Monday, January 21, 2019

Mystic River and Miss Potter

We drove up the Sandy River on Saturday evening and I was saw the way the mist was settling in the trees and on the water, so I turned the car around and went back to try to capture the beauty.

The river was muddy as a result of the recent rains.  We travel up and down the Historic Columbia River Highway that borders this river on a regular basis.  This waterway changes on a daily basis.  Sometimes full and brown with silt, sometimes low and slow and the water is clear.  I really love having this river a big part of my life.  

The water comes from snow melt from Mt. Hood and rain.  The next two photos are from the boat ramp at Dabney State Park.

Winter in it's brown, gray, dark green and cloudy skies glory.

On Saturday I read my favorite blogs and was thrilled to read the story and see the photos by Martha Ellen who visited Hilltop Farm in England. I simply adore Beatrix Potter, the author of the Peter Rabbit series of children's books.  I'd seen the wonderful movie about her called "Miss Potter" so we searched on our movie channels and found it and watched it again that evening.  I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

The movie chronicles Beatrix's childhood and tells about how she got her stories published.  This is Hilltop farm which she eventually buys and lives out her life in the Lake District in England.

There is a lot of wonderful scenery in the movie, too.

When my grandchildren were small I bought this collection of her books to read to them.

It has every single book in her series.  I've also purchased a small collection of figurines of the characters in her books.

I loved this boxed set, even the box is beautifully illustrated.

The books are small and sweet and published beautifully.

The movie even documents her visits to the printshop with her publisher where she tells the printers just what size she imagines and the colors to use.

I do have a thing for rabbits.  :-)

My favorite one is the mama bunny holding her twin babies.  Have you read any of these tales?

Miss Meeka alway lies with an eye on the back door when our son and/or grandson are gone.  I have to go to her and plead with her to come and lay down by the fire with us.  She likes Dayle as he throws a ball in the house (tsk tsk) for her, but she doesn't much show allegiance to me.  I have no idea why as I'm very kind and sweet to her.  It makes me sad.  And yes, I've given her some treats of chicken when I'm having some.  

The blood moon was last night but when I went out to check to see if I could see it all I saw was a light spot in the clouds.  SO.. this is the best I could do.. take a photo during the evening news.  LOL!

Today we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King here in the USA.  I wish I could say racism was long in the past in this country - but unfortunately we have a long way to go.  But I am with him and do my part to take a stance against intolerance and hatred.  Are you with me?

No swimming for me today as I have to prepare and print up a report to give at the first meeting of the year of the board of directors for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  Our newly elected president will preside.  It will be interesting to see how the board has changed.

What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, January 18, 2019

Sweet Pea and Hyacinth

Hello there!  Thanks for stopping by.  Want to see my completed 2 weeks of blanket in the Crochet-a-long I'm doing with Lucy at Attic24 blog.. and about 3,000 other crocheters around the world?  You do?  OK!  I must say I'm loving the pinkness of this!  I adore the Spring and floral colors and the way the greens bring in the leaves and stems.. almost watermelon colors.

Did you notice I dropped the maroon color in the 2nd repeat?  I like this without it.  In the next repeat I'm going to move the light lavender above the purples up to the lighter colors, it seems out of place with the deeper colors.  As you can tell this will not be a perfectly organized blanket.. but that fits my personality.  LOL!

Seeing it with my tablecloth makes me realize that the colors Lucy chose for this blanket fit right in with the bright colors I already love to have in our home.

I've been sewing in the ends as I go so I can actually use this as a blanket in between working on it.. and even when I am crocheting it warms my lap.  

Alas, our tulips faded and had to go into the bin, but I asked my dear husband to pick up some hyacinths the last time he went grocery shopping.  Yes, I am spoiled, he took over that duty when he retired.  He also cooks!  I tell myself that I did all of those chores for eons while he was working.

Oh how I love putting my nose close to these blooms for the aroma of natures perfume.

I'm not sure why these flowers flop like they have, but Dayle tied them up with some of my yarn.

We did not get the snow and ice that they said we "might" get but now they're saying it will rain all weekend.  Me.. I plan to crochet on my blanket.  But today I'm off to swim my laps.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Little Houses and Sweet Pea Growing

Hello!  I posted a photo of my little painted house, the Florist shop on Monday.  I used to have them on the window ledge in our dining room but when we got new windows installed I had to take everything down and stow it.  So, I went into our "office/craft studio/episode-of-hoarders" room and found the box and dug around and rescued all my houses to share with you and they will go back on display.  This is my Christmas house with a fire in the hearth, a mantel hung with stockings, lighted candles and a wreath - and of course a lighted tree!  

I cleaned them all up and noticed that I signed and dated one of them.. I made them in 1990!  I have the florist, cafe, house and log cabin.

My cafe is decidedly Italian.. with red and white checked curtains and tablecloths, with candles burning in old chianti wine bottles and a chandelier.  :-)

This is my patriotic log cabin.  I had my woodworker friend Gary make me a dozen more 2x4 block houses and a dozen chimneys.  So, I'm getting the urge to paint more houses.  Guess what sprang to mind for the next one?  A yarn shop!!  :-)  I'm open for suggestions on other shops or houses.. what would you recommend?

