Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beginning of the *Magic*

Today my dear husband brought the tree down from upstairs and set it up.  We used to have fresh trees all the years that the kids were growing up, I loved the aroma of the pine boughs, but the drying tree, the pine needles, the frightening thought of the tree bursting into flames made us decide to go with a "pretend" tree.  It's so nice to be able to set it up early and not worry about wrapping a fire hazard with electric wires.. :-)  
The photo above is of a vintage box of Christmas ornaments that we actually found in the rafters of my husband's parents house when we were going through it with his sisters before the house and all it's contents were to be sold.  I treasure this box and it's ornaments inside. The tins are my small collection of Christmas red tins, vintage of course.  The little one is my newest, a gift in a "swap" of crochet friends on Ravelry in the "We Love Lucy" group.  We all came together with a common interest of our friend and fellow blogger, Lucy, from Attic24 in the UK.
Above is a sneak preview of the outside lights taken through our leaded glass window.
I've just gotten a few things out, more to come, but this is my hand-carved wooden Santa and some lead crystal tea lights that were a surprise Christmas gift from my husband a few years ago.  He hit the mark with these, I love them!  I made the little cotton stuffed snowman.  I have quite a large collection of Santas and Snowmen and women that I will photograph once they are all on display.

The day after Thanksgiving we got a call right before we got up and it was our youngest son and his wife - could we please rush to the Emergency Room at the local hospital and pick up our baby grandson Caleb, there had been an accident of a falling dresser and 2 1/2 year old Hayden had a nasty gash in his temple right next to his eye!  OH MY!  So, hubby raced there to get him while I made him some coffee and waited for them to arrive.  Poor Hayden had to get 5 stitches!  I imagine he'll have a real shiner in a day or two.  Thank heavens it wasn't a broken bone or worse!

At any rate, I wanted to say hello and show you a glimpse of how the farmhouse is starting to be dressed for the season! Tomorrow the ornaments go on the tree and more Santas and Snowmen will come out of their tissue hiding places to take center stage for the next 4 or 5 weeks.  

I hope you are all having a lovely beginning to the holiday season, I know I am getting quite in the swing of things!

((hugs)) Teresa  o<[]:-{D


  1. You have such a lovely home, Teresa. I do hope your grandson feels better soon.

  2. Wow Teresa, your home looks so welcoming!! Cannot wait to see your tree & the rest of the decorating. We put our trees up yesterday, starting to get in the xmassy mood. Glad to hear Haydens accident wasnt worse, poor little man. I hope he feels better soon.xx

  3. Oohh I can't wait. Everything already looks fabulous. I sure hope your grandson is feeling better. I know how those attacking dressers are. My #2 daughter had one fall on her, she put her arms up to protect herself and it broke both of her arms. One hairline fracture one clean through. It was horrible.

  4. Oh dear, what a scare! I hope Hayden feels better soon. Loving the Christmas decs, they look so pretty. N's birthday is dec 12th so were not allowed to start decorating till after that! Like the new blog background btw, looks really homey :-)

  5. Gosh, it's all so festive isn't it! Have fun decorating your home and keep yourself warm!

  6. Your house looks lovely, so glad your grandson is okay. That could have been a big disaster.


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