Saturday, October 30, 2010

BooOOOoo!! =( :^} )

Happy Halloween, if you celebrate it! This is a wonderful, funky, paper lantern I got years ago.  Hubby hangs it up for me every year.  As soon as it's October I start putting the decorations out for Fall.  A fabric tablecloth covered in fall leaves, a porcelain scarecrow candleholder that holds 3 candles, a rattan cornucopia filled with Indian corn and fall leaves, a ceramic pumpkin, etc.
We had a fun surprise this morning when our son Travis, daughter-in-law Kristi and our two grandsons came by to drop off their trailer for the winter.  Hayden & Caleb (2.5 and 1.5 yrs) are just so fun and energetic!  It's just fun to see them zoom about!

Then we headed out for lunch and grocery shopping.  And then we've just enjoyed lounging about this afternoon as the light faded to black.  We got some candy for tomorrow and I got some fun gifts for a "swap" - I visit a Ravelry crochet and knitting website every day and especially visit the "We Love Lucy" group - who formed to interact and share patterns and yarn and all kinds of things.  You should visit Lucy's blog in my blog list called "Attic24".  She has inspired literally thousands of people (mostly ladies and 1 guy!) to pick up their crochet hooks and use lots of bright colors.  

Anyhoooooooo... so several of the ladies are doing a "Swap" and I'm sending a gift box to a lady in England and she shipped my box out today.  Woo hoo! :-)))

I got yarns, buttons, ribbons and some American candy to send to her.  Her box will be posted on Monday.  

I'm looking forward to our grandsons coming to visit us and Trick-or-Treat here tomorrow!  And Monday our middle son, his wife and 2 boys are coming to dinner.  We're making homemade beef stew with lots of carrots, potatoes & celery.  And hubby might make some hot rolls from scratch!  He's the bread baker in the family.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by to visit! ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Hello Teresa!!!
    I am quite intrigued about this sterling siler crocher hook you use! my Mum's needles are gorgeous, they were her Mum's and are *gasp* real tortoise shell... she didn't want me to blog them in case anyone like, well me, the strict vegetarian in the family commented about cruelty!!! I love them because they have so much history, but well.... metal ones are good too!!!
    I love your Halloween lantern, very scary... make sure you check out my tribute to Halloween! I don't celebrate it, but today I did!
    Have a lovely weekend with your family XXXXX

  2. Hi Teresa, I loved your halloween decorations. Sounds like you have alot of fun and really keep busy. Nothing like Halloween for the little ones. Hope it's a great Boo Day. I enjoy your blog. xo Robin

  3. Oh what fun all round! I love stew can't beat it on these cold evening's xx

  4. I love, love, love that lantern and your fall table!!! And oh my goodness that stew sounds heavenly on these chilly evenings. May just have to stir up some stew myself!


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