Sunday, October 3, 2010

I crocheted a birdie today. :-)

My photo of my birdie is *not* good, I took it inside with my iPhone -- I'll try to take a better photo tomorrow.  BUT, it was fun to finally make a crocheted bird after thinking I'd like to do one for a long time.  

This one will be a gift for my older sister who just had a birthday - her nickname is "Bertie" but I call her "Bird".  Her real name is Roberta.  She's a twin to my older brother named Robert.  They were born in Oklahoma and were quite the excitement for the families.  They nicknamed them "Butch & Sis". :-)

The idea for this bird came from Lucy over at her blog - Attic24.  She dreamed it up and wrote up the instructions for us all.  

I haven't said anything this week, but I strained a back muscle a week ago Saturday and have had a really rough week of pain.  I've seen the chiropractor twice and am on the mend, but wow, back pain is awful.  

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Hubby got the whole place mowed yesterday and got out the tractor and mowed a big part of the pasture before he knocked a tire off.  Isn't it always something?  Today he did some house stuff, he's a great guy.

I've spent the weekend trying to mend and catching up on some computer things, cleaned up a full in box of email, did some volunteer graphic design and website work - and made a birdie!!  

Hugs all around!  Teresa


  1. Nice present for your sister!!! Sorry to hear you have back pain, I had some of the same last week and it sucks! warm cushion on it!!

  2. Back pain is, well, a pain isn't it. I have a spot in my lower back, left side that I tweak a lot. Sometimes it is a little but sometimes it hurts to sit, stand, lay down..I hope your back mends soon.

  3. Great bird, I did this bird a few months back and I agree it was fun and easy to make, mine hangs over a door handle. I think I will make some more up and turn them into robins for christmas.x

  4. Cute! I've wanted to make one of these for a while. Have you tried the christmas robin ones yet? They're adorable ♥

  5. Love your birdie and sure hope you continue to be on the mend. That kind of pain is so painful. Take care and hugs to you, Robin

  6. Hi girls! I'm off to another chiropractor appointment, then I need to find that heating pad. On the mend.

    I think I'll try a robin - what is the story about robins and Christmas? I've never heard of that one.

    Hugs, Teresa

  7. Can totally empathise with you and your bad back, mine has a tendency to "go" and has done for many years, touching wood here .......but has been pretty good lately. I gave up on chiropractors, osteopaths etc. started using magnets, arnica gel and a cold pad, also tried to keep moving, recovery time seemed just the same.
    Your birdie looks great. a robin sounds a great idea for your Christmas tree.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Hope you

  8. Hi Carol, I think you and I are lucky that our sore backs recover. I just had a friend get surgery and that scares me! Hugs, Teresa


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