Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Keeping an Old Tradition in a Modern World

Hello dear readers, how is your week going?  I spent many happy hours yesterday working on my cards.  First  I finished writing our annual news update to include in the cards.  I actually scroll through my photo file for the whole year and pick out some images that tell our story.  Then I write the newsletter.  I then cleaned my fountain pens and filled them with green and red ink.  I really love handwriting!  I can still remember sitting at my school desk as a young child and learning cursive writing.  I was an artist from the age of 5 so I loved learning to write pretty.  

I have made my own cards for years and YEARS but Dayle was shopping at Costco and saw 2 big boxes of sparkly pretty cards so I'm using them this year.  

I have also eschewed printed labels for handwritten addresses.  I used to hand write the return addresses but have finally decided to use pre-printed ones that I get from DAR in return for my annual donation.  I also have kept my old leather day planner with all my family and friends addresses inside.. I flip through the alphabet and fill out the envelopes.  The bad part is when people move or pass away, I have pages of addresses with scratched out lines until I finally have to fill out a whole new page.. then someone moves again.. LOL!

The cards came in 4 designs, 10 each to the box with matching envelopes.  Here are a few more of the designs.

So many friends and family have given up on sending or giving cards.  My question to you - do you still send them?  Do you jot a little personal note inside?  I send to several blog friends.  I even get one card each year from Julie in France!  I love it!

 *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Getting Into the Spirit

A light dusting of snow began on Saturday night, this is Sunday before noon although Dayle told me it was much whiter when he first walked the dog.  But it's still pretty.  

Dayle put up the tree on Sunday and hung some wreathes.  We used to go get a fresh tree but it would get so dry it made me nervous so now we have a "re-usable" one.  :-)  I put a few decorations on yesterday and will do a lot more today, plus the boys are coming here on the bus after school and I hope they'll want to help.

I decided we would hang the wreath right over the mirror that I inherited from my friend Sally.  I think it looks neat!

I ordered a new cotton tartan plaid tablecloth to use this year.  I've always been drawn to the plaid and I'm sure it's due to my Scottish and Irish ancestry.  We placed the musical and turning carousel in pride of place and it brings me much joy watching it turn as I can see it from my easy chair in the family room.  

I have always designed my own card but this year Dayle bought two boxes of printed cards so I might take a year off of DIY cards.  :-)

I was pleased to receive my British Edition of Country Living December Edition.  

I flipped through to show you a few of the pretty photos but I am saving it to enjoy after I get some chores done.

I love a home lit from within and all cozy.

I also spent some hooky time over the weekend, I only have one more color - 2 rows - before I begin a repeat.  The bottom 4 rows are the beach, 4 rows of ocean, 4 of sunset and 4 of sky blues.  

I boxed up the finished blanket to send to my eldest granddaughter in Ohio, Jenna, and she loves it!  I figured she might as well enjoy it for the many weeks that it will take me to finish the 2nd one for Paige.  :-)

Me and my fur hat.

How did your weekend go?  Have a super week ahead!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving Feast 2019

This is the "Before" photo of the Thanksgiving table.  The turkey is in the oven and the house is filled with the delicious aroma of sage and the 28 pound bird.  Our chef is Dayle.  He took on the turkey roasting when I was busy with three little children and he has kept on with it still.  Thankfully.  :-)  He first makes the dressing from scratch, chopping oodles of celery, onion and parsley and sautees it in copious amounts of butter.  Then pours the veg over the bread cubes, adds sage, salt and pepper and then tosses in some chicken broth to moisten it.  He stuffs some in the bird and the rest goes into a baking pan.  

I spread the special tablecloth on grandma and grandpa's old oak farm table.  The turkey platter will soon be heaped with slices of deliciousness.

The silver is lovingly placed on folded napkins and crystal goblets ready for sparkling apple-cranberry cider.

The kitchen goes into a fever pitch with Kristi coming over early to help out.  She peels and cubes the yams and russet potatoes and sets them to boil.  She and Dayle mix up the green bean bake and I perform the magic of topping the cooked yams with butter, brown sugar, a dusting of cinnamon and covered with mini-marshmallows. Then this beauty is lugged out of the oven!  I am the potato masher and use my newish red Kitchenaid mixer which held the whole 8 lbs. at once.  The last thing is making the gravy which required the attention of three of us. Dayle poured the drippings into a separator pitcher and removed most of the fats and put it back into the roasting pan.  We then added a quart of chicken stock, diced up giblets and a slurry of water and flour.  Kristi stirred and we added salt, pepper and a magic ingredient, called "Kitchen Bouquet" which my sister Denise recommended.  Wow, that added a lot of flavor and color to the sauce.

Kitchen Bouquet is a browning and seasoning sauce primarily composed of caramel with vegetable flavorings. It has been used as a flavoring addition for gravies and other foods since approximately 1873. Its ingredients include caramel, vegetable base (water, carrots, onions, celery, parsnips, turnips, salt, parsley, spices).

And before we dig in I snap the photo for historical purposes.  I love looking back over the years and seeing who is here and how the children are growing.  I have to laugh as we still produce the same amount of food as we did when the entire family of 14 was around the table.  But the leftovers are wonderful and we have turkey dinner for days.  LOL!

And.. here we are, the result of days of planning, days of shopping, hours of cooking.. one rather full plate of divine yummies.  You can't even see the turkey as it's under the potatoes and gravy.  :-)

Yes, we were all stuffed like a turkey and after we finished the meal we all went around the table to say what we were thankful for from the last year.  Caleb said "math", Hayden said "for not being in 5th grade anymore", I said "for Dayle still being with us", Kristi said "family", Travis said for "family and a good job", Dayle said "family and still being around to enjoy us all".

