Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year.. & My Tools

So... are you all recuperated from Christmas yet? No? Me either! :-)

Geez.. it's dark and rainy and cold here.. winter.. bleh.  

BUT.. I would like to wish you a wonderful 2011!  I've got some plans for improving things in my life.. eating healthier, swimming more, walking more, continuing to slog through my accumulations in my "office" and turning it into a more usable space.  

Accepting things that are going to happen that I'm not happy about.  That's a hard one.

I have been showing/sharing my collectible crochet hooks and knitting needles over on Ravelry.  So, I thought I'd show you too.  

Below is my favorite tool of all time, my sterling silver F crochet hook made by 2 artisans that live on an island in the San Juans off the coast of Washington State USA.  Celtic Swan  Do tell them I sent you if you order one! :-)

Below are their bronze double pointed needles mostly used for sock making.
Then these are the size 10 knitting needles in bronze, set on the top are garnets. 
Here they are again.
Below is my size I crochet hook in silver that I asked Molly to put a stone on top, it's carnelian. 
I also have a C and H hook in bronze and a silver hook in size D that I use for my baby yarn and Scandinavian Heart Ornament making.

I must tell you that I can't stand aluminum, and used hand-turned wooden crochet hooks and knitting needles for years.  But then I found the C hook in bronze made by these two I would say 30 years ago and used it until the end almost wore through!  So, I did a LOT of google searching and found a link to Celtic Swan and he told me to send it back and he'd make a new tip for me and he did.. for free!  They're wonderful people!!

I think my next project is going to be a pillow cover in the round.  

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you're having a lovely, lazy, stress free week between the holidays and are playing with all your new toys.  LOL

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. Beautiful hooks and needles Teresa! The pillow cover sounds great...can't wait to see what you have in store. We have snow now but the weather has been all over the place.

    Boy oh boy am I ever with you on the "accepting things that are going to happen front"! I'm wanting to stomp my feet and whine like a little spoiled brat about a few things coming my way. Oh well, we'll trudge through it all like mature adults, hey Teresa!

  2. Oh my goodness! Those are just stunning!

  3. When I saw the word `Celtic` I obviously had to pop over to have a look! Some stunning pieces there - I especially like their Celtic Brooches. Thanks for the link Teresa. Loving your new look too!Happy New Year to you and yours and I`m sure you will weather any storms as stoically as the lady in your header would!

  4. I love the hooks, so beautiful it makes working with yarn even more fun.

  5. Very lovely tools you have to work with.

  6. Hello I found your blog through the We Love Lucy group on Ravelry. I love the Celtic Swan hook and have been covetting one for ages. I was only a little concerned that it might be quite heavy. Do you use it much?

    You must have a lovely collection of hooks.

    Enjoy the year ahead, Fiona xx


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