Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crochet assistant...

I did some housework today, a load of dishes, some hand-washing, counter swabbing... but I did get some nice crochet time in the sunny afternoon.  My Cairn Terrier, Buddy, has his place on my lap, on my left thigh.  The rest of my lap is for my MacBook Pro, or crocheting.  

He's my assistant.. :-)

I got Buddy for my husband for Christmas 7 years ago.  He tells me often that this dog is the best gift I've ever given him.  When we got him he was the size of a little stuffed animal and I put him on my lap on my left and the laptop on the right and that's been his "place" ever since.  

I've been working on this rainbow blanket in Rico Creative Cotton for a *LONG* time! I'm 2/3rds done, then will do a border edging.  I'm getting ready for this project to be done so I can get on to something new and exciting.  

We're going to my son's house tomorrow to visit and take Chinese take-out for them for dinner.  Our daughter-in-law had surgery on her foot and her mom flew up from Los Angeles to help with the kids while she recovers.  That will be nice to see her, I haven't seen her since the wedding over a year ago.

Here's hoping that you all have a great Sunday and a super week!  

Hugssss, Teresa


  1. Hello Teresa,
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Your blanket is looking fabulous, so colourful. What a cute assistant you have there too!

  2. Loving your assistant he looks right at home willing to help out xx and that rainbow granny stripe is coming along beaUTifully !!Enjoy your day with your Son and Daughter in law..

  3. Hoping you had a lovely day, its nice to be with family :-) And that granny stripe it looking soooo good! I love the rainbow effect you've chosen, it almost makes me want to start another!

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for stopping by! I really super appreciate your blog as it makes me feel like I'm getting to visit England.. you live in such a beautiful place!

    Manda, thanks for visiting! I really must put my efforts into finishing this granny stripe as I see so many other inspiring items I want to try! :-)

    Laura, what colors did you use in your GS? I'm using Rico cotton, what yarn did you use? Thanks for the visit! :-)

  5. I love your assistant and your blanket. Both are beautiful.

  6. your blanket is so bright and happy! And such a sweet dog... I'd love a dog but raymond would probably die if we dared to get one....


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