Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 Pink Hats for 2 Pink Babies

I am working on 2 hats for my 2 granddaughters.  One of the reasons I love crochet is I don't need a pattern, I can just build these hats as I go, intuitively.  I went to Michaels last week to take advantage of some yarn sales with my extra 20% off coupon and this skein of yarn caught my eye.  I had no idea what I would do with it, but decided to make some hats for my granddaughters.  I started crocheting and OH MY! this lovely design emerged!  

The yarn is Bernat Baby Jacquards "Florals" and this color is called "Rosebud".  I am going to make earflaps with ties and a flower for the top.  I will for sure show you how it turns out but I just wanted to share how pretty this yarn crochets up!!
We've spent time the last 2 days with our youngest son, his lovely wife, and our 2 grandsons.  Oh my! Little boys are so energetic!  Sorry this photo is so fuzzy, I didn't take my good Canon for this visit and used my iPhone - but you can see how cute and wiggly they are.  2 1/2 and 1 1/2.  They are so fun!!  Their mommy told me they both need new winter hats, so I will be working on those after I finish the pink hats! :-)

My DIL and I collaborated on dinner last night here at the farm and made chicken fried steak, maple sausage, country gravy, hashbrowns, scrambled eggs, biscuits served with butter and our homemade raspberry freezer jam.  Our son raved over how pretty and tasty the jam was so we will be making LOTS more raspberry freezer jam next summer! :-)

Today is housekeeping day so off I go.. have a great day!!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Now that sounds like my kind of meal - YUM! The hats are adorable! I love making girlie stuff and giving it away since I'm the only female in the house. The grandsons are adorable too!

  2. Oh, I so love that hat. I would love to make one for my GD. Can you write a tutorial on what you did? I'm good with knitted hats, crochet ones not so much.

    Sounds like you had a fun visit. Your dinner just made me very hungry.

    I'm sorry my bunny post choked you up. I have to admit, I still get choked up when I look at pictures of our Lexie.

  3. Just took a break from kitchen cleaning .. then off to work on my office/junk room.. :-)

    Melba - you should try this yarn, it's a treat!

    Denise - I will try on the tutorial, but I just kind of do it on auto-pilot. :-) I loved your bunny story and it makes me want to get another one. I've had a Angora rabbit for spinning, but never spun any of her hair! LOL

  4. the hat is gorgeous, love how it is turning out.
    as for the meal, wow, wish i was there too lol.

  5. whoops, and the grandsons are way cute, mine
    are now 9 and 11.

  6. Nice hats and our grandsons are sooo cute! I had two little boys with not much age difference so I can imagine how busy your son and his wife must be!

  7. My goodness, that meal does sound delicious! And that little hat is so stinking cute I can't stand it. Such a nice grandma :)

  8. I have to check out that yarn. You are so lucky to have such a lovely family Teresa!

  9. cute hats,,but i'm curious whats raspberry freezer jam? is it different to homemade raspberry jam? do tell!!

  10. Saskia, I also had my 1st and 2nd child just 15 months apart! Busy times! But the first was a girl and the boy was mellow, so it wasn't too bad. These 2 little boys are like whirling dervishes! LOL

    Julie, you should try some of this yarn, it's just the most fun! Can't wait to show the hat to you when it's done!

    Clara, be sure to google that yarn to see how many different patterns/colors they have, you'd love it!

  11. Jeannette, freezer jam is the BEST ever kind of jam. It's 100 times more flavorful than cooked jam. You get the pectin in a box, follow the directions for freezer jam, it gives you recipes for each kind of fruit you use.. you crush the berries, I use a Cuisinart, than add the berries and pectin to the sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves, put in clean jars and let sit out for 24 hours, then freeze. It stays good in the fridge for a long time. Once you've had freezer jam, nothing else will do!! It's also very brilliant colored, not the sad color of cooked jam.

  12. Oh I wish I had a cleaning day. Everyday is my cleaning day. The 4 little ones are like tornados in the house. There is always toys to pick up, vacuuming to do, smudges to remove, crayons to pick up, paper, well you get the point.

    Thanks for the freezer jamm..gonna try cuz it sounds lovely.


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