Friday, April 16, 2021

A Run of Glorious Weather

It's almost like summer here this week.  Actually hot during the day and not a cloud to be seen.  Dayle has leaped into his farmer mode and has been driving his tractor around and mowing the pasture.  He also spent days working on his riding mower and has mown the yard.  Things are looking nice and tidy outside.

I've been spending more time outside.  Feeding the fish and snipping spent leaves and stems off of potted plants and making note of things for Dayle to deal with, manly stuff, you know.  I'm helpful that way.  When we're by the pond for a while we take the screens off the pond and enjoy the fish - all of which are accounted for.  Keiko, Pierre, Tiger and Ashley.  

Our pot of chives we keep near our back door is all lush and filled out and I see some flower buds in there.

The white lilac is nearing bloom.

So is the dark purple one, I imagine by my Monday post I will have a bouquet to share with you.

We have one patch of Bluebells and each year it's fuller. I love it!

There will be enough of them this year for a bouquet, also.  :-)

Dayle got me a replacement Daphne which we need to plant and my sister Denise's gift to me at our luncheon was this beautiful blue ground-cover called Lithodora.  Now to find just the right spot for it.

Shirley's xmas gift to me were these cute little jadeite salt cellars.  :-)

No big weekend plans for us, just enjoying the sunshine and getting our outdoor living areas tidied up.  I need to make a list!  Any exciting plans on your end?  Have a fun one!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. What a great line Teresa: "I'm helpful that way." Cracked me up! Love your new salt cellars. Will you use them? Or just display them? Your property is so pretty - enjoy your weekend and being outdoors!

  2. Aren't screens handy? I've got my old ones propped up against my outdoor plants to scare off the critters. I usually use them for drying wool things but right now they are keeping the critters from eating my plants.

  3. Just back from a van trip and enjoyed reading your posts as usual xoxo

  4. I leave Spokane and the weather turns beautiful according to you AND Dennis! I arrive in Omaha and it goes from 85F to 40! Oh well. Loved all of your beautiful blooms. I'm still trying to kill off dandelions without using lots of chemicals. The neighbor lady on the opposite side of Mom reminds me everyday that I have some dandelions. I swear, they pop up faster than I can dig them.
    I love the same line Vera did. I'm helpful that way too. I have a list of things for Dennis to take care of when he gets here in May. However, I've been a big girl and done lots myself, like hanging mini-blinds in the kitchen today. I washed the outside of all of the cabinets this morning too. I did the inside before I bought any groceries. I couldn't stand the thought of putting food into cabinets I hadn't cleaned first.
    I've been on Amazon today looking at curtains. So far I've chosen the living room and guest room. Now I need to find something for the office and patio door. Whew!
    Give our love to Dayle and kisses to Mocha for me. I hope to see you sometime before long.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. I wish we had that wonderful warm weather. I shouldn't complain Teresa, its been sunny at least. But cccccoooooold. Still others have had snow. And i have new yarn to knit up, so its all good.

  6. The helpful comment made me laugh as well. A busy weekend here. I have work to do and the garden needs loads doing, plus housework. Then there's the first cricket match of the season for the oldest and three football matches. I'm hoping I can squeeze it all in. I'll be ready for a sit down by Monday. I hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx

  7. Sure is looking really beautiful over there. That Lithadora is such a brilliant shade of blue. Really pretty. Just looked it up as I've not heard of it before. Apparently it's Greek for stone gift and is great for rock gardens. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. It is nice and warm here, too. I really enjoy this weather, warm but not hot. Not that it ever gets properly hot here! Your bluebells are pretty. We have loads in the garden but they are not flowering yet. Enjoy the garden, it is best at this time of year I think. Fresh and full of energy x

  9. Hahaha... I also am "helpful that way". I'm so glad I'm not alone! The last few days here have been cold and rainy... boo! Your flowers are so cheery and the salt cellars are cute. Will you use them for salt or decoration? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. It has been so gorgeous I have the front door and patio screen door open so the sweet warm fresh air is wafting in ~~~~ After the windy days last week I needed to sweep the patio this morning and it looks much more tidy now. Spring cleaning! I admire the Spring cleaning you and Dayle are doing! ((hugs))

  11. Lilacs, be still my heart. I miss them so much. Your farm looks so inviting. Enjoy everyday of bright and beautiful sunshine.

  12. Hello! I haven't had the chance to pop in and read your blog for ages and you're in Spring! All your gorgeous flowering bulbs reminds me that I have a bag of tulip bulbs in the fridge outside which need to be planted and a bigger bag of daffs to plant as well. We are starting to get much cooler here now in Autumn. I always love seeing your lilacs as they start to bloom. I just dont have room for one here on my little suburban block. xox Louise

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed your post Teresa. Your homestead looks so lovely bathed in sunlight. Such a beautiful garden. I gather as you have the pond covered that the heron has returned or is it just in case it does. Enjoy the good weather. Amanda x


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