Friday, April 19, 2019

Jewel Tone Silk and Waxing Moon

I decided to put a multi-colored lace border on my shawl that I'm working on.. I needed a fingering/lace weight yarn.. and look what I found.. from KnitPicks.. silk in the prettiest, shining jewel tones.  It's all set for me to work on while listening to the tides roll in.  :-)

Someone posted on Facebook that the moon was looking fetching the other night.. so I grabbed my big Lumix and went out at 11:30 pm.. here is my "waxing moon".  

So.. we've packed everything but the kitchen sink.. lol.. we head off soon.. I'll let you know how it goes.  Tata for now!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

.••..• Happy Easter! .••..• 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Enjoying Spring in the Farm Garden

My big pot of daffodils is holding up well, even with days of rain and cool weather.. or maybe it's because of that!  :-)

I so enjoy the different varieties of daffodils. 

I was surprised by the big huge bumblebee on this flower stem.

This one is like a golden halo on the cup.

The purple lilac will open soon!  I'm kind of upset that I may miss the whole lilac bloom while at the beach.  :-(

My Iris garden is coming along.. I can't wait to see them bloom.. my metal goat looks at home in their leaves.

My one and only tulip is in bloom.. lol

The white lilac is starting to open, I will try to cut some branches to take with us for the trailer.  I've never tried to cut them this early and am not sure they will bloom?  Have you?

I stood very still near the hummingbird feeder and snapped a photo of this cute little guy.

This is he and his mate.  They stayed here all winter, little dears.

Yesterday my 2 sisters and Shirley, my best friend from 7th grade, met me for lunch at Fir Point Farms, a fruit stand in Canby that is also a bakery and cafe, where we had lunch together and celebrated my birthday.  My 2 sisters told me they'd buy me some plants at our next stop at Margie's Nursery.

They are newly opened and will have a lot more color and plants coming up.  But I found some fun things.

As we drove from Fir Point to Margies we passed this amazing field of Mustard, so after I left the nursery I stopped and took a photo of it on my way home.

Shirley gave me this cute little lavender glass bunny candy dish.  It will join my chicken candy dish collection.  :-)

One more daffodil photo.. :-)

My big purchase at the nursery was this Red Bud tree, my sister Roberta pitched in for this.  They are very popular in the south USA and I didn't know they'd grow in this zone, but over the last few years I've seen them and wanted one and now I have this!  :-)

The color of the flowers are a beautiful fuchsia!  I think I'll plant it above the pond area near the bird feeder.

Here are my other purchases, a King Tut and Prince Tut Papyrus - these are my birthday gifts from sister Denise.  I got the cute little Coleus for myself.  

I've loved colorful coleus for a long time but haven't gotten one in years.. this will be fun on the deck.

The koi are more active now that winter is over.  I fed them and snapped a photo.. we will get a few more when the pet store gets them in stock.

We are trying to get the trailer/caravan ready for leaving on Friday.  So much to do.. I'm making lists of things to pack.  See you on the other side!

❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ 

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, April 15, 2019

Trilliums and Time with the Kids

Nothing says Spring more than when the Trilliums bloom in our little forest.  We took these photos from the French doors in our master bedroom that face the woods.  I say "we" because I got the camera and stood by while Dayle wedged the screen door open and took the photos for me.  LOL!  

This is our view from our room.. see the little Trilliums on the forest floor?  We battle the English Ivy which climbs the trees and chokes them to death.  In fact I wish nurseries would banish this ivy from sale as it's taking over whole forested areas here and killing the trees.  Please don't ever plant this in your garden.

Do you have Trilliums where you live?  It's important to never pick these as it can damage the rhizome and can kill the plant.

We were invited to dinner at our son and DIL's home on Friday.  Their puppy Ozzy was fun to hold as he's so soft and wiggly and cuddly and licky.. lol.  

My darling grandson Caleb drew a picture for me.. he asked me what he should draw and I suggested an Easter basket.  Didn't he do a fantastic job?  

Hayden showed me the Lego things he made from the kits we gave him for his birthday.  He even staged them in battle and took a photo of them with my iPhone.  He so enjoys playing with these.

Kristi made fried chicken, biscuits and had some deli salads with a buttermilk pie for dessert.  My son showed me this huge bush covered with red flowers, they didn't know what it was, I told him that it was a Camellia bush.  He picked a few flowers and sent them home with me.  A nice evening with our son and his family.

Dayle has been getting our trailer ready for a trip to the beach, we leave on Friday.  I'm excited to breathe in the sea air and visit our favorite places like the lighthouses.  You can expect some blog posts from there next week.  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Gushing Falls

My sister Denise and I volunteered in the Visitors Center at Multnomah Falls yesterday.  With all the rain we've been having the falls were ROARING and running at an estimated 7500 gallons per second!  In late summer when it's been dry it dwindles to 75 gallons per second.  Just one of the fun facts I enjoy telling the visitors.

Here is a video I took a few years ago Gushing Falls

With all the moisture in the air the mosses at the falls are happy and lush.

