Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pumpkins *OUT*... Turkeys *IN*...

I love the holidays, you won't hear me complaining about any of it.  I love it all!  Yes, there is still a pumpkin on the table "tableaux" - but it's a Thanksgiving kind. :-)
I have already sent out the emails to the kids planning the Thanksgiving dinner.  My dear husband has done the turkey ever since we began hosting the dinner here and that goes back .. wayyyy back.  He makes the dressing from scratch, stuffs the bird and roasts it.  I do all the rest, peeling and making the mashed potatoes, the green bean bake, candied yams, rolls, make the gravy from the drippings, set the table, and we both work on the house to make it company ready.  Team effort!  But the decorating is all me. :-)

Our son and grandson came to visit today and while we chatted I got 4 hours to work on my rainbow granny stripe!  I'm kind of driven now to get this done so I can start on something new.  I will do a border edging so I hope I have enough yarn to go around this monster.
You know.. no one seems too impressed with this blanket.  They raise their eyebrows and say things like... "hmmm.. it's *FESTIVE* alright..."  Or worse, hubby was embarrassed to be seen with it.  So, I guess this thing is mine all mine.  :-)

Tomorrow I am off to a Daughters of the American Revolution meeting for lunch, then I have a Friends of Multnomah Falls Annual Meeting out at the falls in the evening.  The election will be held and I've been nominated for president.  If all goes as planned that will be my new job as of tomorrow night.  

We've had a lovely Autumn, lots of bright sunny days in which to enjoy the bright leaves and the different slant of light - our house has gotten brilliant sun in places where it doesn't get light in the summer.  That is so weird.  But the rain has arrived.  

I've noticed that you lovely ladies in the UK use "fairy lights" to brighten your homes in these days when the sun leaves us early - I'm going to follow suit and hang some in my dining room to cheer me.  

My kitty, Lucy, has been quite the lap cat of late, here she is just now checking on me.  She's sooOOOoo soft!  She says hello to Alice's Raymond. Meow!
I hope you have a great week!  Thanks for coming to visit!  ((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Ooooooh, I just LOVE your rainbow granny stripe!!!! No raised eyebrows here! It's lovely! And now you get to keeppsss it all for yourselfssss! ;)

  2. I love your granny stripe too, it's awesome!

  3. Some people just don't appreciate a good thing when it's right in front of them. I love your blanket. It brings sunshine into every day!

  4. Hey, they have no taste then because your blanket is fabulous the colours really pop and I would love to curl up on a cold winters morning in that. Have a great thanksgiving such a wonderful tradition I really must plan a trip to the US during thanksgiving. Nicky xx

  5. Did you won the election???

    I do love your granny stripe!!! its great that you can keep it for yourself!

  6. Teresa I absolutly love seeing your holiday decor. We bought our home last year and I am just starting my holiday decor collections. You have inspired me!!!!

    RAISED EYEBROWS...hmph...I think it is beautiful and would be proud to be seen with your gorgeous granny stripe blanket!

    Your kitty looks so cuddly! I could just sit and pet and pet and pet and stroke and pet..well you get the picture.

    Lovely post as always

  7. I love the blanket but know the drill.......many people just see a striped blanket! Doesn't that just kill you? I use it as a measuring stick sometimes as a matter of interest only, in seeing into the soul of others and determining if they are creative or not. Just sit back and smile cause you know it is beautiful.


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