Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Swap Package Arrived from Yorkshire UK! :-)

I just received a wonderful package from my Ravelry Swap partner from Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK!  I opened it up and each thing was wrapped in perfect bright colors and colorful satin ribbons! Wheeeee!  Thank you so much, Anna!
There are 4 skeins of luscious yarns, one is Cashmere Merino in yummy purple! One is a variegated fuschia and purple wool and 3 skeins of Kon-Tiki cotton blend by Stylecraft in sweet pink, bright pink and lavendar!  The colors could not be more perfect!  YAY!
Then this adorable handmade felt bird ornament which will take pride of place on my Christamas tree this year!
And I was hoping for a vintage English tidbit and she sent me this wonderfully decorated red candy tin that once held "Mint Humbugs"! :-)  But inside was a tissue holding the most fun bright trim with fuzzy balls and beads!  Love it!!
Also were Yorkshire Crisps which I can't wait to try - and 2 yummy looking candy bars the likes of which I've never seen! OH how wonderful it all it, thank you so much, Anna!!  ((HUGS))  I hope you like the package I've sent! ::grin::


  1. Fabulous goodies you have there Teresa, Kontiki is gorgeous to work with my shabby chic box was made with it ;) have fun love Amanda xx

  2. What a very nice parcel...I know you will enjoy every yummy bit of it!!!


  3. That looks so wonderful! That tin is gorgeous! Enjoy the sweets. I have a friend who brings me sweets back from England...they are amazing!

  4. Wow you sure did get alot of nice things and tasty ones too! How do you arrange to swap with someone? Is it described on Ravely? xo Robin
    Have a great weekend❤

  5. Thanks, Manda - I look forward to working with the KonTiki!

    Erin, did you join this Swap?

    Melbatoast, you'll have to ask your friend to bring you a "Crunchie" bar! :-)

    Robin, are you involved in the Ravelry group called "We Love Lucy"? A group in that group organized this Swap - it's fun!

    Clara, thanks! It was fun for sure!

  6. Lucky!!! What a fun surprise! I wish I'd taken part now!!!

  7. Hi Alice! You should have joined in the Swap! I really spoiled my partner from Yorkshire - 12 skeins of yarn, a pair of my earrings, one of my knitted dishcloths, one of my heart ornaments, LOTS and lots of fun candy and chocolate, a Christmas magazine and one of my Christmas cards! It was fun to spoil her, can't wait until she gets the box! :-)

  8. I have to smile at the excitement over a Crunchie bar and a Wispa bar! They're pretty ordinary where I come from. But what lovely treats :o)

    Teresa you might like to know that I've posted the gingerbread recipe I made yesterday on my blog. S.R flour is self-raising flour btw.

  9. Good Morning Teresa, I found you over on Ravelry and so glad I did. What a great blog! And what a great haul you received from the UK!I absolutely love that tin - perfect for Xmas. Over here, at the end of the week, we say `Thank Crunchie it's Friday`!I like to put mine in the fridge and nibble the chocolate off then attack the puff candy with vigour!...but then that's just me!lol


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