  A reception followed with hugs from all the friends she made over the years.  We gave her a proper send off.  She was loved by many.

I will now show you what's going on around the old farm place.  The apples on the tree are turning red, we're fully into August and time marches on.

We got a few more bird feeders to keep up with the demand by our avian friends.  Most of our visitors are these pretty Goldfinches.  

We also get a few rarer birds, this one is a Black Headed Grosbeak.  I got this with my big Lumix camera and sent it to my friend Shirley to identify.

We sit on the deck and watch the birds and fish and it brings us peace.

I was looking for something the other day and came across a Ziploc bag with some old photos from when I was 12 and had climbed Dog Mountain while a Girl Scout at Camp Wind Mountain in Washington.  

I also found this photo of me, a young mother, hippie chick, at our booth at Saturday Market, selling beaded chokers I'd made and macrame plant hangers and keychains.  See the playpen in the back?  We took the kids with us. Dayle made wood mirrors to sell, too.  Oh the good old days.

On July 20th our country celebrated the 50th anniversary of our moon landing.  I had a friend I met in Hawaii, Loa, she invited me to New Orleans to enjoy Mardi Gras and to stay with her parents with her.  They both worked at Boeing which made parts for the Nasa space ships and were given two of these coins.  They gave us one.  Isn't that amazing?

The back of the coin tells more.. it's really something.

I made another bracelet, using faceted Ethiopian opal beads.

I potted this pretty coleus and am enjoying watching it grow.

The deck, flowers, fish and birds are helping me heal.

The aroma of the Jasmine is a balm for my spirit.

The sound of the water soothes...

My darling granddaughter Paige is in the cheer squad and they had a cheer camp this summer.  Aren't they adorable?

I love the pure joy in this photo!

I just finished this book and it was very good.  I can recommend it.

NOW... to what is happening right now.  This weekend there were two more horrific mass murders committed, one by a white supremacist terrorist and a the second by another homegrown murderous terrorist.  They used military style assault rifles designed to kill the most people the fastest.  Something needs to be done NOW.  The worst part is there WAS an assault rifle ban and President Bush let it lapse.  President Obama tried to re-instate it but it was blocked by a Republican controlled Senate.  The National Rifle Assoc. is PAYING those people NOT to let a ban go into effect.  If you want to see less mass murders by a bunch of losers who are full of hate - then VOTE.  Elect people who CARE about us.  Not ones who just want to line their pockets with NRA and Russian money.  

OK.. I love you all.. please be safe and be careful.
((hugs)), Teresa