This was me last evening.. a bit chilly so I spread my flowers in the snow blanket across my legs and feet while I crocheted on my Sweet Pea Trellis blanket.  I have 3 more rows of color to complete by Friday to keep up with the CAL (crochet-a-long) by Lucy at Attic24 blog.

This is where I am at the moment - this is folded over once, so it's twice as wide from what you see here.  I'm doing my own thing as far as organizing the colors but loosely following Lucy's color sample design.  She came up with 3 different designs for us to follow.  I think the design is brilliant, see the upright trellis designs.. then the little flowers?  I love it!

So.. what are you doing to keep yourself busy this fine January day?  I'm off to swim again.  They are predicting snow and ice here so this will be interesting.  Have a good one!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Productive Weekend

Greetings!  How was your weekend?  I feel ours was very constructive.  I got some crocheting done and also some housekeeping.  I'm happy that my tulips are hanging in there.  :-)

It's always fun to take a photo of the center of a tulip.  :-)

I'm happy that they had mixed colors.

We've been having sunshine, but with the sun we are having blasting strong winds, gusts up to 60 mph, they even have a name for it.. it's called the "East Wind".  

I had many hours of happy crocheting on my Sweet Pea blanket.. so a feeling of accomplishment when you complete a 2 row color stripe and can add in a new color.. you're building a blanket.

Crocheting a blanket in the winter has double goodness.. it keeps your lap warm while you work.

The housekeeping occurred behind my chair that sits in front of this bay window.  It was dusty and needed a good cleaning.  I asked my grandson, 18 year old Michael who lives with us, if he'd reach back into the bay window and give it a wash down.  He handed me the antique lantern hanging there and I took it into the kitchen and gave it a good dusting and wash-up and cleaned the glass chimney.  This is the "after" photo.. all clean!

I got this lantern many many years ago.  I think I read a classified ad and called the lady and went to look at it.  I fell in love and brought it home.  I remember that the woman had fallen on hard times and was having to sell her treasures to stay afloat.  

These lamps are called "country store" or "saloon" lamps.  What is fun is you see them often in old movies, I actually saw them in a Marilyn Monroe movie "The River of No Return".. that's when I saw them for the first time.  I took this photo of the top of the lantern workings when I had it apart to clean.

This is the neat detail on the screw top where you fill the lamp with oil.

Recently I noticed an ad on the Facebook "Corbett Un-stuff" group, someone was selling an antique cast iron door stop for $5.  She dropped it off yesterday.  Isn't this cute?  I have 2 other cast iron doorstops, one is an off-white terrier that looks like Buddy and then one of two black Scotties.  So, with 3 I guess you could call it a collection.  :-)  I fell in love with the kitties and the basket and of course the yarn.

Last thing to show you, this is one of the little houses that I painted.  I hired a friend of mine who did woodwork to cut some 2x4s into these shapes for me and I painted them in different little houses and shops.

Well.. I'm in a rush, have to get ready for my DAR meeting.  Have a super week!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, January 11, 2019

For the Love of Flowers

My dear husband brought home a bouquet of tulips along with the groceries last evening.  I re-cut the stems and arranged them in a vase for the table.  

This is my view from my easy chair in the family room.  Seeing those flowers on the table makes me happy.  After the glitter and color of the holidays, I'm enjoying the serenity of a tidy home.

I have seen bouquets of daffodils on some of my English blog friend's tables which inspired me to get some, but we don't have any available here, at least Costco doesn't have any.  But they did have tulips!

The flowers have gotten bigger since I put them in the vase, I am enjoying watching for them to open and change.

And with these Spring-y colors on my lap as I crochet, it's bringing me hope that Winter will pass quickly and the temperatures will warm and the flowers in our wild farm garden will bloom once again.

I'm off to drive through the icy winds to plunge myself into a pool of cool water.  Egads.  But with that said, swimming is my favorite form of exercise and I need to keep my heart strong.. and so.. ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  Right?

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Blanket Progress

I've used all 15 colors of the Sweet Pea blanket project.  I started with the green of the leaves and vines, then tried to go blues/purples and then to the warmer colors and end up with the lights as I reached the top.  I'm liking it but I may not use the dark purple between the blues and the violets/magentas.  

Some of the people doing this CAL are doing a similar colorway then doing a mirror above this, whereas I am going to begin with the green atop this.  I'm on "Team Rogue" - which is we're using Lucy's yarn colors and pattern but putting the colors in our own rows.  On my next rows I will remove the dark purple and put the lavender which is 3rd down to where the dark one is.

I cannot say enough good things about the Stylecraft Special double knit (DK).  15 big skeins/balls of yarn for $41.05 - and that includes $12.79 s&h!  These are 100 grams, too.  AND.. I have not found even one knot/join in these as yet.  It is acrylic so it's durable as a blanket.  Soft, too.  

Here it is laid out flat, this will make a very nice sized blanket when done.

I look forward to many happy hours working on this draped over my lap by the fire.  

But I will have to leave it and go swimming soon.  It's cold and grey out and the wind has been howling.  I do not want to go out in it and jump into a pool of cool water.. but.. I will.  Yes, I will.  Wah!  Have a super day!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)