Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink Earflap Hat is done!!

Yay! I finished one of my granddaughter's little pink Peruvian style ear flap hats!  I need to try this one on them both to make sure it's the right fit, then I'll make the 2nd one.  It feels *SUPERB* to get a project done with the never-ending Granny Stripe blanket I'm still working on. :-)
I did this hat just from experience, no pattern at all - I did use Lucy's wonderful flower instructions.  Lucy's Blog  

We drove to town this afternoon armed with a lengthy list of things to make our Thanksgiving Feast for us, Mom & Pop, our 3 adult children, their 3 spouses and their 2 children each... 14 of us!  A 22 lb turkey, bread cubes for sage dressing, veggies for it too, big lovely russet potatoes, lots of raw yams, mini marshmallows, green beans, corn, etc.  

What a blechy day to go out to run errands!!  Cold, windy, rainy, darkish.. and the weathermen are predicting SNOW!  The holidays and all the weather surrounding the season has come fast!

I'll talk more about Thanksgiving soon - and explain to those precious readers from other countries about our feast and it's history and traditions.

((hugs)).. Teresa 


  1. what a pretty hat! I don't have any girls to crochet for, so rarely get a chance to crack out any pink!

  2. The hat turned out so lovely. Drop on by my blog to pick up your award Teresa! Have a great weekend.

  3. I made a similar one for my Grandaughter and put a little flower on one side - it`s her favourite hat!I know this because I bought her a pink and fluffy one and she refuses to even try it on!I think I`ll make another one and add the tassels this time, they really finish it off. I love the yarn you used too but not sure if I can get it here. So glad I can crochet in pink after having two boys and using various shades of blue a lot!

  4. I love the hat. I think it will look adorable on the little one!

    I have been running all over today gathering the bits and bobs of our Thanksgiving meal. I have a 16 lb turkey..I have invited my mom and her husband (she never shows always goes to her sister's) I'm sure we will have TONS of leftovers!!! I honestly cant wait cuz I love to cook!!

  5. I love that little hat. I found a skein of that yarn at Wal-mart and I'm knitting a hat to send to my granddaughter.


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