Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Call of the Sea

I descend from seafaring folk from Nantucket and it's in my blood - I love to go to the ocean. We're spending 4 days in our camping trailer at a place where we've never been, and we are loving it!  It's the closest to the ocean we've ever stayed.  Here is the ocean just 50 feet from our door....

Note - all these photos are from my iPhone as I forgot the card reader for my "good" camera. :-)

We went to a beach today where we'd found agates before but with the storms here there was no beach, just surf!  Next time... 

Then we went to lunch at one of our favorite places, called "Georgies" - it's right on the beach with a great view of the ocean and the Yaquina Head lighthouse.  Then on to see Yaquina Bay lighthouse and get a photo.. we were treated to some good light on it's face!
Then we drove through the park and got this great shot of Yaquina Bay Bridge.  

This is an "artsy" one I did of the bridge as we were going over it earlier...

Here are a couple of photos from the historic Newport Bayfront - Mo's makes legendary clam chowder, it's a fun place to go to walk along and see all the art galleries, little eateries, taverns and souvenir shops.  It's a working fishing village with boats coming and going, fish packing plants and all the smells to go with it.  

I had to go down and visit the sea lions... man are they loud!!

We then drove north and headed out to the point to visit Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  Oh, I love this lighthouse!  It's the most beautiful thing ever.  Here are some different views of it.  Isn't it pretty!?

Then we returned "home" to our cozy little trailer and I took a few photos to try to give you the idea of how close we are to the ocean here.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing our photos.  We're having a great time - and are planning to see if we can stay here again in the Spring on my birthday.  Thanks for visiting and ((hugs)).. Teresa


  1. Such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, idillyic, your caravans make me laugh, Brit ones look like sheds in comparison. I love the photos, this is the area in America that really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing. Nicky x

  3. It looks lovely, glad you had a nice time! a bit like san francisco with the sealions!

  4. Oh! I'm so jealous! The photos are a lovely little mini vacation for those of us stuck at work..Thanks!

  5. Hi Clara, Vera, Laura and Melbatoast! Thanks for the kind words! It's neat to know my photos have brought enjoyment to you. Here is the inside of the trailer:

  6. Hi Teresa, I found your blog from the Lucy group on Ravelry. Thanks for the beautiful photos which brought back memories of a vacation in Oregon about 12 years ago when our boys were 3 or 4. I remember seeing that bridge and the lighthouses and we also went to Crater Lake. Would love to go again! Christine

  7. Teresa again your blog post has made me jealous. Beautiful scenery captured with beautiful pictures.

  8. Hi cic and Erin! I'm super glad you enjoyed the photos and story. cic, you should come back for a visit, where do you live? Erin, if you ever get out here, we'll have to meet for coffee! :-)

  9. Loved seeing the lighthouse and area... I've visited that area MANY times over the years and I"m a beach-aholic in so many ways. I grew up going to the coast by Lincoln City and staying in a neat blue and white house with a huge rock fireplace. Oh how I remember those early morning forays down the 100 or so steps, through the wet and mucky bushes, to get to the beach and search for agates! I ate many times at the Mo's south of Lincoln City in Taft, and have also eaten a few times at the Mo's you took pictures of! Marilyn


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