Wednesday, April 21, 2021

It's Lilac Time!

The lilacs are finally opening and wow.. the dark purple one has blooms that are bigger and taller than I've ever seen them!  Dayle just cut this bouquet for me using his long-handled pruner for trees.  The best blooms are on the very top, of course.  :-)

The photo on top is backlit so I took this one closer so you could see the true color.

I brought in this one sprig of the white Lilac to put on my little piano stool next to my chair.  I keep picking up the vase to smell the intoxicating perfume of the flower.

I love being able to bring in bouquets from our farmyard!

Before we cut the bouquet.. lol.

This is the white Lilac that we planted under the garden window in the kitchen.. I envisioned having the lilac perfume coming in the open window.  The flowers aren't showing up well as they haven't opened up fully.

This photo shows the dark purple on the left, the white on the right and then beyond is the huge old classic lavender colored one plus another dark purple.

A closer shot of the big old bush.  It's been here for a LONG time!

While I was standing on the deck taking photos the Hummingbirds that use our feeder were buzzing at me.  Do you see the little guy in the lilac bush?  I keep hoping they'll use the nest basket we hung up for them.

A close-up of our Peony, see the sweet nectar that oozes out of the buds?  I can't wait for them to open!

That's where we are at the moment.  What's going on with you in your spot on this spinning globe in the universe?

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I love lilacs. My mother had a beautiful one on the side of her house. I had several peonies in the front bed of my old house. I sure miss that sunny garden. I like the shade here come summer but I do miss the flowers.

  2. I adore lilacs and yours are fabulously lush, Teresa! I had to cut my shrubs way back last year so sadly no blooms this year. My plants came from my grandmother and they are the light purple. The buds on your white are lovely and I agree the perfume they emit is wonderful. We had a big thunderstorm this afternoon and it has washed a lot of pollen away, thank goodness. The temperatures have dropped and we had to move flats of annuals under cover. Enjoy your evening, my friend.

  3. Love seeing your Lilacs and imagining their scent~~~ I saw a Lilac bush in the yard of a neighbor of our condo community, when outside this afternoon, but could not smell them. A friend from our baby blanket making group had a hummer that built a nest outside her living room picture window this year and she got photos after the babies hatched and flew the nest. So exciting! ((hugs))

  4. Yay to hummingbirds and flowers. All so good visiting you Teresa πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ ⛈⛈☔☔ here

  5. I miss our lilac bush from our old house. My English roses too. I love the scent of lilacs and they never last long enough. Your deep purple is gorgeous. Lucky lady to have so many beautiful ones.
    I just finished putting the printer stand together and it's almost 11:00 pm. Then I went to put the shelf in and apparently I put one side on backwards! Oops. Oh well. It will wait until tomorrow to fix. I'm heading to bed.
    Blessings and hugs. Kisses for Mocha and hello to Chef Dayle.

  6. Lilacs are gorgeous aren't they. They featured in one of Donna Leon's books set in Venice where they were kept in a walled garden and she described them so evocatively I have never forgotten. I absolutely love the darker one you have. Ours are still a little way off of opening here, but there is masses of cherry blossom as well as apples and pears. It's great weather for bees at the moment as well, so hopefully it will be a good year for fruit. CJ xx

  7. That beautiful lilac must fill your house with its scent ... fabulous! It must be so delightful surrounded by all those colourful blooms and being able to stroll around your garden each day enjoying those little floral surprises spring has in store for you. The hummingbirds just add to the beautiful picture. Enjoy Amanda x

  8. I can almost smell those lilacs from here. They look beautiful in their vases. You have so many bushes. We have just the one, a very pale pink. It should be in flower very soon. B x

  9. The lilacs are ALMOST blooming here at my house. I don't cut them to bring them in, as I love how they look on the bush. My favorite thing to do is lay out a blanket underneath the bush and read The Secret Garden- on a warm afternoon, of course!

  10. Gorgeous flowers Teresa. Your lilacs are a bit ahead of ours. I think our lilac has more flowers forming than ever before! I can't wait for them to open and then I'll bring some inside - the scent is just heavenly.

  11. Thanks for posting photos of your beautiful lilac bushes, I really enjoyed them. Lilacs don't grow well here in coastal California and I only ever see them if TJ's gets some in for sale.

  12. Thanks for reminding me to check on my lilac bush. I see buds but not ready for blooming quite yet. Lilacs remind me of the town I lived in when I was little - Lombard, the Lilac town. I will have to drive back there and see if the bushes in Lilacia Park are blooming, always an amazing display (if the weather cooperates!) Have a nice day!

  13. My lilacs are just beginning to bud. Thank you for sharing yours!


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