Saturday, November 20, 2010

10 Fun Facts

Thanks to Clara for the "Beautiful Blogger Award"!  Here are 10 Fun Facts About Myself. (This is a fun thing to give to your blog friends!)

1. I am a life-long artist and craftswoman - my first memory of drawing was when I was 4 years old I drew a picture on our chalkboard, only to be horrified later that someone erased it! :-)

2. I met my husband when I was 14 and a freshman in high-school and he was 16 and a junior.  I was on a date with another boy and he took me to a pizza parlor and there were 3 of his friends across the table being silly and one of them was my future husband. :-)

3. I'd love to live on a tropical island in a thatched hut with my wooden schooner at anchor in my own harbor and I'd paint beautiful pictures of the surroundings and have a one woman show in NY once a year where all my paintings would sell for exorbitant prices which would fund my lifestyle the rest of the year. 

4. I am a Pollyanna, happy most of the time, see the bright side of most things, am happy even when it's dark and rainy because I have a warm home and a good husband and a loving family and friends.  

5. I lived out a childhood fantasy and was finally able to own my own horse when we moved onto some land when the kids were little and my wonderful husband built us a barn and I got to have my VERY OWN HORSE!

6. I wanted to raise my kids and give them things I didn't have as a child - we got milk goats and they grew up with fresh milk and eggs from our own animals.  We eventually had a herd of registered Nubian dairy goats and the kids showed them at the County Fair and I was the 4-H leader for Dairy Goats for 5 years.  

7. When I was a little girl I could climb higher than the boys up in the trees.

8. I learned to cook really good from my Oklahoma born and raised mother.  But did not get her "pie gene".  

9. I love to decorate my house for the seasons and most especially Christmas.

10.  I have come to love reading blogs and making friends from all over the world with my little corner of the internet. :-)

Now I will pass this award along to these following bloggers:

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for coming by for a visit!!  ((hugs))  Teresa


  1. You really deserved the award with your cheerful blog. Those were interesting facts about you. Especially the tropical island.

    Thank you for picking me, I'm really touched.

  2. Hi Teresa , thankyou so much for the award :0)
    Great to find your lovely blog .
    You managed 10 interesting facts , I'll have to try and think of some of my own , ummmm.
    Jacquie x

  3. Awww bless you. Thank you so much for the award!
    Now being a bear of very little brain I'll have to thunk and thunk of some intersting fact too.
    :o) x

  4. Aww, thank you for the award, that is so kind, especially as my blog is still very new. I will have to put my thinking cap on now, hmmm 10 interesting fact!
    Best Wishes
    Jane XX

  5. Loved reading your facts Teresa.

  6. Congrats on your Beautiful Blogger Award and thank you for sharing :-) Love your 10 things, numner 9 especially rings true with me! :-) Keep on blogging Teresa x

  7. Congrats on your beautiful blogger award..And thank you for nominating me! Loved reading the 10 fun facts about you!

  8. Thank you for the blogger award also busy thinking and deciding who to pass it on to xxxx

  9. Was so fun to read your "fun facts" as I browse around your blog! Your life sounds so good and full.... and getting your own horse! how neat is that! That was always my dream from when I was a little girl.. and my mom and dad would take me riding at the stables at the Oregon coast... I would usually end up getting scared and have to get off and walk back to the stables! I eventually overcame my fears of those giant animals, and spent the next 40 years owning my own horses, from my first dark brown quarter-thoroughbred mix (Shadow) to a quarter-Morgan named Miss Cimeron, to my last quarter horse "Buddy". I spent many years trail riding and horse camping.... memories I will never forget! To ride again is still on my "bucket list"!! Marilyn


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