Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early Autumn on the Farm

My daughter brought our two granddaughters out to the farm the other day and Grandpa had his riding mower out and asked the 2 year old if she wanted a ride (don't worry, the mower part wasn't running, it was safe).  She's VERY game for anything and wanted to go - he took her around the circle drive at least ten times and she was steering.. it was sooo funny!  

Here is a photo of the two of them, almost 6 year old J and our barn that DH built and just re-painted in the color I wanted.  :-)

Someday we want to re-fence the pasture and get some ponies and goats for the grandkids to have fun with.  We used to raise registered Nubian dairy goats and at one time had 16 baby "kids"!  The children showed them at the county fair and each milked their own goats.

I hope your Autumn is going well.. the leaves are just starting to turn here, the vine maples are the first to turn.  Our huge Pin Oak turns brilliant red!  In fact, it's the Pin Oak in my graphic on the top of the page.

We're off to run some errands... hugs to you all!


  1. I love the new color of your barn!!! I'd love to see the leaves changing colors because of the fall... that doesn't happen in my home country...
    Good luck with your errands!

  2. Hi Shanti, I will get some fall photos. In fact, I will put up a photo of last year with the fall color around our cute little turn-of-the-century farmhouse. Thanks for visiting!! Did you find me on Ravelry - We Love Lucy? :-)

  3. I know that this is an older post, but hearing you talk about vine maples made me so sad! I miss vine maple SO BAD.... after living in "Washougal all those years and seeing it leaf out first, and last the longest, and then turn those brilliant Fall colors............... oh I miss those! Am reading your blog from start to finish so I can "get to know you" and see all the wonderful things that I miss about that area (except the gray days of course!). Marilyn


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