Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lucy the cat helps me blog...

Isn't she a good assistant? :-)


  1. Probably the best and most beautiful assistant ever...I so wish I could have an indoor cat but my darling son is allergic.

  2. lol He is looking at you like "I can not believe you just made a Typo "
    Great Photo...

  3. She is so cute! I always have my little furry assistants while I'm crocheting or blogging. Sushi sits on my left and Betty on my right, like bookends. As the evening goes on she tries to make herself bigger to force me off the sofa.

  4. Erin, bummer you can't have a kitty, but I understand the allergy thing. My SIL and DIL are both allergic to cats, it's upsetting. :-(

    Renee, thanks! Was fun to take the picture!

    Ms C - you should take a photo of the two of them like bookends, I would love to see that! LOL


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