Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Volunteering in the Columbia River Gorge

The weather here in Corbett, Oregon today is divine.  It's definitely Autumn, but the leaves are still green.  Leaves are beginning to drop though.  But it's sunny and warm out so DH is going to wash the skylights over our bed today and do some cleaning on the roof.  I love having skylights over the bed!  When you wake up you always know right away what is going on outside.  I also love it at night as you can see the stars.  It's even fun to see the rain fall on the glass, and especially exciting to wake up and see snow.  You know when it has snowed a LOT as it's dark up there, no sky!  
The photo below is just a bit of my Autumn table decor.

I'm going to work on some agendas for a meeting tomorrow.  I'm the President of the Portland Women's Forum.  It's my 2nd year as prez and this is the first meeting of the year.  One of my jobs is to set up programs for each meeting.  Now that is a real challenge.  But after many emails I have the whole season set up and we'll have some very exciting speakers.  The photo below is the view from Portland Women's Forum State Park.  Our group was responsible for saving the land on which the park sits from being commercially developed!  The view is of Vista House and the Columbia River Gorge - Oregon on the right and Washington on the left.

Speaking of volunteering - I was asked to accept the nomination for the position of president of the Friends of Multnomah Falls - the election is at the annual meeting in November.  Another challenge!!  Below is a photo of the falls in Autumn.

I guess I'd better get things designed and printed for the meeting tomorrow!

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  1. You are a busy woman! The park and falls are absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to make the journey from Ohio to Oregon just to see the sights.

  2. Erin, if you've never seen the Columbia River Gorge, you really should plan a visit out here! I'll treat you to coffee at Multnomah Falls! :-)


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