Monday, April 19, 2021

Spring has Sprung!

This is my favorite time of year, things start emerging on their own accord and it's so life-affirming!  I love the Bleeding Heart, it's really quite amazing.

One of the first Rhododendrons to bloom is this one.  The bud is pink but it opens to a creamy white.

See the pink as they open?

This Hosta is fun to watch emerge.

Star-of-Bethlehem and Forget-me-not bloom on the south end of our house.

I think the colors in this flower are sublime.

Star Magnolia.

This is Mahonia around the world I think but here it's called "Oregon Grape".  :-)

We were able to have our dinner with our middle child, son Shawn and grandson Michael on Saturday.  Our grandson Caleb is staying with us again so he got to enjoy the party.  He'd requested we make a family favorite, teriyaki chicken wings.  You make your own teriyaki sauce and simmer 10 lbs. of wings in it for several hours.  It's delish!

Chef Dayle also made a large pan of fried rice to serve with the wings.  

The weather was warm and perfect for dining alfresco.  We chatted away the afternoon and even got to hug them goodbye now that we are both fully vaccinated.  What a relief that we can be creeping back to a more normal life.

Our little community has been under attack by mail thieves.  Our local Facebook group has shared multiple accounts of broken into mailboxes.  We got a knock on our door on Friday by our mail lady and she told us our "security" box was hit.  Luckily Dayle had collected our mail the day before and my new credit card was in the pile of mail.  ::whew::  Now Dayle is having to find a new one and is doing all kinds of lengthy research on the internet.  Bummer.

I found this image on FB and had to share it with you.  Isn't this beautiful?  Mt. Hood looming behind the Hood River Valley with the fruit orchards in bloom.  Delightful.  This place is just 45 minutes east from our home.

I'm late posting today, I found a movie to watch that we got really into.  I highly recommend this if you can find it.  Very good movie.

Well.. that's it for us today.  I hope you have a great week!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. It's lovely to see your flowers emerging, Teresa. We share some of the same varieties. Your meals always make my mouth water, even after having dinner just an hour ago. Sorry to hear about the mailbox. I'll never understand vandalism.

  2. All of those gorgeous flowers really lifted my spirits.
    But the mail box vandalism? Oh NO! That is disappointing-frustrating news. I am glad you at least have the relief of knowing they didn't get anything. I hope it's back to flowers and spring, and peace of mind, for you and your community... for all of us, really.

  3. All of those gorgeous flowers really lifted my spirits.
    But the mail box vandalism? Oh NO! That is disappointing-frustrating news. I am glad you at least have the relief of knowing they didn't get anything. I hope it's back to flowers and spring, and peace of mind, for you and your community... for all of us, really.

  4. Oh those wings and fried rice are making me hungry (and it's now my bedtime!!). As if the issues with the mail service were not enough...sorry about the vandalism. LOVE your bleeding heart.

  5. Hi Teresa & Dayle! First of all, I'm so sorry about the mail thieves. What is wrong with people these days? I had a text when I woke up at 6:00 this morning that said Amazon had left a package on our porch at 2:14 this morning! With a photo of the packages! Sure enough, I ran downstairs and there was Dennis's desk and file/printer stand! I'm lucky no one stole them. Who delivers packages at 2:00 a.m.? I sure hope they find your mail thief!
    Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. There are so many different ones too. Dennis said it was a gorgeous weekend. We had a beautiful one here too with a cookout yesterday with my family and Mandy and Piper. We were all outside today with most people wearing shorts. Today it snowed! Seriously. That's Nebraska! Craziness.
    Your meal looks amazing with the wings falling off of the bone. Will you share your teriyaki recipe? We love teriyaki chicken.
    Take care you two. Wishing you both a wonderful week of peace.

  6. Fabulous Mt Hood pic. Glad you saw other son and Michael and Hayden πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Damn re your mail box so annoying. Your plants are sure thriving here all dying off lol I marinade wings for hours or days then oven roast YUM. So happy for you guys with Vax us still waiting. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  7. A shame about your mail box, and no doubt very frustrating. Your garden is looking beautiful, spring really is full throttle at the moment isn't it. There's blossom everywhere here at the moment too. It's been really dry though, we could really do with some rain, although of course I am enjoying all the sunshine. I'm glad you had a lovely meal with Shawn and Michael. CJ xx

  8. Lovely blooms! Those are some brazen thieves to destroy your mailbox like that. We've had packages taken off our porch before.

  9. It surprised me to see your mailbox so damaged. I can't believe that the mailbox thieves would work so hard to get into a mailbox. The teriyaki chicken wings and fried rice look delicious! I've never made my own teriyaki chicken. I will need to try that.

  10. Hi Teresa. Always love to see Mt Hood. Wish could visit and see all the area in person, though heaven knows when/if that can happen.
    Your lunch looks delicious. We cannot meet indoors, at home or anywhere else :-( even after vaccines we are advised to distance and not hug etc - it is very hard.
    Lots of lovely blooms on your property. We have had some beautiful weather and so lots of lovely blossom and star magnolia, rhododendron , bleeding heart etc. So uplifting.
    So sorry to hear about mailbox thefts. Our mail is posted through letterbox in the door. I dread to think if mailboxes what it would be like. Hope they catch the culprit. Take care. Hugs. Anne x

  11. Thank you for this post. All your beautiful flowers really cheered me :) B x

  12. I love the blue color of those forget-me-nots, I will have to look for those to plant in my yard.
    I am sorry to hear about your mailbox. That is shameful! Hope Dayle can find a secure replacement.

  13. Honestly, people have no shame. Can't believe they are just going around trying to steal people's mail. Love seeing your yard springing into life over there while things here are winding down. It's starting to get really hot so I'll have to start taking my walks earlier and earlier.

  14. Dear Teresa, it is so lovely to see all the flowers opening up in your garden! I love Dayle's fried rice and I am very sorry about your mailbox. The area where you live looks so peacefull, one wouldn't expect such vandalism! I am working at pre school now for three days a week. Their teacher is seriously ill and I am glad I can help out. The children are so sweet. We will celebrate the birthday of our king on friday, and since his familyname is Orange, we make all kinds of orange crafts at school. LOL.
    Stay safe, lots of love, Janneke.

  15. Teresa, Your blossoms are a joy to me. We had acold day that I am trying very hard not to let me down. Im so over it all...the cold, The damp, the snows, I just want some wqrm and wonderful steamy days. I can be such a weather baby. I have to earn to get over it!
    We were able to grocery shop today at our favorite store for the first time since just before Chrismtas. I love being vaccinated. Praying for our country tonight. I love your family and how you all get to be together!!!

  16. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos of your beautiful blooms! Spring surely has sprung on the Kasner farm. Your Bleeding Hearts have bloomed ahead of mine. We were warned a few months ago that someone had tried to break into some of our community mailboxes, and I am so sorry that your box was damaged! I'm celebrating with you that you are able to visit with family and that you are fully vaccinated! I had my second Pfizer shot Sunday after 5pm at the Oregon Convention Center and felt a little slow moving yesterday, but am thankful I am vaccinated and feeling well now! ((hugs))

  17. Well, this post of full of fab photos. I have a soft spot for bleeding hearts as well, our neighbors had a plant that gracefully drooped over our garden fence when I was growing up.


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