Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Cooking

I discovered a new way of cooking last year, thanks to my younger sister who has become a very adventurous cook, always trying something new.  She gave me a cookbook called "Glorious One Pot Meals" by Elizabeth Yarnell.

Of course I *had* to buy a really cool new pot to make this in -- a 2.5 quart Staub "French" oven - gorgeous enameled cast iron pot.  The idea is to layer your starch, meat (if you want) and lots of fresh raw veggies and spices - cook them at 450 for 45 minutes and *voila* you have a yummy, healthy meal that's actually fun to make and only 1 pot to clean up!

This dinner came out delish!  I peeled a sweet potato and cubed it and put it on the bottom.  Then laid 8 chicken tenderloins across, then a chopped onion, then 1 sliced carrot, a couple handfuls of fresh green beans, 1 chopped slice of bacon, some sea salt between the layers and fresh ground pepper.  I then added some BBQ sauce on top. YUMM!!!

I made this after I returned home from swimming for an hour in the sparkling salt water pool at LA Fitness.  

Then while I was catching up on the doings of the We Love Lucy group in Ravelry, got inspired to order several skeins of cotton blend yarn from KnitPicks - which just happens to be located in Vancouver, WA - just 1/2 hour away!  But they don't have a storefront!  But if you order $50 of yarn you get free shipping.  Easy, yes? :-)  

I hope you had a wonderful day too... hugsssss... Teresa


  1. Hi Laura, what's amazing is it's so healthy but SO tasty! You should try it, as it's also very easy! :-)

  2. Hello Teresa!
    Thank you for the lovely lovely comment you left on my blog today! I was thinking your name sounded familiar, then I remembered of course, I have visited before so thats where I knew it from! have fun with the african flowers and go crazy with colour!
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend XXXXX

  3. That looks yummy! I have a large family of 6 so anything I can make in just 1 pot is a winner in my book.


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