Friday, April 23, 2021

Floral Explosion

Greetings, thanks for stopping by!  Our yard is bursting with flowers blooming.. care to join me for a walkabout?  Here is our red Rhododendron in the front yard.

The Bleeding Heart is looking good.

Our pinky-red Azalea is covered with flowers.

The floppy bell shaped white Rhody.

The Elderberry in flower.. it's quite lush this year.

The magnificent magenta Rhody is ready to open.. 

This year the dark purple Lilacs have the biggest and longest flower spires ever.

The Redbud tree is blooming.

This was just delivered!  A Petite Knock Out rose, red from my very thoughtful daughter Amy in Ohio!  What a neat gift, thank you!  It's for Mother's Day.

We got Mocha groomed yesterday so I thought I'd show you how pretty she looks.  :-)

I have some fun things to share with you soon.  I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. What lovely blooms!
    Mocha looks adorable in her new do.Terriers are so soft after a nice bath. It's too bad it doesn't last long. Pup is good for about two days and then she reverts to her usual wiry self.

  2. Just what I needed... a garden stroll, and bonus goodness, because it was in Oregon, where the gardens are exceptionally gorgeous!

  3. As always, your blooms are magnificent!! Fletch just bought an elderberry bush!!

  4. WOW!! everything is in bloom there...we had snow here in the beginning of the week!! Mocha looks lovely!! Thanks for sharing!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  5. Simply beautiful and Mocha too. ❤❤

  6. Happy Friday Teresa! Mocha looks beautiful and definitely paying attention to something. Could it be a treat? Your flowers are gorgeous as always. We had snow Monday and temps in the 20's here this week so the only flowers that I've seen blooming are dandelions. Nothing seems to kill them.
    What a pretty Rose that Amy sent you. She sure knows what her Mom likes doesn't she?
    My excitement of the day was arriving home after seeing Mandy and Piper and smelling gas around my new dryer. I thought I had smelled it last night when washing a load of clothes but then thought I was imagining it. At 8:20 I called the gas company and they had a guy here in less than 1/2 hour! There was a gas leak at the connection to the dryer and he shut the gas off at the valve so I can still use the furnace. A really nice guy. SOOOOO when I call the appliance store tomorrow, this will make the 5th trip they've had to make out here because of incompetence. So frustrating. I wanted to wash and dry my new curtains and get them hung tomorrow. I guess I can take them to Mom's house and do it there but it's a bit inconvenient. Okay, you were the lucky recipient of my whining. :-) I'm all done now. Ha!
    Hope you and Dayle have a great weekend. Any big plans?

  7. Hello Teresa, such beautiful blooms and Mocha looking very smart. A lovely present from Amy. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs Anne x

  8. Dear Teresa, so lovely to feast my eyes on your flowers and your ever so cute Mocha! Does she minds to go to the groomer? Betsy, I had a gasleak when I came home after my last officiel working day before retirement. Loaded with flowers and chocolates I waited for the gasmen. It took them an hour to find it, but they didn't give up! Since that day a lot changed. I retired because of my back, but after the surgery I got so much better. I now work a lot at schools were they need help. At the moment I am completely booked. :-) Spring is cold in the Netherlands, but at least we do see the sun, and when the terraces are allowed to open next wednesday the Dutch people will have their coffees in wintercoats! <3 Stay safe, lots of love, Janneke.

  9. Lovely flowers everywhere at your home - outside and inside too! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your garden is amazing with so much colour. Beautiful lilac....happy sigh. Enjoy your weekend. B x

  11. It's looking beautiful out there. I planted my beans out this afternoon. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, by the time I'd put the canes up and tied the beans in because they'd grown quite tall. Job done though, which is good. Mocha is looking beautiful, and very obedient in that picture! I am looking forward to hearing what fun things you have to share. Have a lovely Sunday Teresa, CJ xx

  12. Your flowers are gorgeous! Spring has definitely sprung in your neck of the woods. Mocha looks lovely and spiffed up. What a thoughtful gift from your daughter. I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. WOW! Bursting with beauty! Thanks so much for sharing, Teresa. Mocha is ready to celebrate with you...I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and especially enjoy tomorrow! πŸ’žπŸŒΊπŸ’žπŸŒΊπŸ’ž((hugs))

  14. I cant wait for good news to be shared! It is most welcome! I didnt know they made petite knock out roses. The ones we purchased for our first home did very well. I think i got them at costco. They were wonderful

  15. Wow, lilac and elderberry already? Too many frosty nights here, so everything seems to be late.

  16. Absolutely wonderful display of colour. Your garden is doing you proud Teresa! Mocha looks adorable! Looking forward to those fun things :-) keep well Amanda x


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