Monday, January 20, 2014

Foodie Post

Hi there.. want to chat while I make dinner?  Maybe you can set the table for us?  I finally made the meatloaf that I had so many years ago while visiting my friend Judy in Los Angeles.  See Dayle in the family room.. doing his crossword?  OK.. first I gathered all the ingredients together.

I love that we have chickens and they are still laying through the winter... here is a brown and blue/green one.  Here is another gift I gave Dayle for Christmas, Pioneer Women's favorite vegetable knife.

There is lots of veg in this meatloaf, onions, celery, grated carrots.  

You put it in the pan and make a well down the center for the topping of applesauce, some brown sugar, cinnamon and sumac.

While that was baking I chopped some Yukon gold potatoes and the rest of the onion and fried up some potatoes.  I also cooked some mixed veggies.

Want to join us?  The kids were skeptical about the fried potatoes, but I told them they were square french fries.  :-)  Then they liked them.  I have to admit that the meatloaf wasn't what I remembered when Judy made it.  But it was still good!  Email me if you want me to send you the recipe.

My cooking adventures continued yesterday.  Zucchini bread!  Again with getting all the ingredients out first.. when I was younger I would start out and then have to hunt for things all the way through... at my current mature age I finally got smart and prepare better.  

Here's the recipe.

Here is the Mapleine I use and I highly recommend this company for vanilla.  You can buy it on Amazon!  It's Nielsen-Massey vanilla.

After you mix up the batter, I break up whole pecans to add by hand.

They turned out great!  I had some with my morning coffee and it was delicious!  Is there anything yummier than toasted pecans?

I had to share a couple photos of my grandsons holding Buddy the Cairn Terrier.  Kristi holds Buddy like this and he kisses her.  :-)  So Caleb wanted to hold Buddy like his mom so she put him in his arms and showed him how to hold him.  Isn't this cute?

Then Hayden wanted a turn.. cute stuff.

I have to tell you that Kristi began cleaning and organizing a bedroom upstairs that had ended up being a storage room.. we want to fix it up for a playroom/bedroom for the boys.  There are 2 bedrooms and a nice bathroom upstairs.  One bedroom is nicely set up as a guest room with a log bed and armoire.  We will have to paint the 2nd bedroom and get new carpet in.. quite a project!  But again, Kristi is helping us out and we really appreciate her efforts.  Son Travis is her heavy lifter on the project.  Kristi enjoys seeing that people all over the world would like to have her help - she responds that all they have to do is pay for air tickets for the whole family and she'll be glad to help.  LOL!  Just kidding!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh My! I saw your post title and mis-read it. I thought it said "Floodie Post". My first thought was, "oh no, Teresa and Dayle have had another disaster". Then I re-read it. *relief* Silly me. Or else I need new glasses.
    Your meatloaf dinner looks really tasty and I think I can smell the bread from here.
    How sweet of Kristi to keep on with her organizing. You'll have to be careful. If you fix up too many guest rooms we'll all be coming to see you for a nice visit. Especially if Mandy moves from Portland. I'll be there! :-)
    Blessings my friend,

  2. Great yummy post Teresa! That meatloaf is like no other I have ever heard of, boy do I like the sounds of the topping!!! The boys are really so cute and sweet. It looks like they are always in such good spirits and loving toward you and Dayle. (as well they should) but not always the case. Mine can get moody sometimes.
    Sorry I scared you on my new post title, not meant to.
    Have a great evening and week, xoRobin

  3. Oh the meatloaf looks yummy...and the bread does, too. :) You always make such wonderful things.

    You have such a lovely and caring family, you are truly blessed sweet friend.

  4. Ah, small boys and dogs - a match made in heaven. My littlest boy would so love a puppy of his very own, he would be so happy. I'm not surprised everyone wants Kristi, she's a gem!