Mocha was thankful for some turkey tidbits while Dayle was carving the bird.  :-)

Today we're relaxing and enjoying the glow of the memories of having our loved ones here.  Our son Shawn and grandson Michael both worked the holiday.  They were missed.  Our daughter Amy in Ohio hosted her in-laws and cooked her very first Thanksgiving turkey at the age of 47.  She said it all turned out good and they had a nice time, all 13 of them.

Tell me... what are YOU thankful for from the last year?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Lamb and Old Treasures

We have a new lamb in our menagerie.  Thank you, you know who you are.  :-)  She fits right in with the pilgrims on the table.  She'll also be hanging on our Christmas tree!

Dayle alerted me to a collection of vintage cookie and biscuit cutters on Corbett Un-Stuff.  I let the seller know I'd take them.  She delivered them right to our door.  :-)

There are two chicken cutters, a horse and I think a bunny, along with hearts and circles and such.

She also was selling her grandmother's basket full of handkerchiefs.  Well.. of course I had to adopt these.  I intend to use them instead of adding to the landfill with paper kleenex.  

The seller is going through a divorce and is selling her collections to lighten her load and to raise $$.  She is raising two grandsons, and now will be on her own.  :-(
It was fun to look through the old hankies.. a lot of lovely embroidery and hand crocheted and tatted edgings.  Now, I have a question for you.. what the heck are these two doing?  My idea is they are jumping on a seesaw and flying up in the air.  And what nationality are the girls?  I don't recognize the dress.

My favorites are the embroidered and lacy edged ones.  Which is your favorite?

This one is a favorite with the flowers.

And another flowery one.

Today I will be getting the table cleared for tomorrow's feast.  I'll add two leaves and put the tablecloth on.  Then my turkey dishes, crystal goblets and silverware.  Some dusting and tidying will occur.  

*H*A*P*P*Y* *T*H*A*N*K*S*G*I*V*I*N*G*!*!*

If you celebrate it and if you don't.. why not have a feast and give thanks for all you have and join us?  

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, November 25, 2019

🦢Rip, Roll and Swans 🦢

🦢 As I added more rows past the peach row of sunset colors in my Dune afghan - I just did not like how that peach color looked - and so I spent time yesterday ripping out 10 rows of crochet of 5 colors and rolling them into little balls.  And then of course I had to go to the Wool Warehouse website and order a few more colors that melted into the colors that DO work.  That order has been delivered to DHL and will make its way to me, hopefully this week.  Meantime I'm weaving in ends to get it ready for when the new colors arrive.  

AND.. look what arrived on Saturday?  My next blanket yarn!  Do check out Lucy's introduction post to the blanket, click HERE.  It will be a CAL (crochet-a-long) with many other Lucy lovers all around the globe.

I am VERY happy to think this blanket project will brighten up my long, grey, cold, winter.  I think I'm going to work the colors from the darkest to the lightest and repeat.

My friend Diane dropped by to visit and brought us some more cookies made by her talented baker son who lives with her.  He works in a coffee shop and keeps them supplied with cookies and scones.

I was amazed at all the intricate designs on these spice cookies.

I like this one of a man, woman, dog and apple tree.  Is she holding a hat on her head, or ?

This one has a mill house on it with what I believe is a goat and apple tree.

And a diamond shaped cookie.  

The Tundra Swans are back in Mirror Lake by Rooster Rock.  They come here from their nesting grounds in the Arctic Tundra.  My kind hearted husband took my big camera down and got some photos for me as I was still staying off my knee.  Good news.. I'm fairly well mended and getting around better.  Thanks for the good wishes.

There are also Mallards, Canada Geese and Blue Heron that make this lake their home.

See the Great Blue Heron?  I'm very upset with blue herons right now.  We've had one "fishing" in our pond and we're afraid that all our koi have been eaten.  :-(

This photo captured a swan in flight and a Blue Heron.

I'm just happy to have the swans back.. for a time.  Last year I missed getting a photo of them.  Thanks, Dayle!

Another mandala, this one with strawberries, leaves and flowers.

Today Dayle is going to go out hunting and gathering for our Thanksgiving dinner - all the fresh vegetables, sparkling apple cranberry juice, staples, rolls and the fresh turkey, about 26 lbs.  What a feast we'll have.  There will only be 6 of us as our older son and his boy both have to work.  Have a wonderful week!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Three More Rows and Growing Boys

Two more rows of sunset and a row of sky.  Three more rows until a repeat of the color-way.  Problem is I am missing one last color.. will keep looking.

Our grandsons came to our house on the bus after school and spent the night with us.  Dayle took them to Dairy Queen for dinner.  We watched TRON this morning.  When Kristi came to get them today she brought a their school photos she forgot to give to me last year.  I was thrilled with how cute the photos are!  

This is Hayden, what a smile!  He's so helpful and kind and so very smart.  We're so proud of the boys.

Caleb, the baby of the family, with the natural curly hair and so smart and sweet.  He performed a poem he wrote for me and I was so impressed.  

Lastly I thought I'd share another mandala that I "colored" on the free app on my iPad.  It has shown me that I tend to favor "gem" colors such as ruby, garnet, amethysts, etc.  If you were to color one, what colors would you choose?  I'm so curious.

I'm back on light duty, I twisted my "good" knee and am having to walk very carefully or it gives out.  Sheesh.  Getting older is no walk in the park.  So.. I'll be crocheting more and reading a backlog of magazines over the weekend.  Thank goodness for crochet, I say!  I'm still able to be productive if not able to run a marathon.  Have a fab weekend.. any exciting plans?  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)