Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crochet Snowflakes Ta-Da!

Good day my dear friends!  Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.  I just braved some very cold temps and East winds to take my freshly stiffened crocheted snowflakes out on the back deck to hang them on our little "rescue" Ponderosa Pine tree for some photos in natural light.  It was hard to get a good photo as they were swinging about and twirling just like real snowflakes in the wind.  :-)

 I then brought them inside and hung them on the tree and you know what?  They photograph much better on a Christmas tree, don't you think? :-D

The snowflake above is hanging in front of the hand-sewn bird ornament that was sent to me from England in the Swap we held in "We Love Lucy" group on Ravelry.  It was made by Anna in Kent, UK.
My favorite is the first one of the ones taken inside.  

I have been feeling a bit blue for the last few days.  It always seems like I get so carried away decorating, getting all the presents, hosting friends and family that I guess I expect too much.  Do you do that? 

Anyway, my dear sweet husband is doing something today that is just so sweet that it's making me smile.  For the last few Christmases, and I must add, birthdays and anniversaries, he's not made the effort to find me a surprise gift.  I usually found something, ordered it and received it before the event.  No wrapped gift.  That wasn't working for me.  :-)

So, today he "suited up" in warm clothes to go downtown (he hates going downtown!) and go to the Portland Saturday Market - it's a wonderful market of artists and craftsmen selling their wares - and the whole week before Christmas it's open for their "Festival of the Last-Minute" market.  It's outdoors, those poor people!!  It's usually cold, windy and oftentimes rainy!  It's held under a bridge on the waterfront of downtown Portland.  He also hates shopping with a passion!  He whimpered and mewled like a kitten before he left.  ::grin::

Christmas is back on for me! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're having a super happy holiday time.  

((Hugs)) Teresa


  1. My husband hasn't shopped for me since our 1st Christmas together, back in 2003. I usually buy myself something after Christmas, but last year got concerned that my daughter would wonder why Mommy didn't get any presents, so I bought myself some stuff, wrapped it up, and acted surprised when I opened it (it was my husband who was surprised)! I haven't done that this year... no energy for it. Plus, I only want one thing (a Nookcolor e-reader), and need to get clearance from "purchasing" to buy it. I'll probably have a heart attack if I find that my husband bought me one.

  2. Beautiful delicate snowflakes!!!! Great job. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Enjoy your every moment! xo Robin❤❉❤

  3. Teresa your snowflakes are amazing. Just like real snowflakes each one is a little different. You are so talented I love to see what you crochet and how you decorate. Its good for your husband to shop for you, you do so much for your family that someone needs to take the time to do something special for you.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. Your thread snowflakes are beautiful! You have great talent for those. And I hope hubby gets you something wonderful for Christmas!

  5. Oh! I hope he gets you something absolutely amazing! Car Guy and I always make a production of Christmas. My boys love knowing what we each are getting and like to tease us all month....I know what you're getting.....That's part of the fun. Hope you have a truly blessed Christmas!!

  6. hi ya.... Here I am! I'm doing such a happy dance over your site! I've been meaning to come and follow and I am SUPER glad I did. One word, WOW. Your blog is total eye candy! I need starching tips for my squirrely-pants ornaments and see your post below... will have to jot down your tips and try them... can't wait to return when I have more time- last day of work before our holiday week. YAY! Well, must be off... sending you Christmas wishes from New Mexico! XOXO Ursula


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