  5. Mmmmmmm all looks delicious Teresa. I am very tempted to try your bread I must admit. Boys are so cute. Jut spent a few days with my grandsons. Hugs Anne x

  6. Awwww - cute pictures of the boys with Buddy. I have to ask what Mapeline is ??? The recipe sounds and looks yummy. I have to giggle though- you say to put the loaf in a spayed pan - ha ha- spayed is desexing a female dog. I know it should be ' sprayed ' - just my weird sense of humour !! I'd love the recipe for your meatloaf - is applesauce what I'm thinking ? Kind of like pureed apple ? Strange how different things have different names in other parts of the world - always good to check I think. xox

  7. Dinner looks delicious especially the square French! The dog cuddles look great too.

  8. What a lovely post. The boys are growing so fast and look so happy. All that organisation sounds wonderful.
    Love Linda

  9. Your food looks delicious, Teresa! Dayle looks pretty hungry over there. :) I haven't made meatloaf in a long time but that's a really interesting recipe that I may have to try. I wonder how it would taste with ground turkey instead of beef? The pictures of the boys holding Buddy are adorable - a dog and his boys. :)

  10. Hello again Teresa, loved the post and the meatloaf looked good as well as the zucchini bread.
    I also get out all of the ingredients then your ready to go go lol
    Gorgeous boys and Buddy ♥ Kristi sure is great to have around ☺

  11. Your recipes sounds good and I like how the meatloaf is a bit different! Glad Dayle could join us! lol

  12. Kids and dogs just seem to go together don't they? LOL Your post today--especially the zucchini bread is making me quite hungry...I will have to see what I can 'rustle' up in the kitchen:)
    I heard it was extremely windy out your way today -- I hope that your home suffered no damage and that they are able to clear the Historic Columbia Highway soon. Stay safe!

  13. I saw Buddy and the boys on FB and love the photo :) and the food you prepared looks soooooo yummy! Thanks for sharing. xx

  14. That Kristi sure sounds like a gem! The meatloaf lookded good! And the picture of the boys with Buddy is priceless!!!
    XO Kris

  15. Wow Teresa you have been busy but I bet it was all worth it... The food looks delicious!
    Your grandsons are adorable and I think you are so lucky to have your DIL Kristy living right there... She is a sweetheart and a great helper... And yes we all would love to have one of her at our house/ :)

  16. The expressions on the boys faces are precious! Buddy is one lucky dog with all that lovin and he looks like quite an arm full for them too. So cute!

  17. I will be sending her a ticket, she can help me! I bet that meatloaf was wonderful, I wonder what it would taste like with ground turkey? your zucchini bread looks wonderful, I am sure your house smelled divine.
    Hugs to you Teresa,

  18. Mmm looks delicious food Teresa, I still remember when Dayle bought cucumbers instead of courgettes, that still makes me smile. The boys are so loving with Buddy and he is one very gentle dog to be held that way. Good luck with the renovations, the boys are very lucky to have all that space x

  19. Mmm...meatloaf! I have made your zucchini bread before and it IS delicious. Wish I had some with my tea this morning. Fun post and such cutie-pie boys.

  20. Meatloaf is a staple at our house when the weather is cool. It is a comfort food we all enjoy. And to answer Jen's question re turkey, that's all I ever use when I make my meatloaf. I've sort of given up on ground beef. And I use oatmeal and egg and seasonings as the filler, along with ketchup and brown sugar on top for the glazing. I think Buddy would never have to walk again if he didn't want to, so glad the boys love him so much. Those are happy little guys. I think Kristy could hire herself out as an organizational helper to many in your area! I'd hire her if I lived near you!

  21. Go Kristi! Your cooking looks so delicious, my mouth is watering!

  22. I was wondering what Mapleine is ... must be maple flavouring? Nielsen-Massey is very good vanilla indeed. We also like Penzey's - a local Wisconsin company.

    That meatloaf looks amazing.

    I hope Dayle uses the knife sometimes, and lets you sit in the background while HE cooks! :)

  23. THe meatloaf was very interesting to me. Fireman makes the most awesome meatloaf and he doesn't use a recipe. i find your cooking images lovely. Mine seem to make my kitchen' look dirty but its not!
    The terrier hold is too too cute. THose boys are adorable

  24. Yes, I would definitely like to join you Teresa!...(and I often use the same vanilla extract too!)...Love the pics of Caleb, Hayden & little Buddy,
    Hope you're week continues to be so much fun!
    Susan x


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