Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Photographer's Eye

One of the things I've been learning from reading several of my favorite blogs is how incredibly talented many of the ladies are with their photography. I've always loved taking photos, but since I've been blogging more now I'm looking at everything with a "photographer's eye" - which is actually kind of neat!  You begin to see the world around you as art, you start to be more aware.  As a lifelong artist I've really always been attuned to the details of the world.  

I went to my yearly doctor's visit today and when leaving I spied out a 2nd story window some lovely leaves, so I pulled out my handy iPhone and snapped this photo from above a glorious Japanese maple.
Then when I got into my car I saw this beautiful red tree!  
When I arrived home I noticed that the flowers across the street were looking pretty.  That field used to be home to a herd of Black Angus cattle, every Spring new babies would be born there.  Then the breeder got too old to handle them any longer and the field was empty.  About 5 years ago a consortium of families from Laos began planting the pasture with flowers to sell at Farmer's markets all over the Portland area.  I have gone over and purchased a 5 gallon bucket of flowers from them and want to get another one soon.  It's SO pretty to have those flowers as our view! :-)

My husband has finished the deck cleaning and staining and so we're putting things back in a new way and re-purposing things in different places.  I want to find some rattan chairs and a small table for right beside the door.  For now we have our old deck chairs there and one pot of Chrysanthemums in rust color on a small table.  It's getting there!  

Soon our son and his wife and 2 toddler grandsons will arrive and I purchased the ingredients for my special Burritos which I'll make for all of us for dinner.

I'm just feeling great, love this colorful season and my family.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. A fab blog post as always. I love, love, love the fall leaves!!! I am surrounded by hills here so we have rolling hills of colored leaves..Sheer bliss.

  2. I love the autumn to! It is a great season! I've bene so busy lately, but I hope to go to the forest near our home again soon. Just have fun in the leaves with the kids. Look for hazelnuts etc.. Pure bliss!

  3. Beautiful photography, makes me feel all warm inside just love the colours.
    Nicky x

  4. Just found your blog through the Attic24 group on Ravelry, love your photos!! You live in an amazing place!!


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