When there is so much water coming over a second falls forms.

And Multnomah Creek was running high.. it's fun to see it like this.

Can you imagine how many years it took for the falls and creek to cut through this rock to the river?  See the neon green lichen across there.. it is always there year after year.

In the middle of the plaza is a rock with a fountain...

Donated and installed by a DAR chapter.

The best part of volunteering to help visitors make the most of their visit to the gorge.. is the wonderful people you meet.  These two recently moved from Oklahoma to Richland, WA and are enjoying getting to know their new home area.  The nice woman gifted each of us with a small "pocket prayer" crocheted piece with a little cross crocheted in.  How nice is that?

Our chickens are in full springtime production of eggs!  We sent my sister home with a dozen.  

We snapped this photo of Mocha as she napped the other day.  So funny.  You can tell she feels secure in her environment.  :-)

Here she is cuddled up on my lap with my arm around her, out like a light.  She is everything we hoped for when we adopted her.  A real sweetheart.

We've been invited to our son's home for fried chicken dinner tonight.  I offered to make chicken gravy for the mashed potatoes.  We're looking forward to it.  Any fun plans for the weekend?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

🌧 Shawl Progress & Rainy Days ☔

🌧 I've not made a lot of progress on my Sunday Shawl but have gotten into the purple-y color.. I lay it on top of my pink shawl to know how far I need to go before starting my border.  A few more inches!  

My pink shawl which I wear each time I go out in the Spring and Summer.  

Our cozy bed, I love having skylights over our bed so you know immediately what the weather is in the morning.

My white Lilac is getting nearer to full bloom.. I can't wait to smell them and cut a bouquet for the dining table.

It's been raining since these pretty daffodils bloomed.. 

My Breck's catalog came and I need to order a creamy white daffodil called "Mount Hood".  So many unique varieties!

It makes me so happy to see all the trees and bushes are greening up.. the worst part of winter is all the gray and brown naked trees.  Our painter is putting a fresh coat of red paint on the barn.. this end was just done and the back side.. all that is left is the front side that faces the road.

My "Mom" Christmas Cactus is producing a few blooms now.  I just love these.

I'm going to make a big pot of spaghetti soon.. with ground beef and Italian sausage.  What are you up to today?
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, April 8, 2019

Spring Bling

As a person who loves to decorate for each and every holiday, you probably won't be surprised to find that I also have collected some personal adornment items for each holiday.  Right?  :-)  Would you like to see what I wear during April near Easter?  OK.. first up is this egg brooch that I made using felt, sequins and beads, then stuffed and sewed a pin/clasp on the back.  

I wore all of these to my DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) meeting today.  

My older sister and fellow DAR member, Roberta, and I went to Continental Congress in Washington DC several years ago. We went early and took a side trip to Nantucket, MA.  That is where I picked up these two little basket charms that I use for earrings. We then went on to visit our aunt Helyn in Annapolis for a few days then on to DC.  

The reason we went to Nantucket is we found we are descended from Tristram Coffin, one of the group of 9 men who bought the island from Thomas Mayhew, a Puritan man who bought it from the Indians that inhabited the island in 1659 - for the price of 30 pounds sterling and 2 beaver hats.

Then a few years ago I saw this Easter egg charm on the Brighton website and fell in love with it.

When you open the clasp and open it up.. there is a darling little chick inside.  :-)

While on Nantucket I looked in several jewelry shops trying to find a pendant of the famous "Nantucket lightship basket" - I didn't find the one I wanted.. or possibly they were too spendy.. so when I got home I decided to look on eBay and found a vintage one for a steal.. this is one of my favorite things.

The lightship baskets were made by sailors who stayed offshore of Nantucket on ships that served like lighthouses.. they were there for weeks and months on end and needed something to keep themselves busy so they started making baskets.  They also started adding an oval whale ivory embellishment on top and doing scrimshaw designs of ships and lighthouses.  My little basket is woven using gold wire and it has a tiny scrimshaw on top, with a tall ship and the Sankaty Head light that my sister and I visited while there.  Keep in mind that scrimshaw is smaller than your little fingernail.

There is a tradition when leaving Nantucket on the ferry, when you pass the Brant Point Lighthouse, you toss a penny overboard, which means you will return.  Which I did.  :-)  Inside my tiny basket is a tiny penny.

In the bottom of this is an engraving... 

Here is a better photo of the engraving that I found on the internet.  Do you have special jewelry for different holiday?  Do share.
My daughter Amy took her daughter and my firstborn grandchild Jenna to a George Strait concert in Atlanta.  They flew there and stayed for several days seeing the sights.  They had a wonderful time!!

Amy too Paige shopping the other day and they went to Starbucks for a drink.. and they used a Snapchat filter for this selfie.. I think they look so cute!!

Lastly my friend Shirley found these Jadeite salt and pepper shakers with little Scotties on them.. they reminded me of Mocha so I asked her to grab them for me.  I think I now officially have a collection of S&Ps!  How many do YOU have?

That's about all on this end.. how is your week beginning?
((hugs)), Teresa :-)