Monday, November 29, 2010

Helping to find our Grandson's First Christmas Tree

What a memorable day we had today!  I have to go back a year to start my story.  Last year I had just started reading one of my now favorite blogs, "Under the Tulip Tree", by Julie Smith (find her blog link on the right in my favorite blog list), her sister is Alicia Paulson, author of another blog, "Posie Gets Cozy" (also in my blog list).  (I just love love love their writings and photos!!)

So... anyhoo... I was reading Julie's blog and was entranced by their visit to "Merrywood Farm", a lovely and charming tree farm.  So, a year ago I sent a link to my daughter-in-law telling her we should go there next year.  So, yesterday Kristi called to see if we wanted to go there with them today.  SURE!  So, we headed off at 11 am and headed to their house in our Dodge Ram pickup truck (to haul their tree home in) and then followed them to the farm, over hill and dale we wove our way there.

I was immediately enchanted by the farm.
The sign at the entrance was so pretty.  Here is a link to their website:  Merrywood Farm
There was a beautiful old  tractor as we drove in to the parking area.
A machine shed was there with this gorgeous old pickup truck parked inside.  A 1940 Chevy, my hubby tells me.
In the barn there was a well appointed milk room with vintage and antique equipment around the room.
On the weekend they offer free pony rides to the visiting children, no rides today but we did get to befriend a pony, this is 1 1/2 year old Caleb petting his soft muzzle.
 Caleb is so cute!
 Kristi and the boys checking out trees down the lane.
 Dayle, Travis, Hayden, Kristi and Caleb by a pretty tree.
 This is the one!
The owner, William Keyser, drove us in his farm cart to get the tree then took us down to the pond to show us a new Beaver dam that his beavers had just made!  So neat!
Then he took a photo of all of us on the steps of his beautiful gazebo.  They have weddings at the farm too.
This is the barn and wagon and the trailer for hauling trees.
 The house.
William had a nice fire in a fire pit for us to warm up by, Hayden is fascinated with the fire and Caleb is drinking the warm spiced apple cider that he gave all of us.
After all that exercise we headed to "Five Guys Burgers & Fries" and tried them out for the first time, it was good, filling and fun!  Caleb and Hayden.
Travis, Kristi, Hayden & Caleb enjoying lunch.
On the way home we stopped at the pond near their house to feed the ducks and nutria some leftover french fries.
Have you ever seen a nutria?  BIG funny rat like things!!

Then we got to the kids house and Travis re-cut the base of the tree and put it in the base and brought it in and strung 400 little white lights around it.  Kristi decorated and it looks so pretty!

Just a great day.  I hope you are all enjoying your holiday preparations!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. It sounds like a fun place and a fun day. At least it wasn't snowing.

    The last time my family went to a tree farm, my grandmother stepped into an ice puddle that went clear over her boot, trying to keep me from stepping into it. After Christmas that year, she and my mom went out and bought fake trees.

  2. That looks and sounds like an amazing day to spend with family! Don't you love small businesses like that. They are so warm and welcoming. I love the pictures and believe it or not..I actually did know what a nutria was from watching the discovery

  3. What an amazing day! To share that with your grandson's must have been so wonderful. My sister saw the Queen's Anne Lace scarf on my blog and is not did it again!
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Thank you for giving us a sneak peak into your life! I always find it so nice to see where people live and the things people abroad do! Love how you captured this day!

  5. Well Teresa, thanks for taking us along. What a perfect, fun filled day. The farm was extraordinary.

  6. What a wonderful day! You have a lovely family!

  7. That looked like such fun!!! What a beautiful place that is. Your pictures were so clear, did you get a new camera?! Oh and I love the diner! FUN FUN and Yummy yummy! Have a great day Teresa. xo Robin

  8. Teresa, you are too kind and I am so glad you were able to make it to that beautiful place! Lovely pictures of a wonderful day:)

  9. thanks ever so much for sharing, felt like i was right there with you all and i love those rate like little creatures ☺♥

  10. Denise, can you imagine the photos if there were big fluffy snowflakes coming down? LOL

    Erin, I do love to support small businesses - they have just started a new thing called "Support Small Business Saturday"!

    Meredith, did your sister make a Queen Anne's Lace scarf or did you make it for her? Fun!!

    Saskia, I'm glad you got to see an Oregon outing, I love seeing your stories of where you live too!

    Clara, thanks! It was a wonderful time.

    melbatoast - thanks, I adore them!

    Robin, I used my Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, it takes great photos. Sometimes I use my iPhone when I don't have the Canon and the photos aren't as clear, but it's soooooooo easy and I have it on me always, whereas I don't always have the Canon.

    Julie, thanks so much for posting Merrywood on your blog, we never would have had such a great day if we hadn't gone there. :-)

    Wendy, the mother Nutria had about 7 little ones with her, they're not good for the environment, but they ARE cute! LOL

  11. Well I have never heard of a nutria before!

    Teresa, I put a link to where C bought my necklace on the blog ;o)

    Sue x

  12. Hi - just bumped into your blog, no idea how I got here ☺ I have just spent an enjoyable hour or so reading some of your posts. What first grabbed me was the Xmas's posts and then you crochet - I'm hooked
    Love the photos - picture postcard perfect

  13. Sue, thanks for the link! Hopefully you won't have Nutria brought into your country as they are ruining some of our swamp and lake habitat here in the states.

    Maria, welcome!! I do hope you'll become a regular visitor!! :-)


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